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i deleted my first one, because i wanted to upgrade the wall a bit more.....
O_O yes.... its time for a wallpaper.... yet its as crappy as ever, im not just saying that, but I really don't like how this turned out, don't really know why though.... found scan here Goto-P 13 Hig res by boogybro extracting the scan painful *_* I felt like shooting her because for her hair.... grrrrrr.......! I added some tattoos on her.... why? because I can lol
I used a stock image to get me going. nothing eles to say.... but I will try to change my style... since this type of wall sames to be really over used....
Layers- 37+
thank you so much for viewing and please comment! and please enjoy^^;

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  1. phamthuha Nov 09, 2005

    I have a work with that scan before so i understand how hard her hair extraction is ^_^ Glad you like this scan too, Ayasal ^_^ hope this work will become popular. But i just wish to see you more creative in this wall .... just like it looks still somehow like the scan, i hope to see it really different that make us feel like it is a perfect wall when everything is merge in one ^_^
    Okay, good luck.

  2. kinoko-san Nov 09, 2005

    Uhmm...a little too bright around the scan's feet's part i think... Others are too excellent to be comment...

  3. SilentMasamune Nov 09, 2005

    You seriously should change up your styles from time to time. The wings don't blend in well with the background because I see jagged edges all throughout. The trees on the left side of the wallpaper are too blurry, and the trees on the right side look as if they could be immersed in light more by blurring those areas a bit. The reflection of light on the ground by the feet of the scan is also quite bright and needs a bit of dimming. While the colors match, the style of wallpaper from you has become cliche. Try changing your styles from time to time, just like I'm about to do when I get the time from school. >.< ;)

  4. Kira-sama Nov 09, 2005

    well, kinoko-san's right, its a little bright and the feet look...strange...

    well, maby try making the BG like... not all black and dark blue, maby try blue and dark purple, or red and blue...i dunno... im not very good with color choices, experamenting always works.

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 09, 2005

    This is awesome! I love the effects at her feet and the colors are wonderful! Excellent job!

  6. Kiako Nov 09, 2005

    nice walpaper, charas wings and the effects are nice, though her wings don't fit in that well and it doesn't look like they would be from the chara then the treeas look blury, well i like the sky with the clouds there.

  7. Angel-on-Dragon Nov 09, 2005

    I think this is really a beautiful wallpaper. The colors look great and I can see that you put some effort in it. The bg is really beautiful. I just think this little sparkling in front of the moon or planet doesn't fit.
    The character fits quite good, though the wings don't blend this well with the clouds on the right....
    Anyway, I think this one is really beautiful ^^ Thanks for sharing *adds to fav*

  8. Rhonda21 Nov 09, 2005

    very beautiful. I really love the background since it looks really amazing. the wings look cool and the water is pretty. the sky looks great and the tattoos on her look cool. Great Work!

  9. tsubasawingjing Nov 09, 2005

    HMM...ayasal-san change ur style aready?
    ^m^coz this wallie not like ur style's work oh...
    i think is quite nice...
    but the water can be too blurr...
    and i like the background color...very smoothly.
    keep it up! :D

  10. hikarinotenshi Nov 09, 2005

    this is very lovely ayasal. even though your kind of wallpapers have become cliche i would say it's would be my kidn of cliche ^^

  11. yoshball Nov 09, 2005

    I really like the blending of light and dark in this wallpaper. Great subject and setting. I think the trees should have been a bit sharper since the clouds are sharper or vise versa. The background elements do not blend well because of that. Overall, great job!

  12. Arashi-san Nov 09, 2005

    hmmmm Oo sry but i must say that is not the ayasal i know
    i don't like the legs of the girl Oo the color looks weird
    and the bg .... the trees are a bit blurry i think

    ^^ greets Arashi-san

  13. sangel99 Nov 09, 2005

    It's soooo beautiful.....I really love the clouds and just....ugh.....everything....I really like the wings, too! Are they brushes? Wherre did you gett themmmmmmmmm :( It's really awesome +fav

  14. Milkiyo Nov 09, 2005

    the bg looks classic but it's a tad too bright and the wings look kinda ruffled..0.o
    nice effects though^^

  15. AngelKate Nov 10, 2005

    The trees are a bit blurry, but everything else looks really pretty. ^_^ Great job Ayasal! ;)

  16. alterlier Nov 10, 2005

    I thing that the brightness on her feets make the wall look great....the only thing that doesn't match are the wings....if you can call them wings....i can't distinguish the sky and the clouds cuz of her really bright wings.

  17. knightstar3 Nov 10, 2005

    ooh very very beautiful! :nya:
    she looks very cute, from goto-p ^-^
    very pretty lake with effects and wings! XD

  18. redangel6112 Nov 10, 2005

    This is nice.... a background with moon and trees. I like it. The lake looks real to me...haha^-^

  19. Rikimaru-jp Nov 10, 2005

    I've seen phamthuha's wallpaper not so long ago that has the same scan and it was really beautiful! and I see now that you did a great work with the scan too ;)
    well first I wanna recommend you to try blurring the right side trees a little bit so they can match with the left side trees! and about the wings well they look good for me and they fits along with the character!
    the water looks marvelous really all the reflections and the ripples are done well!
    *Riki adds it to his favorites*
    keep up the great work Aya-Chan!

  20. Akira-san Nov 10, 2005

    It's beautiful Ayasal-chan! Another good wallie as ever, huh ^^
    I think the wings could be the same as the one ins the water reflect... the ones in the water looks more nice! Liked the tatoo you added xD
    Well, no more to say... just loved this wallie too, great work Ayasal ^^

  21. DepressedYoukai Nov 10, 2005

    This one's really cute! X3 You did a great job on this one, X3 I just can't describe it, it's awesome! :D

  22. Staff Nov 10, 2005

    Hey there! The trees on the left look a bit blurry but GREAT job with the wings and clouds. The other patterns found in the background look nice too.

  23. ichirin Nov 10, 2005

    wow! i love the effects~

  24. Jim3535 Nov 10, 2005

    This is a really nice wall. I will admit that I'm a bit of a sucker for angel-type walls.

    I would suggest trying to stick with either a soft or crisp image in the wall. The crisp clouds above her head and in both lower corners don't go all that well with the softer, fuzzier center. Personally, I prefer a crisper image, but consistent at least in zones is also good. The hard swirley stuff on top of the moon could use some work as well since it reminds me of the spray can in paint =_=;; (don't kill me).

    Besides that stuff it's a really neat wall.

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