Millennium Actress Wallpaper: Desperate Determination

Satoshi Kon, Millennium Actress, Chiyoko Fujiwara Wallpaper
Satoshi Kon Mangaka Millennium Actress Series Chiyoko Fujiwara Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

flyin's contribution for the Millennium Actress anthology with crapmonster <3 I'm submitting this early though, sorry crap, I couldn't hold it any longer >.<

And here... damn you're fast crap, *jealous jealous jealous*
crap's Millennium Actress Wall
I like how it turned out so differently XD Go partake in the Millennium Actress love <333

My first ever vector, done completely in Illustrator :) Damn it was painful... I was like how do you group objects T.T I became a complete and utter noob again for a week. It was really sad.

The motivation behind this wall was also kind of sad, actually, about a week ago I checked out the MT homepage and saw that candy-chan had walled an image that I was psyching myself up to wall. So after I whined to crap about it, I remembered this treasure trove of high-res Millennium Actress screenshots that he was showing me from movieweb.com the night before... and I knew I wanted to try vectoring and using Illustrator because I hadn't had the chance to try it out yet. And in the spirit of dragging someone down with me I asked crap if he wanted to do a non-collab collab like what taters and gideon did with their vintage poster walls <3 (see here). And crap, being the nice guy that he is, couldn't say "I need to work on apps" or *cough* "I need to work on my w.a.r. round 3 wallie"... ^^;;

So, this wall took about a week's worth of work, plus a lot of almost sleepless nights... I dunno if I REALLY learned how to vector because I basically went crazy with the smooth tool XD The original plan was to vector this screenshot in its entirety, but after I finished Chiyoko's profile I was like, damn that's beautiful... so how did I decide to showcase those stunning lines? YES, by making MORE line art XD. (flyin is indeed completely and utterly crazy). I vectored the background designs off of this screenshot, and had to do a fair amount of improvisation overall with line art, extensions, some colors... which was nice, made me exercise some creativity. I will say right now that pine needles are SPAWNS OF THE DEVIL T_T *burns them in tates' bonfire* I played with the idea of adding texture for a while for her kimono, but decided that I wanted to keep the clean vectored look... and keep the focus on the smooth lines =P I couldn't decide between "determination" and "desperation" for the title since I kept seeing both, so in the end I just meshed the two XP

I actually have three versions of this wall, this one with the off-white background, one with a black background, and one with a soft green background (for Keltosh nii-san =P) since popular opinion on what the background color should be divided down the lines 50-50 XP But since I'm dedicating this wall to crap, and he liked the white one best, I'm uploading that one here :)

Crap, I'm really glad that I've gotten to know you in the past couple of weeks, I've really enjoyed chatting/commiserating with you about anime, movies, school, life... doing random stuff like sharing music and sharing tidbits of wallers' gossip =P You kept making me want to wall (evil boy) so, I really do hope that you like this one since you've seen it grow from the beginning, and you had to take all of my whining in the process =P You ARE one of my favorite wallers of all time and... good luck with everything right now :) I know you'll be able to work things out <3

Since the number of people that I bugged about this wall reached unprecendented numbers, I gotta thank everyone properly... <3 Much thanks to Tates, who spurred me on to new heights of insomnia; rockiee, who's one of the few people I know that can call me butthead in a way that makes me want to hug her; shinn, with his impeccable eye for details <3; Keltosh nii-san, for making (or trying to make) sure that I got at least SOME sleep every night... my offline friends, and of course crap. <3, <3 you guys XD

I always got the sneaking suspicion that most of you were too nice to actually eat my wall =P So please do it now XD

P.S. I'll try to make another wallie in a bit, I hate having four walls... makes your gallery look so lopsided XP

Oh, and... the green experimental version for Kel nii-san... here

11/9/05: The version with the black background is the one that the women in the peanut gallery (and me too actually) like the best <3 So if you're curious, check it out here :)

And as usual... thumbnail is evil T.T


Chosen by and OracleAngel

Ahhh your get great in what you do so fast.... but yeah i love how the whole wall goes together so well... feels like you put much effort on this and i like that. awesome wall, continue doing great walls girl! ^__^

Proposed by and highlighted by OracleAngel.

