Mamotte Shugogetten Wallpaper: Mamotte Shugogetten 01

Mamotte Shugogetten, Kaori Aihara, Shaolin Shugogetten Wallpaper
Mamotte Shugogetten Series Kaori Aihara Character Shaolin Shugogetten Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I created this a while back with PS 7. Gah, nothing much to say about this....

Wait, if you want a matching layout, go to http://moon-wave.net. Look for the layout named "table004" under the corresponding layout type.

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  1. Albatross1 Jun 16, 2004

    Gorgeous background - clean image and nice quality... :)

  2. cyn Jun 16, 2004

    Nice ^^

  3. AnimeLover2004 Restricted Member Jun 16, 2004


  4. Latios Jun 16, 2004

    Super Nice!!! ^_6

  5. Bishi Jun 16, 2004


  6. Sh0rT0nE Jun 16, 2004

    cute! ^_^

  7. Taki Jun 17, 2004

    One word replies. Guess I'll just have to be the different one, eh?

    Anyway, I'm reviewing your work, so you can't yell at me anymore! MWahahahaha! Yeah, so, it looks cool, like how you off centered the design so it was more visible, and nice color selection. Can't say much about the images, cause I never saw the anime, but as always, they were extracted well.

    Oww... my hand hurts from frantically trying to finish that English final (I'm in Desktop now. Last time I ever have to be in this accursed class, YAY!)

    Anywho, I'll cya later!

  8. Noctum Jun 17, 2004

    Nice wallpaper, but I have to write that the characters stand out A LOT.

  9. exentric Jun 20, 2004

    its a very nice wallie ^.^
    tho personally I like walls with some typo ^.^
    but nonethless the effects are just superb ^.^

  10. WunAngelwHoney Jul 02, 2004

    ~Preetttyyy!!~ Wanna stare at it foreva!

  11. blessfy Jul 02, 2004

    beautiful picture I like it ^^thanks^Q^for your share!!

  12. ungooma Jul 07, 2004

    love the image that you chose. Excellent background work also.

  13. Limality Jul 14, 2004

    This piece of work looks so calm and yet kinda...hmm energetic? i guess the characters make out the calm side and the background makes out the energetic side beeing so colorful :D

    nonetheless i great work :D

  14. darkassailant001 Jul 27, 2004

    i really like the background

  15. zyan Sep 08, 2004

    Nice wallpaper. Finally a Mamotte Shugogetten wallpaper that has the main female character (forgot her name :p)

  16. madigan Oct 16, 2004

    Two pretty girl. -^^-

  17. getten Mar 07, 2005

    i dont have this one (suprise!!!) the wallpaper is nice, and the animation is cut 2 ^v^

  18. jefemaestro89 Feb 01, 2006

    very cool

  19. erika20 Jun 27, 2009

    Nice blending of colors... It looks good with the pic...

  20. luky777able Nov 15, 2010

    i love this pict, nice kimono.

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