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My first wallpaper on Mt3 :)

This was a silly Chobits wallpaper I had an urge to do like 3 months back.
I had a wonderful idea to put a girl lying flat on her face on the floor... but it didn't really work out.
EDIT: I didn't have the urge to make a Chobits wall, it was the urge to wall a girl lying on the floor. I was searching EVERYWHERE for a good scan of a girl lying on her face, but I couldn't find anything decent. Then I found this... grumbled a bit because I had no idea what Chobits was about and then looked at the hair for extraction... and I decided the scan would do.

Because she was wearing a black dress and overall the ambience was pretty good, I decided to submit it for UA's 8th contest, GOTHIC.
http://theunderappreciated.minitokyo.net <-- there are past entries etc for more info.

Anyway, there were some scan issues so I vectored her... there's not much to really say. I might delete this or update it later... but that's all there is to it now... I'm not satisfied with it either but don't know what else to do with it ^_^' Lately I've been submitting pretty simple stuff... don't know if it's just me running out of ideas, or me being lazy... probably both ? :\

The scan was from Marissa

Yeah ^.^V

I promise my next submission will be heaps better. That'd either be my W.A.R entry, or my uhhh joint wallpaper with tevi ^^ Which reminds me tevi should be back today after finishing all exams :D Yay!

Okay won't blab on now ;)


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  1. omni Nov 10, 2005

    I've never watched Chobits, either. That said, I went ahead and downloaded it so I could make fun of you, Kuri. Vector on Chii--I think that's her name, right?--is pretty good, but the rest of it... the perspective's just off, not to mention the fact tha about half the background is unidentifiable. The use of brushes is well done in both the background and on the floor.

    Yeah, I'd agree that you're probably just being lazy. XP Not that I can blame you, I'm bored out of my skull right now and still won't do anything productive--or otherwise, for that matter.

  2. ShrinkNerv4Eva Nov 10, 2005

    So i'm confused? Did you make the background as well? In either case, the turnout is quite good. The art on Chii, is that called cell shading? It's nice how the background's art style matches her's. Although the copyright info on the bottom intrudes into the art...

  3. RahX101 Nov 10, 2005

    :O thank you for reminding me about chobits misa. :D i get to beat my friend down now for keeping my series for well over a year now. >]
    anywho, i, who owns the series, hasn't seen it either. XD it's odd but hell, who can refuse free anime? am i right? XD
    how i love it when you vector. XD you must hate me though. ._. but this turned out pretty good misa. ^^ i think the only thing i would notice is her left had, seems a tad jaggy no?
    i have no clue as to what the oher guy is going on about though. :| the perspective is there, and i dont know who cant notice a girl lying on the floor next to a screen of some sort. >>' but to everyone their own i suppose. x.o
    i can't wait to see the war entry fully done. ;)

  4. Rikimaru-jp Nov 10, 2005

    Very nice concept! I like the dark colors on this wallie really suits with the atmosphere and the emotional position of the character cause the girl looks gloomy and sad!
    extraction is done really flawlessly! and the background is perfectly done!
    keep up the good work!

  5. Keltosh Retired Moderator Nov 10, 2005

    After the usual, long and heated debate, me and jasmine agreed to highlight this wallpaper. The vector is really marvelous, the concept is orginal. You may say it is simple, but we really liked it....

  6. Ephemeral-Garden Nov 10, 2005

    Finally you're on with the UA competition! ^^ Well, It does look pretty simple but simplicty has its own beauty.

    Your vector is greatly done, particularly the hair on the floow really caught my attention. The background of uh... folded Japanese "changing-room"? Not sure... is really neat and nice, all those made by pentool eh?

    But for some reason, I think the shadows on the floor look kinda overwhelmed though... hmm... like the floor is all black when there's a small portion of light on the bottom left corner... I'm not sure.. maybe I should check my eyes...

    But overall, it's a pretty neat wallpaper from you. ^^ It got highlighted!

