Benjamin Wallpaper: Terminal State

Benjamin Wallpaper
Benjamin Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Kill everything, kill everything
Bomb the livin' bejeebers out of those forces
That's not enough

K.M.F.D.M. "A Drug Against War"

Note: The artwork is done by Benjamin. Here is the scan.

Please download full view
Any comments or criticisms are appreciated.

1600x1200 Version: SEI-IKI.

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  1. kucing Nov 07, 2005

    WOW.. sweet.. i like the colouring especially.. you guys did great .. love to see more

  2. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Nov 07, 2005

    Oh my... this caught my eye on the front page :o I thought "wow that is so good" *click* And I was pleasantly surprised it was by you DREAM :o You're starting to surprise/scare me more by the second!

    I really like the way how you did this... the colours and the lack out outlines really keeps this kind of painting quality... it reminds me of how those artists use layers of paint and then build up slowly on it with different colours to create an image... whilst you mentioned some people may consider it popart, I consider this to ... I don't know actually... I think of oil paintings.

    The only thing is the text, which is a bit too clearly defined - I would have also placed it a bit under the gun and the helicopter... centred in that white space there... this is excellent DREAM... I'm jealous! lol

    *joins in tevi's queue worshipping you XD*

    Definite fave @_@

  3. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Nov 07, 2005

    The song should have been inspired by "Salvation"- Cranberries cos its more of a moving song while "Zombie" is a heart felt songe but nonetheless the set of clors here are superb.... could work on the text design but overall this is great! :P

  4. antn Nov 07, 2005

    good style, paiting, colours.
    good work man.

  5. lthnadml Nov 07, 2005

    Interesting work . . . looks like a painting . . . nice style and colors too. XD XD XD

  6. Midori-chan Nov 07, 2005

    XD this walie is awesome!
    i just love the bg's style XD
    and the colors looked like it's smeared [ like some kind of painting^^ ]
    awesome wallie XD

  7. boogybro Nov 07, 2005

    Your two latest pieces must have been a pain to vector. Major props for even trying it, but god damn you've done them perfectly. Not only that, you've forced me to change my desktop again. This wallpaper is to stylish to just not use.

  8. Regenbogen Nov 07, 2005

    Hello again... another vector? What am I supposed to think of that? It looks you're enjoying to make vectors! ^^ This wallpaper is definitely a new favorite... What I especially like is that it keeps the original style of the scan. I only wish you had added not title or maybe changed it a bit since it looks too bright... too clear? I am not sure. But you can also see this, when you're looking at the thumbnail, the font doesn't really seem to belong in there. I am impressed by your vectoring skills...!

  9. BaKaShInIgAmI Nov 07, 2005

    really cool Benjamin wall! it's alot better than mine.
    i love the colors and the background.
    well done DREAM!

  10. natz Nov 07, 2005

    you did a great job! i love the colors, the atmosphere...

  11. omni Nov 07, 2005

    Another dt design...

    O, God, save us all.

    I rather fail to notice where the anime-style in this is, so I think it may have been better suited to the General Wallpaper gallery, but I'm not going to be the one blowing the whistle here. ;)

    As to the design itself, it's a well executed vector, but I would have liked to see you go above and beyond--take an image and make it your own. It's still a stylish take on the original art, but the original art wasn't much different, so that your presence is barely even felt. And while there is certainly something admirable in that, I, and I think some others, might appreciate it more if you left your own distinctive mark on it. Because I know you've got to have one knocking around somewhere in that crazy shell of yours.

  12. DernierCri Nov 07, 2005

    you did good with the texture man... I am pleased.
    as i said before i think the text is too dark and the red will work better.
    I love the randomness in the lines and the overall feel of movement.
    keep em coming man that's the way to go...
    (...) suggested for nomination in Simple-ism...

  13. pegassuss Nov 07, 2005

    Wooow O.O This is very interesting, it really looks like a painting! You did such a great work with the lines! Working from the original scan and vectoring into a bigger version. As I've already said, I don't know how to vector but how the lines mix to give that texture and feeling to the image must have been really difficult to accomplish. I think you did a really great work ^^ Keep it up, you are getting really good ^^

  14. Kotter Nov 07, 2005

    Great work Dream. I love this work. Where did you find this artist?

  15. yoshball Nov 07, 2005

    The text pops too much in the wallpaper as it is clean and sharp while the rest of the wall is smudgy. I like the balance and colors of it and it is overall well done. Great job!

  16. Evanrued Nov 07, 2005

    This reminds me of an oil painting. The colors are so crisp and exact. And the choices of them are excellent. It all look just so perfect. It speaks for itself. Wonderful work.

  17. ayaki Nov 08, 2005

    i totally agree with Evanrued...it does look like a oil painting
    one minor thing that i don't like is the text.....it would be better if you leave that out...or try to make it blend more with the rest of the wall.
    but still...it looks really good. the colors and the way u vector....Dream's style *_*

  18. fukushuusha Nov 08, 2005

    Great piece of art here....
    The text is too weak in there though...but that can't stop me from faving this. This is the definition of 'stylish walling'.

  19. Dragula Nov 08, 2005

    Beatifull work.

  20. CopKiller Nov 09, 2005

    Realy coooooooooooooooooooooool.
    I realy love its.
    A pieces of arts.

  21. Juclesia Nov 11, 2005

    great style....the colors fiting great together and also the composion is simple but great. So alltogether a great piece of art!

  22. Carleent1 Nov 13, 2005

    girls with guns, can't get much cooler, good job.

  23. sukie Nov 13, 2005

    wow...looks cool...you've got style man! it's really nice how the colours go together and all...me envy yout skills! nice wall!

  24. WILLHAAS Nov 14, 2005

    really and interesting use of colors

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