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  1. rythem Nov 09, 2005

    ooh ~ *0* very good vector for ur first ever .. *_*

    the lines r smooth n not jagged XD (like mine ..x_x) lol
    the pic is very pretty`~ luv the patterns n overall giving it an abstract look ^^ the colours r chosen well too ^^

    very decent wallie na ~ OwO *pats* ur hard work has paid off ^__^

  2. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Nov 09, 2005

    lol this reminds me of a headband I have- I received it from my friends for my 17th bday and it really does give you motivation... not to also mention you, flyin, determined to make her first vector ;)

    The lines are great! It's simple, yet the detail is very good~ I love the flowers XD I have a thing with flowers since I worked for a few days in a florist... *___*

    There's nothing more I can say about this one XP Don't work too hard! XD

    EDIT: I meant, don't work too hard for W.A.R and not get enough sleep by making more walls @_@ Sleep comes first lol. Forgot to also say, added to my faves :)

  3. kai81220 Nov 09, 2005

    wah i was gona make a mellenium actress wall >_________<
    cause i really liked the art and stuff from it.

    but you did an awesome job vectoring i must say ^^
    i really get that 'constant searching' theme from this scan of chiyoko you chose cause its got that frozen motion look to it.
    its like im watching the movie all over again.

    beautiful stuff ^___^

    might make my own version of millenium actress wallie XP

  4. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 09, 2005

    to each his/her frustrations? XD I HATE YOU TOO
    I love this movie with all my heart.
    Satoshi Kon is my hero. His art is always gorgeous, and you did a quite good job vectoring it. Lines are indeed smooth and everything looks clean enough. Allthough the worst part of your vector is the face, the lines are not fluid enough and seem too bold, maybe you should have made them thinner and smoother, mostly around the eye and mouth.
    the best thing surely is your flawless composition. Great job mixing up the 2 screenshots, makes a lovely piece! Fav because of that and the fact that its millenium actress <3
    now I can't wait for crap's part

  5. rocknroll-isgo Nov 09, 2005

    Butthead! XD

    I'm still impressed with the vector. Those needles had to be a painstakingly long process--well, I know they were because you've told me... several times. ^_^; And good job with the extension; she looks great! Though, I still think her face color is a bit yellow. Could just be me though.. I have odd color sense. >>;
    Anyway, beautiful stuff. The black version is sitting comfortably on the desktop. Just remember, every time you look at the wall, say to yourself, "I kick ass." Every time! Don't forget! It does wonders for forgetting your encounters with Satan's children... and for one's self-esteem! You elitist, you. ;)

    Oh, and thanks for the inspiration... I think I found a Millennium Actress scan I want to wall. ;)

    Now, time to rest for once, masochist. To bed! Shoo!

  6. crapmonster Nov 09, 2005

    haha very nice wall but you know that already. i just love the look of the vectored painting and how it overlaps and such. its very reminiscent of something like champloo or a type of japanese pop art. gradients in the wings give it almost brushed look and seriously for a first vector, this is just amazing...
    anyways, this is a definite fav

  7. tAtEkAnE Nov 09, 2005

    tate is the nightwalker, it's my purpose in life to suck ppl in the darkness called insomnia =O it makes a day seem longer therefore u can do more >XD bahahah!

    u know what i like ;) teh black one hahaha and i know how u whined and cried im like =O get on with it woman! no not really coz im not that evil :D

    good job with the wall flyin...now wall more or better yet vector more and make urself cry from frustration =o it makes the lil horned creatures called tate happy hahaha!

  8. Bla-demer Nov 09, 2005

    Great picture. Really good
    looking. I now don't what to say about this only that it is
    great looking. Maybe it's becous of the drawing style
    or maybe it's coloring or white background.Well enyway
    it looks great and I wll fav. it.