  7. MasterDiablovn Banned Member Nov 10, 2005

    Simple but verry nice .. It makes me think....something.... hmmm .. I can't put it in words .. but it really nice, add to favs

  8. Regenbogen Nov 10, 2005

    Hello Misa,
    a new wallpaper of you... finally! ^^
    Well okay I am in the Schattenrand group now so I must be careful with writing this comment to your wallie... *lol* But I read Omni's comment on it and I am actually confused. But apparently you made some changes to the wallpaper so I am not going to question Omni's comments now... *lol*

    Ok, what do I think of your new wallpaper?
    First of all I read through your description, then I browsed Marissa's gallery to find the original scan and it took me some time but the new browsing options made it a little bit easier... anyways, that has nothing to do with your wallie.

    You definitely did an awesome job on the hair again, Misa! I am just trying to vector something that I drew... well hair... and I am not really progressing, I think I need a break... it is exhausting. Maybe it is worse since I am a newbie but one must definitely recognise how nicely the hair is vectored in your wallpaper! ^^
    You will find out while reading this, that I don't have a lot to say about what I don't like that much here... it's actually one thing that I am confused about... her neck and back... The way you vectored it there seems to be one little mistake at least it confuses me... there is a harsh corner that destroys the softness of the line that shows her back. And I think one part of what is now "back" in your wallie should actually be still part of her clothes... I checked it on the original... well if you made this change on purpose, then I don't know why. That's the only thing that I don't like... it seems like a mistake to me... I hope you understand which part I mean... ^^

    But let's continue... I am impressed with your choice of colors... everything matches really nicely... we have this lilac tone in the whole wallpaper, but for the character it is a bit lighter... so that guides our eyes very nicely to character which is the most important part of the whole wallpaper...
    The rest of the lines looks very smooth... I cannot see any other hard edges...

    Then the background...you really did the whole background on your own... and it is great! :) I'll start with one thing again that I might have changed... that is the batten (I don't know whether this is the right English word but I mean the wooden end of the "window"... *lol*) it becomes thinner at the end... how it should be, but maybe I would not have made it that thin at the end... but honestly I am not that sure... I just thought once that it might be too thin when I wondered about perspectives...
    The rest, in my opinion is awesome... I love how you made this... again... the vectors turned out really well... and the brushes you used on them make it look realistic... Same goes for the floor... there are some scratches in the left corner... an excellent decision I think cause it opens a nice place for the title of the wallpaper. So its lilac colors don't look too bright on the darker floor since there are these scratches made in the same color.

    So... I do like this wallpaper very much! Maybe you can look at the line of her back again, where one can see the skin... but apart from that... really good and it got highlighted... since it definitely deserves to be highlighted... ^^

    I see that you submitted it to the UA competition gothic... ^^ Well yes, her dress is black, but that doesn't make her look like a goth... but that has nothing to do with the quality of the wallpaper itself. ^^
    I really like it! And I will add it to my favs! *waves*

  9. PAche Nov 10, 2005

    new wallpaper from you!okok comment....

    its good, the extraction was done well(maybe because the hair wasn't too troublesome-grins-) BUT the wall's off.

    it looks like chii was....not meant to be there.it looks like she was stuck there.as in, really, stuck, like you stick a stick that kind of stuck. the wall sort of at the wrong angle.argh.i dont know how to say it.its just wrong.and did you vector chii?cos her back looks very...fake?the colours are too sharp and distinct, not blended or rather, smooth.and the wall(yes again, i'm not very organised right?) tapers off at the end.yes that's what its supposed to be, smaller there, but not so drastically i think.its like you lost patience or something.

