Trinity Blood Wallpaper: No hope left

Gonzo, Trinity Blood, Esther Blanchett Wallpaper
Gonzo Studio Trinity Blood Series Esther Blanchett Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Ah, so dark... I've been wanting to do a dark wall for quite some time. I was working on this one, but I just couldn't find the right mood to finish it. Now that it's finally done, I could hardly wait to post it! I'm really sorry that I didn't make it in time for Halloween and that I didn't got the chance to make this contribution to the (gone) Trinity Blood group I was a member of. So, this one goes to my friend tripleG, cause I promised and I keep my promises. We miss you, girl. This place is not the same without you.

Credit: Thanks to neodraconum for the great scan.

Edit: I updated the wallpaper to fix a huge extraction mistake that (oddly enough) nobody noticed! I did other minor changes, like the moon color and size and the strokes around the graves. I think it looks better now. Thanks to all the people who commented and gave me ideas! I luv you all!

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  1. lthnadml Nov 09, 2005

    Wow! Awesome work iarly. :D Seriously its awesome stuff. The bg is done perfectly and it suits with the character very good . . . i love the atmosphere and its ok with my mood too. So . . . XD XD XD

  2. arwendraugh Nov 09, 2005

    so lonely...i love it!

  3. Rhonda21 Nov 09, 2005

    just love dark walls. looks great. the background is nice and the character matches well with it. aw yeah me miss tripleg. glad to see you keep your promises. anyways the wall looks cool. Nice Work!

  4. Dani Nov 09, 2005

    Oh, very nice. The image isn't quite as clear as I'd like, and it doesn't quite blend in with the back-and foreground, but I like it all the same.

  5. Skyneth Nov 09, 2005

    Dark and sad. I love it!

  6. alterlier Nov 09, 2005

    I agree, you did an awesome job, i like the whole thing, quite an original work.

  7. AkaiTsubaki Nov 09, 2005

    so beautiful! i love the tree and the moon!

  8. Rikimaru-jp Nov 10, 2005

    Good work :) I watched Trinity Blood and I really liked it a lot :)
    anyway back to the wallie you wanted a dark wallie well I must admit it you succeeded XP it really looks cool and the background is done well and suits with the character a lot! I like the textures really nice!
    *adds it to favorites*
    keep it up!

  9. kenny52690 Mute Member Nov 10, 2005

    not bad, keep up the good work

  10. soweird Nov 10, 2005

    u ar de BEST iarly...

  11. tian82 Nov 10, 2005

    What a cool and awesome work ! Love the background, look so dark ! I love it !

  12. Kiako Nov 10, 2005

    nice wallpaper,
    i like the way you made the ground, with all the fog there. the chara looks good but the sky there makes her step out too much it makes the building on the right step out too much too. actually the building there looks cut-out because of that black edge there.

  13. Revan Retired Moderator Nov 10, 2005

    Though I'm not a huge fan of scenes there is something about those darker mood ones, always end up atracting me... I must say that if the darker mood is combined with anger then it is better but... I'm getting off topic now, on to your wall ;)
    The composition is great, I love the hole idea you have done a nice extraction on the character and your mist is very nice with a good flow sensation to it ;)
    2 minor things for me, first the moon... I feel it could be a bit smaller and either going to a whiter color or more red because now it looks pink and somehow it doesn't fit with the vibe of the scene. The second thing is the tree, the thiner branches do not show a complete line... like pixels missing or something, maybe a bit smudging over there could make nice twisted and complete branches.
    Overall I see a good work so keep up the effort ;)

  14. fooblued Nov 10, 2005

    It looked great until I saw the larger version, you have some key problem in this wall. The main focus is not as sharp as the tree, fence or gravestones. That draws the attention away from the character, make sure that you keep the foreground all of the same quality. Looking at the thumbnail you can tell this is a spectacular compostion though, can't wait to see more :D

  15. Emma Nov 12, 2005

    Oh this wall is creepy ^^
    I like it! The 'sea' of fog really adds to the eerie atmosphere. The rusty gate and fence creeps me out =D And the scan is perfect! The style of the drawing matches to the mood of the wall including her pose and facial expression. Perfect pick! And the reddish moon is ominous. Well done! ^_^

  16. Acuni Nov 13, 2005

    wow this is a realy great wallie i like the chara and all the things at the bg the moon trees and the fog i just love the scenary

  17. vatican92 Nov 19, 2005

    Esther Blanchett in a dark mood....... So depressingly beautiful.

  18. uberMeatShield Nov 21, 2005

    Poor Esther, she is looking so sad. Seriously though, why do we as a species have graveyards if we are afraid the dead are coming back to haunt us? Wouldn't it be smarter to burn all the bodies? That way the awesome looking chicas can be in happy places! With bathing suits or some such...

  19. wintertsuki Nov 21, 2005

    T___T It's perfect...

  20. MoonStarDutchess Nov 22, 2005

    This is great. I know it wasn't your intention but the woman looks like Merrue from Gundam Seed.

  21. AS118 Nov 28, 2005

    Feel secert and lonely

  22. Ryouko-sama Nov 30, 2005

    The colors chosen seem to make that wallpaper melancholic. However, it seems to fit the style and the overall mood of Esther's expression. I like it :)

  23. Alyu Dec 08, 2005

    Just is beatiful, and the moon.... is very very pretty

  24. tripleG Dec 11, 2005

    Hey Iarly!

    Sorry it took me such a long time to coment on your beautiful wall. I have been a bit busy with some things that happened in my family. However, I really appreciate you dedicating me such a beautiful wall to me! You are the second person to do it but this is the first time the dedication is only to me! I am honored girl, really.

    I love everything about it: From the fact that is it a trinity blood wall to the way you made a mist effect on the bg. I love the colors (Dark just the way I like them) and the contrast the bg makes with her white dress.

    Thank you very much my friend. I, right now, still do not intend to come back to MT. Maybe I will sometime in the future but for now I want to continue writing my Fanfiction stories. Which reminds me, thank you very much for commenting on my FF7 and 8 story: Ashes of Memories. I will try to update it one of this days. ^_^

    Well, just so you know, if you ever wish to communicate with me here is my e-mail adress: Giselle3000@gmail.com and my MSN account is: Giselle_3000@hotmail.com

    Well my friend thank you for the wall. I love it!

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