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I originally submitted a simpler version of this wall yesterday, and due to MT's new complicated road to submission it ended up in the wrong category, sense I couldn't move it, I had to simply delete it. Thankfully that gave me some time to work on it today, and come up with what I call "my careless creation" :p The artwork is completely original, I took a picture of my feet and vectored it, the writings are lyrics from bands like The Blood Brothers, Circa Survive and [/b]Fear Before The March of Flames[/b] (wtf is up with long ass band name nowadays) = ]


hmmm..I like to think that my shoes can take me anywhere, in this case the character wants to jump into those emotions.

effort - 8/10
time - 7 hours
software - Adobe Photoshop


Folly - Insanity Later


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  1. fawna-chan Nov 07, 2005

    a very interesting idea...the title fits it too. sorry but all i can offer is a "good job". ^_^'

  2. DernierCri Nov 07, 2005

    now this is simply awesome...
    mad props from me for this wallpaper... or should i say art piece.
    stuff like this keeps me around here... very inspirational...
    you should try the art experiments at www.woodsuch.com

    King Spice~

  3. Scarlet Nov 08, 2005

    Wow... now this is one amazing concept. There's a little voice inside me that madly screams that it's a great wall. And I know I shouldn't be communicating with the voices in my head - you never know where those will lead you - but I think this time it's right.^^

    So yeah, aside from my insanity, this is, as I said, awesome. Did I ever mention that I love your walls because they make me think?

    I think I did. *thoughtful look* But I'm ready to say it all over again.

    So yeah, thanks for this inspiring (not in the way that I want to jump off a roof or something, but I know what I mean) wall, Sharingan...

    *runs away clutching wall* ^^


  4. ayaki Nov 08, 2005

    holy..this looks great....what a concept.
    haha converse!~ i have one pair only....brown with bones pattern on them....to be honest..they look good..but uncomfortable =_=a oh well...
    back to ur wall.....i don't know what to say...cuz it's just crazy good. same with fawna-chan
    all i can say is "AWESOME JOB!~" :D

  5. Milkiyo Nov 08, 2005

    erm...nice shoes?! haha...I dare you to jump^^

  6. jocelyn08 Nov 08, 2005

    i love your concept~it's something different from others ^^
    your wallie brings out the concept well ne~
    good job!

  7. flyindreams Nov 10, 2005

    Nice, sharingan :) Love the concept, and the simplicity... :) An interesting change from your usual style, and Very nice vector too :) The text is awesome, but why is "Converse" up on the top left corner? o_O

    For some reason the emptiness of the top part of the wallie really struck me, I think I would've liked the splatters there to be a bit more distinct :) Apart from that... awesome wallie :)

  8. Yumi-Chan Nov 10, 2005

    oh wow xD converse shoe ~! im really looking for one! :3
    nice vector lol, it's a fantastic idea. im having this on my desktop XD ! waa~

  9. obsidianwings Nov 10, 2005

    wow this is amazing - it both looks great and has a strong concept. very artistic and throughful. i love it!

  10. Xueli Nov 10, 2005

    great theme/concept. nice feet :p

  11. chrno Nov 10, 2005

    You know, I like your wallpapers but, this one.... a wallpaper with mainstream shoes? I don't know >_<
    But the technique and creativity of this is very good!

  12. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 10, 2005

    Interesting idea, it's always great to see new concepts amongst wallers. And I'm a weird fan of takling feet pictures, so this suits me XD
    Anyways, funny vector, but I have to agree with flyin about the top part splatters :]

  13. Tokitoh Nov 11, 2005

    Very creative. I love the perspective. ^___^ I think it would be nice to color the legs slightly... just add some color to it. ^^ Though, the wallpaper is still very, very interesting. Great job. ^_^

  14. ch0ko Nov 11, 2005

    i like it. its unique, different. its like lookin at the world through another persons eyes

  15. walkure245 Nov 13, 2005

    I really like the idea. The perspective was really well thought out and gives you a first-person point of view, so you can almost feel the person's emotions for needing to be up there in the first place. I like the bg's wording and gives a nice reflection to the person's thoughts. The quality is really good. It's simplicity really increases the feel of the wallie. Really great work!

  16. LeeAnn Mar 26, 2006

    its simple concept makes me jump(@_@)
    the black and white style of it also gave credit.
    you like converse huh..not bad(^__^)

  17. DiEs2882 Sep 26, 2010


    that's cool one man...:)

  18. klveqs Mar 23, 2011


  19. thecalling Mar 28, 2011

    a very interesting idea...the title fits it too

    merged: 03-28-2011 ~ 02:32pm
    holy..this looks great....what a concept.

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