Yotsubato! Wallpaper: Floating Dreams

Kiyohiko Azuma, Yotsubato!, Yotsuba Koiwai Wallpaper
Kiyohiko Azuma Mangaka Yotsubato! Series Yotsuba Koiwai Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

A collaboration between me and tatekane :3

The overall composition took a while. Since there wasn't much yotsuba(being an awesome series, we wanted to do one.)

The image was vectored by tater's awesome vectoring skills <3, I did the cute starry flowery shapes.(well taters made them into flowers o_O) The clouds in the BG were brushed by me with some pen tool added in while taters did the main cloud that yotsuba sleeps on. The style seemed simple enough, we didn't want it to be too complex, being Yotsuba& is a very light hearted series. Not to mention it's so KYUTE! x3


More resolutions coming soon at my site animagik9 and FRAGMENTS


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  1. ichi123 Nov 08, 2005

    YOTSUBA! i adore Yotsubato XD and very nice wp ^^ i really like it

  2. MasterPivot Nov 09, 2005

    Cute wallpaper. The imagery is so Yotsuba!

  3. kalicodreamz Nov 09, 2005

    love the cuteness.
    i wish there was more of a background though. not necesseraly (i dunno how to spell that word >_>) the one i showed ya...just....more
    but the whole wall itself is really cute, and the text is adorable.
    nice work you two!
    i know you went through hell on this one, but it came out nice and smooth.
    damn you kozu for stealing my luves taters away!

  4. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Nov 09, 2005

    *gurgles* I saw your post and so I came here... It's adorable!
    I'm a big sucker for cute things... and I like how everything is kept clean and simple :)
    Can't resist >_< Fave!

  5. tAtEkAnE Nov 09, 2005

    =O this wall is like teh sheeet! >XD ahahahaha!
    thanks for sharing >.> lol
    anyway im so freaking glad it's done lol
    and yeah -shakes fist at kozu for stealing me from kalico-

  6. TrinityLi Nov 09, 2005

    I saw your wall first on AP. I commented there so I'll comment here, too. I love it! It's so cute. A fav for me! Great job! :)

  7. tian82 Nov 09, 2005

    Nice and cute wallpaper ! So adoreable ! Great work on this ! I love it !

  8. yoshball Nov 09, 2005

    I really like the simplicity of this wallpaper. It goes well with the simplicity of the scan, along with the cuteness of the series. I like the flowers especially. Great job!

  9. artgeek12 Nov 09, 2005

    Yotsuba rules! It's hilarious. That goofy position is soooo her. The soft colors and child like elements fit well with each other and her. Th only thing I might change would be the type used for "Yotsuba". It might look better with the large block san serif type kinda like the title on the manga. Other than that, it's totally cool.

  10. Electrastar Nov 10, 2005

    Kawaiiii I adore little Yostuba. This is just too cute. I think the backround could have been more blue instead of majorly orange, but it takes nothing away from this, it's just great :D

  11. flyindreams Nov 10, 2005

    Lol I was about to cry about why I didn't get a notification for this when I saw that tates didn't submit it... lolll

    You guys really did an amazing job X3 The vectors look awesome, and this wallie is just sooo cute, through and through <3 Love the ice cream clouds and the soft colors XD

  12. pengi-san Nov 10, 2005

    Very nice. The vectoring is just fantastic. And the background goes along with it very well. Keep workin' together. Obviously you do good stuff... :)

  13. emilami Banned Member Nov 10, 2005


  14. fooblued Nov 10, 2005

    Awesome! I didn't notice them at fisrt but I especially like the little arrows pointing toward the title and clouds, they add quite a bit of fun without being overpowering. Really great wall :D

  15. sakuramoon Nov 11, 2005

    awww..thats soo cute..my sis would love it..

  16. Asahi Nov 11, 2005

    aaahh this is cool and cute together xD lovin it .. cute motive and great colors

  17. dans Nov 11, 2005

    this is an unbelievably cute collabs. ^_^
    clean, cute and very original.

  18. chingetscook Nov 12, 2005

    Great theme that came together on this one, the character, the colors, the clouds. Excellent job.

  19. rcxAsh Nov 12, 2005

    Oh wow. I love this wallpaper! You really did a great job.

    Fits the series nicely. Light-hearted. Moreover, the vector job is amazing.

  20. ayaki Nov 14, 2005

    omg, this looks adorable >_< ahhhh she's drooling!~
    i love the orange in this wall...making it looks so warm and cuddly.
    looking at this wall makes me wanna have a nice and sweet dream now.....uhm...

  21. akari-tenshi Dec 02, 2005

    really love ur wallie >< just add it up to my fav list !

  22. maho-ho Dec 05, 2005

    Beautiful wallpaper! I like much the work of the vector image, the work at heart, and the clouds with flowers! Very pretty! She look so adorable!
    Thanks for the share this wall! ^^

  23. blue-chan Jan 24, 2006

    awww, she is so adorable. she's drooling. haha I love that picture so much. ^___^ and I think you did a wonderful job on it. ^____^

  24. Lumenesca Feb 09, 2006

    Kawaii-ness! :)

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