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Yes yes I'm not dead yet :D
Since I finally have some free time these days, I decided to try and colour one of my drawings..

Coloured in Photoshop, mostly brush and smudge tool
Done while listening to my CPU fan and my own clickings... no music because my sound card decided to die o_O
Time... I lost count, but it was done in a few sessions over 2 days

About the beautiful white background, at the start I wanted to draw something.. but after drawing lines and hitting ctrl+z countless times I decided that drawing with a mouse is not my thing ^_^'
and I do realise that my colour selections aren't the best... some suggestions would help

This is my first digitally coloured drawing... so I really need some feedback and constructive comments ^^

Update: added more green to the shirt
Thanks Pega and Frozen for pointing that out ^^

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  1. frozenwilderness Nov 08, 2005

    Woww.. you colored it! She looks even prettier now, I love her skirt especially.. so flowy and the way you colored the folds looks perfect. I can't really think of any critique except that her shirt looks a bit desaturated but other than that I love everything! Great work,.. so glad you finally submitted something (:

  2. pegassuss Nov 08, 2005

    Beautiful ^^ I remember your black and white sketch, it was lovely. And you did a beautiful job coloring it ^^ ... This is your first attempt.. O.O wooow it's awesome, I love how you colored the foldings of her skirt, really nice shadowing ^^ Her hair looks great too! There is some grey colors on the shirt that look a bit out of place but the foldings are great ^^ I think you did an awesome job. Keep it up! =)

  3. Willem Nov 08, 2005

    Amazing draw O_O You definitely have talent in this kind of draw ... when will be the upcoming one ? :D

  4. Koenken Nov 08, 2005

    The colors look great.
    I hope to see more colored works from you.

  5. PANDAgirl Nov 08, 2005

    Wahhh :( I envy you! I really love the colors. haha you used complementary colors AND you also put the product of the colors if you mixed them! ^__^ I really love the hair and the detail on the clothes :\ Wish I had more productivity lol I should start drawing again...

  6. tuxedotservo Nov 08, 2005

    I think I remember this sketch ^^

    *Great* color choices ^^ For the blouse, skirt, and the hair - dynamite. Good tone of lavender - it can be a dangerous color to use for hair, but it's so subtle and warm here that it's wonderful.

  7. ideal Nov 09, 2005

    really nice drawing, her pose looks good, brushing her hair... about the colors, i can't suggest any helpful tips, i suck at colors, but hey it's really good ;)

  8. studio Nov 09, 2005

    Ohh wow - I def remember your pencil sketch. The colours there are great work - like the hair heaps but I guess it wa great already lols X3

    Like the top also, it looks fab now. Very 3D .__.;; Lovely job <3 it. X3

  9. Anjhurin Nov 09, 2005

    Whoa sexy ^_^. anyway really nice pose, and the coloring is great (i particularly like the dress color). folds are nice too.

    only thing, she's got no nails? i think the hands might need a tiny little work, but otherwise it's really awesome ;)

  10. HollyBerry Nov 09, 2005

    wooooooah....i loved this pic when it was just pencil lines, but now it's even MORE gorgeous! and i can't believe that was your first go, it's practically bloody perfect
    AMAZING job *claps*

  11. Frosty Nov 10, 2005

    lol... well so now u upgraded your drawings and gone into with color i c. ^_^'
    it looks really cool. it is one attractive picture indeedie...
    great work my friend. *high five* ^^
    *Grade 9.45 and Grade AA+* for one fanastic color work. now show us more drawings. ^_~

  12. Evanrued Nov 10, 2005

    You know, I stumbled across this by accident! But I'm glad that I did ^^I really like all the work you did. The blur at the bottom of the skirt looks good, but most of all, the colors look really life like and excellent if I may say. Great work Jor! XD

  13. Val3f0r Nov 11, 2005

    *slap Jormung4nd* guess what.... great colouring, your first time is really worth it...

    Now go draw more doujins *evil giggle*

  14. MidnightMiko Nov 11, 2005

    Oh she's very pretty! I like her long wispy hair, sooo pretty! I also like the style of eye you chose to draw. Exellent job on drawing her figure as well, the proportions all look correct! The pose looks very nice and the wink is really cute! Her outfit is simply, but she wears it well! ^-^ The coloring looks great! I like your color choices alot. the purple hair and green eyes are a nice combination, and the green top really accents them! The lighting and shadowing all looks good to me too. This is a very well done piece of artwork! Exellent work and thank you for sharing it! *bows* ^-^

  15. evasion Nov 11, 2005

    Hiya Jormungand! Wooooooooo, beautiful job! You could try adding more color to the skin, no worries about trying more reds/browns or dark peach ^_^. Heehee, but omg - your shadows are extremely well done. Definitely one of the best artists here on MT *nods*. I can't wait for you to submit another colored doujin! :-D +fav+

  16. biggsyke Nov 12, 2005

    The hair is what draws me to this pic. And I love the way the skirt blends in with the bottom and just flows. Excellent work

  17. frozenwilderness Nov 13, 2005

    Ohhh wow you went back and edited it *_* And it looks much better now with the little adjustment (: I'd refav it if I could XD

  18. blue-chan Nov 15, 2005

    oh wow, that looks really nice. she is very cute and I like her coloring. you did a beautiful job with this. Good job.

  19. zmorphcom Nov 15, 2005

    Looks great! Beautiful work, my friend! :D

  20. anji Nov 15, 2005

    Actually I think you did really great job coloring it, it should be really more easy with a graphic tablet. I always use this if I want to color cause the mouse drive me crazy. But I'm lucky to use the one at my job, cause it's so expensive XD
    So yeah, we can see you have a lot of talent cause shadows looks really nice.
    I would like to help you but I don't see a thing that bugs me XD
    Thanks for sharing, hope to see some work of you more often ;)

  21. tareren Nov 17, 2005

    Nice work in this one, I love the coloring and also her expression :D
    Great job on this one ^^

  22. necro-sop Nov 17, 2005

    nice job bro! your first try is even way better than mine! i remember i was using flash to do my first...you used photoshop so effectively on your first try, great job! i trying something on photoshop myself, you'll see when i post it!

  23. HikariSukunami Dec 17, 2005

    I knew it was great in color... I knew it! :) Hey, Jormungand... remember me? Yup, I'm still alive too... and I miss you and everyone else badly... ack, so many catching up to do but very rare time! Hey, at least I can assure myself that some things will never change... you're still a great artist and I hope you keep it up! =D

  24. RoninDude Jan 23, 2006

    Dang, this is really something! Love the coloring job on an awesome lineart!
    Oh, I couldn't figure out how to comment on your page, there is no reply box, wierd...
    Hmmm, I've been gone a while...
    Anyways, Thanks for the comment and fave, and I think this diserves a fave, to say the least, great job!

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