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hello everyone~
since the deadline of the contest submission has been changed to 20th nov, i can submit my another character which i forgot to submit last week^^

Name: Shun Nakamura
Age: 16
Zanpakutou's name: Kurohebi

the bg i drew is actually a forest. i only drew two huge trees with leaves falling^^
eventhough he looks cruel, he's a kind person lol. XD
he's training alone there because he likes to be alone ^_^'
and he doesn't like to show off his skills.
he has very powerful skills. XD . and i mean it, VERY powerful^^
he's the 12th squad futaicho :D

1st skill: quick slash [ he can slash anything you can imagine in a flash ]
2nd skill: swirl attack [ can be used only when he's in the air. it can thrust through one's body ]
3rd skill: two-sword [ the sword can be separated into two if he wants to. the attack speed and damage is 10 times higher than usual ]
4th skill: freestyle [ the sword can expand (longer) and he can wave it so that it can attack the enemy no matter how fast he can eacape. (long range attack) ]
5th skill: paralyze [ it is a poisonous attack which can paralyze the body part where the sword slahes ]

he is also the most famous among the girls.
that is because he's charming ^_^' XP
his friends like to hang out with him so that they can meet the girls. lol XD
he's an outgoing and carefree person.

comments and critics are welcomed^^

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  1. Schatten Nov 10, 2005

    Woaaa it looks very nice!
    I like the hairs and the Sword on this picu :)
    Really good work :)

  2. luckymouse Nov 10, 2005

    woah is right,you my freind are an ecelent artist with amazing skill,this drawing is just beyond words i think,great job plz keep em coming ^^

  3. ShinNaruto Nov 10, 2005

    nice art, i like the whole drawing
    keep up the good work and hope to see more of your amazing art ;)

  4. freaks Nov 10, 2005

    Girl,you have awesome skillz! o.0 keep drawing!

  5. Kiako Nov 10, 2005

    nice drawing, the chara looks very good, i like his clothes and the way you shaded them.

  6. DieFi Nov 10, 2005

    Wow nice drawin, you are realy good in it. I hope to see more of drawings like that ^^

  7. AnimeDreamship Nov 10, 2005

    nice draw, she looks really bad ass. good work !

  8. buggydude Nov 11, 2005

    cool i like it. good work and very descriptive um description lol i can't seem to get my pics up the dimensions are always too big for me o.O ah well at least some of ya have. good work keep it up.

  9. StarCentury Nov 11, 2005

    Damn, Midori! ^_^' Sounds like U made a super-strong shinigami who's also a ladies man! LOL Hehe, anyhoo your skills in drawing are still second to none with neat looking shading effects and details on the shinigami! Nice work, Midori! Hey does he have a bankai? :D

  10. justducky Nov 11, 2005

    Nicce! It reminds me of Dark from DNAngel. I his hair, the sword and his ken street fighter look. Most of all his face<3 The trees and leaves were a a good thing to add instead of a plain background. Oh and its a good scan, nice and BOLD =] me likes, but hey i bet u can do better..

  11. Ephemeral-Garden Nov 11, 2005

    Ohh.. Midori is up with another shinigami. ^^ Well, I really like the shadings you done on Shun, compared to some artists' works, your shadings are soft and doesn't look too hard when your shade fades. I really like how you done it that way, and it really caught my attention. Really smooth.

    And he got baggy pants. ^_^ That's a cool thing for samurai. Well, at least that's a cool one to draw. ^^ The forest which consists of 2 large trees is okay, but maybe if you could darken or add some shades between the gap of 2 trees behind, it might looked better though.

    And that's a very creative design of katana he has. I'm not sure he's holding a katana, but it does looks like a pirate's sabre. It's nicely done, but bandages can be improved. ^^

    Overall, it's a pretty neat work. ^^ You've made it quite well I'd say. I especially love that soft shades. Now let's see if Shun can pull off his zambato of kurohebi!

    I'm not sure if the spelling is zampakutou, zanbato or zanmato *confused* But loosely it means his skill right? Black snake eh? ^^ Maybe you can also add some black snake crawling around the tree. ^^

  12. Alfonse Nov 13, 2005

    This is extremely, awsomely well done Midori XD
    Such precision, the shading gets me every time. You smooth it out so well.
    The sword is a tad small, or maybe it's just my eyes, but I still like it.
    The bg may be a lil' bit simple, but loads better than what I'd be able to do.
    I also like how you did the hands, especially the left because the way you drew the bones kinda stick out, making his fist muscular is awsome.
    I wish I could draw hands half as good as you my friend.
    Oh and the wrappings around the arms and sword is a great idea.
    Overall, I give you a solid 10 and a fav Midori. If someone deserves a fav, it's you. ;)
    I can't wait to see more extremely awsome art from you. XD
    Oh and sorry for rambling on so much. ^_^'

  13. walkure245 Nov 14, 2005

    I like the way you explained his skills. Kind of remind me levels of leanring your skills on Final Fantasy. The only thing is that his left hand is a lil small. Other than that, the details were really well done and I like the bg. It's simple but you can tell where's he is located. He does look mean. Heheh~ I think if you remove his smirk, it might make him look nicer. His clothing looks good and his pose really shows him off really well. The shadings wer really good and the proportions look great. Really awesome work! Good stuff~

  14. HiEiLoVa Nov 15, 2005

    Hotttt <333

  15. studio Nov 16, 2005

    Oh lots of movement in there X3 Like this original - some of the shading is nice, looove the biggg blade lols! Yeah, good work. <33

  16. Balith Nov 22, 2005

    evil! that's soo awsome! i loves the shading, sorry havnt been here alot XDXD i missed ya! *huggles pic* great jobs!

  17. nostyle118 Nov 26, 2005

    hi. great drawing. nice detail. i like his eyes and the bg is very cool. i have a question though. is he supposed to be a bleach shinigami? doesn't dress like one. but the drawing itself is quite excellent. keep it up.

  18. Seran Dec 06, 2005

    It looks so great! I am not a professional, and I cant give you a clever comments....but I still like it very much!

  19. Andreiush Dec 13, 2005

    Love the expression on his face.. kinda scary, very well portrayed

  20. auraderecca Sep 28, 2006

    Nice work you have here. the contrasts are good with the shadings and even the facial expression on the characters' face was kinda real. Keep up the work man! Love it loads! =P

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