Blade of the Immortal Wallpaper: BURN BABY BURN

Hiroaki Samura, Bee Train, Blade of the Immortal, Hyakurin  Wallpaper
Hiroaki Samura Mangaka Bee Train Studio Blade of the Immortal Series Hyakurin  Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

You cant see the face coz there is no face >.> I chose the scan coz of the absence of the face which i thought was cool

[pastes from Animepaper]

"BURN BAAAAYBEEEEH BURN!" sing with me now >XD~~~~~~~

ahhh it feels good to go back to non cute walls >XD

=O blade of the immortal needs more walls coz it has a fantastic artwork xD
anyway i made this :3 coz i thought the scan was beautiful and i'm in the mood to make something dark.

anyway about the wall, made everything from scractch except the main scan of course ;)
omg i didnt put any text ;-; but i thought it would be too much if i put in some, might look cramped =\

so what else, thanks to flyindreams, nuni and sirboingalot >XD for looking at the wall and suggesting nothing much >=P~~~~~

oh i dont think i'll be editing this or it'll make me resort to suicide coz the layers are all jumbled and complicated that'll it'll kill me -_-


i dunno much of the manga so the fire and everything were just from my head
and it'll be up in FRAGMENTS <<< click =p soon

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  1. AtTheBronze Nov 07, 2005

    Oh, how evil! Is the girl a pyromaniac? Cool wallie, Tatekane-san! ;)

  2. tecnophreak Nov 07, 2005

    MWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH! fantastic job on the fire tat! you gotta show me how u do that O_o.
    texturing is awesome, and scene realistic as usual too!
    oo, and did i mention im a pyro? BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA.....ha(...)

  3. yoshball Nov 07, 2005

    I totally agree that there needs to be more Blade of the Immortal wallpapers. I can understand why not as the art is more sketchy than clean lined, but people wall Yoshitaka Amano's, right? I really like the balance of the elements in this piece, as it very much like the rule of thirds in photography, though the middle element does not completely dominate the wallpaper. I also enjoy the balance between light and dark between sections and within sections. Thanks for no text, it was unneeded. This was a masterfully done wallpaper, great job!

  4. Villians Nov 07, 2005

    ıta like hot and meann ''ı dont care if its burn''

  5. Milkiyo Nov 08, 2005

    Holy freak! This is kinda freaky but I loved it haha...
    BURN BABY! your wall's hot on fire!^^

  6. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 08, 2005

    wooo the burning...thing is superb :D allthough I feel like there are a tad too many red ashes. Sliding door looks great :]
    Having the head cut off of the scan is really an ingenious idea, gives a dramatic mood to the already very close character. Overall nice wall, but it seems there is some spark missing.

  7. exhumethecorpse Nov 08, 2005

    I like the artistic direction you took this wallpaper in though im partly torn to want to see more of scan (is there more is that it). Having no face makes it harder for the uninitiated to reference this to BotI. But i think adding the head also will take away for the over all piece. Well done and i also support more BotI walls

  8. kalicodreamz Nov 08, 2005

    you rox my sox!
    i love the darkness of this. i couldn't see all the sexy details on the monitors in montgomry hall, but i can see em now :o
    it looks sexay >:D
    i love the fire in the background, and how you can see it thogugh the screen.
    evol just gave me the manga to read so, after i finishin deathnote vol 2, ima start it up :3
    favies from me <3

  9. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Nov 08, 2005

    Cant even see the face... -__- but yeah dark and burning rage is always good for a change. I like how the whole wall comes down with dooom and beautiful lust... Lovely job as always Tate! ^__^

  10. tian82 Nov 08, 2005

    What a cool and dark wallpaper ! Like the fire too ! Make it more look like a real ! Good work on this !

  11. Sandra Nov 08, 2005

    I can't see the face but i still think that this wall is great,Great fire.

  12. Devildude Nov 08, 2005

    nice....unique presentation.
    i say should this be in general wallpapers or design based instead. nevermind that. i like the no face and watch from afar way of doing the wall. i am faving it!

  13. evol_kimchi Nov 09, 2005

    woooot! you know Im a huge Blade of the Immortal fan ><
    Im glad to see you went with the fiery background. its a good representation of all the carnage that goes on in the manga. dark and mysterious <3

  14. flyindreams Nov 09, 2005

    X3 As expected, the cutesy wallie has gotten all of the attention... XD

    You should have another go at a dark wall + bamboo X3

    The fire is awesome :3

  15. lthnadml Nov 09, 2005

    Hey, amezing work . . . the texture is awesome . . . XD XD XD

  16. woundeds0ul Nov 10, 2005

    waaaahhh~~~~ XD sugoi~! ^-^b wub wub fire~~!
    tee hee~~~ *hugGleS* woundie is back~~ ^0^ back~back~~~
    waaahh~~ from scratch? O.O must've taken a lot of work~~~
    oh no~! where are the cute walls gone? nnnoooo~~~~~ >.<
    XP *runs around in a circle*

  17. johngen Dec 12, 2005

    Oh, wow, amazing piece of work. Not showing the face gives it a superb effect among with the fire and the whole style in general. A really nice job indeed.

  18. Ruben606 Jan 17, 2006

    coooool wallpaper... *save*

    *set as desktop wallpaper*

    really dark feeling to it ... nice

  19. kissifur Apr 02, 2006

    This very good art....

    Congratulations, greatfull job....

  20. LeeAnn May 31, 2006

    you just stabbed my chest! *bleeding to death*

    how could you!...

    how could you!..

    how could you make something as magnificent as this!?

  21. Feychan Aug 26, 2009

    WOW... is well made... I'm speachless...

  22. Rafa009 Sep 06, 2010

    wow nice wall thanks for sharing

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