  9. ayaki Nov 09, 2005

    wow...1st vector and it already looks like this.....great job!~ flyin'
    the bg is beautiful......kinda looks like japanese trad. art.....the way u've combined the two screenshots is flawless...

    ahhh w.a.r. ..... i'm still working on it....and u too...don't work tooo hard on anything.....sleep is imp *_*

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Nov 09, 2005

    Ahhh your get great in what you do so fast.... but yeah i love how the whole wall goes together so well... feels like you put much effort on this and i like that. awesome wall, continue doing great walls girl! ^__^

  11. yoshball Nov 09, 2005

    I really like the 'traditional' look of this piece. I can't help but agree with the posts above me. Great job all around on this!

  12. DernierCri Nov 09, 2005

    great job you there and all that vector goodness bliss... aaah
    i see a flowery pattern throughout your latest wallpapers girl...
    there is flowers in all of them... aah what am i talking about.
    it looks awesome... and what are those secret projects between ppl these days that I don't know about. extremely favorite work flyin. keep vectoring...

  13. AlexXan Nov 09, 2005

    Now woww O_o for the vectoring... realy good job. :D
    Keep it up! :)

  14. AkaiTsubaki Nov 09, 2005

    very beautiful
    i love the japanese style too much! the colours too are great ^^

  15. pegassuss Nov 10, 2005

    woooow really nice flyin! ^^ your first vector? well I think you did a great job vectoring the image and the background! I think it looks great! I don't know anything about vectors ^^' so I can't say much. sorryyy -__-' but there is an ineresting feeling coming out from this wallie and I like that. And also it's like a piece of art <3 The details are great! the flowers look lovely and well everything! Great work flyin-san! ^__^

  16. Xueli Nov 10, 2005

    awsome vector, love the artwork. Kinda looks like samurai champloo. Hope you keep making walls like these some more.

  17. Keltosh Retired Moderator Nov 10, 2005

    Ahhh, well, seems it's up to me after all. Me and jasmine talked.. argued.. like always.. and agreed to highlight this wallpaper. The vector is flawless. The composition is original. And you know whever everything else I think about this :D

  18. AnimeDreamship Nov 10, 2005

    so nice. Great picture, and Really good looking. keep it up !

  19. jasmine Retired Moderator Nov 10, 2005

    Finally managed to get back online and start writing the comment >.> Before it was me who highlighted this wallpaper but when I started writing the comment my electricity went off >.< Luckily there was Keltosh online and we have been having a long discussion on which walls deserve the highlight and he yet again managed to save the situation ^^; it would be weird to have a highlight without a moderator commenting it >.< Ok, though Kel already did the work I was supposed to do, let me still write the comment I intended too... (sorry for the longinsh introduction)

    Back to the wall :] I saw this wall first at AP and later here XD When I saw it I was really impressed. I am still not sure which version I like best, with black or white backround ^^; The white background makes the character the most prominent in the whole concept, which is beautiful but on the other hand the black one makes the character delicatelly surfacing from the solid looking bg which also creates an interesting effect. I hope you get what I try to say ^^; (<-sux at commenting.) White is more colorful, black more toned. Both concepts are nice and both have their strong points :] And both are the example of perfect and flawless vector :D So, as pointed before by Kel, the two of us agree that this purely magnificent Millenium Actress wall deserves a highlight and rightly so :) Keep it up ^^

  20. Yina Nov 10, 2005

    nyaa.. i already wrote a comment on AP.. too lazy to write it twice.. xDD
    anyway, fave for ya ?3

  21. Ian999 Banned Member Nov 11, 2005

    Oh this wallpaper is just nice! The background is my favorite part about this whole thing.
    Very nice. Great choice of character and colors.
    This wallpaper is pretty good and the background r splinted
    I love the colors! The backgrounds goes very well with the main image! Wonderful job! ^^

  22. kitsuneyouma Nov 11, 2005

    I'm loving your background !
    It's jap-themed right?
    Well it really caught my eye, I think that was partly due to a really strong bold central image - awesum work!

  23. nezzyuen Nov 11, 2005

    the white version is as good as the black one. it looks like a painting. nice job

  24. revontulet Nov 12, 2005

    Wow thats brilliant! What a nice layout and what wicked colour!
    Nice stuff ^__^

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