    the colours selected were also not complimenting.yes its dark and meant to look gothic but it just doesn't have the essence.some broken glass, or lighting, might have served the pupose better, but maybe that's just me

    other than that, you did a pretty good job. a girl lying on her face is really unique, i've never seen that before.considering that you drew practically everything yourself, good job.i'm so jealous, i still cant draw anything -_- no progress since the last time i submitted the Psychopathic High Priest.ok back to you.umm, its not like i'm trying to insult you or anything but...it doesn't look very gothic to me. depressed, maybe.but not gothic.gothic might have to be more grunge and angry.this is just sad and "i'm-too-tired-to-do-anything-just-do-whate(...) kind of feeling.

    well, i've been ranving alot when i myself can't do anything this good, lol.ciao, amigo.see you around^^

  10. Akaiken Nov 10, 2005

    I say that the vector is good and clean. Dunno why but I kinda not like the outcome of the vectored Chii but oh well... that's the final product then I don't have anything to say. And besides, that's what always happens when you vectored an image. *zippers mouth*

    The theme... kinda mysterious. A girl lying on the floor is somewhat freaky? Aww... damn, can't think of the word. Sorry...

    Quote by PAchethe colours selected were also not complimenting.yes its dark and meant to look gothic but it just doesn't have the essence.some broken glass, or lighting, might have served the pupose better, but maybe that's just me

    I agree with him. Some stained glass will sure fit the wall.

    Quote by kuroimisaLately I've been submitting pretty simple stuff... don't know if it's just me running out of ideas, or me being lazy... probably both ?

    You're not running out of ideas. You give simple and yet magnificent walls. You're just lazy, that's all.

    *evil laughs and runs away*

  11. Zoamel Nov 10, 2005

    Wow! I love the colours and perspectiv. It's looking so real :)
    Also the vector is a great piece of work :)
    I hope that you'll make more walls ;)

  12. Schatten Nov 10, 2005

    OMG i love it!
    I think it looks very cool with chii
    and the dark colors make a specially atmosphere
    sorry for this bad english :)
    Good job -->fav :)

  13. daisuki-daisuke Nov 10, 2005

    Woww... the vectoring is really good!
    I love the background and Chii fits really well into it. The colour scheme is great, I love the shades of purple and blue... great ambience. Added to favs as it's such a great piece of work ;)

  14. Sunira Nov 10, 2005

    I didnt think it was possible to successfully vector a chobits scan. :p You, my dear, have done what i considered near impossible. I really like what you've done with the windows. It feels like dark stained glass at night. Really nice work and fantastic perspective. Bravo.

  15. Frosty Nov 10, 2005

    lol... u uploaded less then a day and already edit it four times. XD
    the wallpaper is a bit dark but I like how it looks.
    a bit more texture to the wall would make it look alot better. ;)
    still looks great and execllent work. ^^
    *9.45 and Grade AA* for a fantastic job. ^^

  16. slivermoon Nov 10, 2005

    all of the dark tones work very well together w/ the girl and the textures on the floor and wall make it very realistic
    however i think the vectoring of the hair could be a bit better, cause to me the hair doesn't look too smooth more like she's got chunks of hair that are of different colours and lengths o_0 but then again Clamp works are always soo detailed, its a fairly good vectoring of the original
    as well shouldn't those red bars on the wall continue off of the wallpaper rather than end right at the edge?
    but this is really nice work, keep it up

  17. tevi Nov 10, 2005

    Okay, I can't be bothered reading everyone else's comments... From the sounds of it, it's either, people love it, or hate it... @_@

    Vector :

    You cell-shaded! *worships!* Cell-shading is like being stuck rolling that damned rock up the hill in Tarturus [Yes, I'm still in Latin mode, so you expect some more random paraphrasing or referencing from my texts =)] So yeah! Good job on actually bothering ^_^;

    Only thing is that I kind of like smooth lines, if they're meant to be smooth... And I kind of feel like you got lazy with the vector [Not surprised though] I mean, bits of her hair are a bit... Not bumpy... But like, slightly wonky? *would explain this better if she were doing this in real life* Anyway, 'cause Chii's hair is freaky, whenever you see it, it's always smooth, regardless of where she is... @_@ So err, just being a bit picky on that point...

    Choice of Colour :

    Yey for dark walls! It's like massively dark [Can massively be used in that context? *blank*] for me, so yeah, go the Gothic-ness!

    But I guess it's just me, but the purple really doesn't work with the pink that she's wearing... 'cause she's wearing a warm pink, and the background has a cold purple... So it feels really weird... And yeah, black and warm pink don't go together well either...

    And uh, it kind of feels like you did the cheat darkness... @_@ You know, the layer of black at opacity 15%... Because there isn't a kind of... Highlight anywhere? I know you were trying to make it dark, but uh I don't know... Because the colours look like they have an overlay of this one kind of black, rather than varying shades of brown, which could achieve the same kind of effect, without creating the dull kind of flat black...

    Background :

    Okay, I would get rid of the black line at the frame on the RHS of each of the frames... Because it looks like an outline at the moment... Just make it a darker shade of the same brown you used for the frame in general... [Or is it already a dark brown? Because it really looks too much like black... So if it's already brown, use a lighter version]

    Also, is it me, or is there a weird brown highlight-ish thing to the frame? At the top of the screen on the frames, you can see *something* Since your posts don't actually END there, I can't understand why you did that...

    Useability :

    It's fine in terms of useability... I guess the only thing I have to complain about is the fact that the text is covered by my icons... But yeah... My icons were originally covering Chii's face too, but they got moved... It's just, I don't like moving my side icons... I don't mind the middle ones, because they're always going to be in the way of something... But yes, the side ones... *makes stabbing motions at them*

    Overall :

    I didn't mean to uh, tear your wall to bits... @_@ I mean, I'm kind of not a Chobits fan... I like the CLAMP style, but uh, Chobits... *goes far far away...*

    However, I do like how you've worked with the Gothic theme, and it's definitely one of those walls you can actually use... So I'll give you credit for that! *gives her thumbs up*

    Err, and just noticed... But is that black mass behind Chii, her shadow? @_@ It's a bit... Oddly distributed... Like there's too much at her head, and too little behind the rest of her...

    - Tevi

    P.S. You may ignore me... *twiddle*
    P.P.S. Apparently I didn't have that many useful Latin references...

  18. phamthuha Nov 11, 2005

    WOW! How cool! And when i download it, i just got suprised ^_^ Really good, *fav*!

  19. stevenghost Nov 11, 2005

    So nice >_<

  20. asianspirit Nov 11, 2005

    i love it! but oh my.. you went heavily on the dark. :o .... but that's what makes it stand out! :D

    i love the vectored chii. the cells are very soft no jagged edges unlike someone you know.. [points to herself] it's very nice to stare at. the shapes and colors aren't defined. and i think that's what makes it so nice to look at. something new for a change. :)

    i love the way the background is essembled together. the floor is hard (well duh XP ) and cold. good for that gothic look. and the wings on the side looks so amazing. it kind of gives that feel that her wings were stripped from her back.
    ... or maybe that's me. ^_^'

    overall, i love it. notice i say it every paragraph. XD
    great job, neechan! i'm looking forward to that w.a.r. entry of yours. ;)

  21. omni Nov 11, 2005

    Well, going from me being the first download to having 137 downloads isn't bad at all, huh...? But dammit, kuri, now I look bad, having made the first post on a highlighted submission that's being semi-negative about it. Great job. XP

  22. Ian999 Banned Member Nov 11, 2005

    this si soo beautiful, but i guess so. Very good though, i love this one of youres^^ This wall, is indeed a beautiful heaven, A heaven for my desktop that is!
    the pic quality could be better.... but still very fun and good. The color blending is great and the whole flow of the image is all together ^_^

  23. flyindreams Nov 11, 2005

    Yes, awesome job on the Chii vector XD Dark = good :) Just the frame I think, they look really... flat for wood? Maybe more lines or some sort of grain/texture over them?


  24. sinsear Nov 11, 2005

    whoa, very well done. look forward to more of your work

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