Shining Tears Wallpaper: Elven Garden

Tony Taka, Shining Tears, Elwing Wallpaper
Tony Taka Mangaka Shining Tears Game Elwing Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Wow, long time no submiting wallies after mt3 arrived hehe... Well, hope this new wallie goes on a desaster >_<

Well, first wallie from shining tears from me, it's quite simple without tons of effects... just a little work with ps custom shapes and some brushes. I wanted to create some "forest spirits" in the background with those effects, well it don't likes exatcly what I wanted but it's fine xD
About the name I first wanted to name is as elven forest but the wall reminds and garden.

Anyway, I hope you like this wallie and as ever, favs, comments and constructive criticism are always wellcome ^^
Enjoy and see you in the next wall!

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: ayaki
Wall: Friends
Reason: The scan of two friends in a beautiful afternoon's end composes this wonderful wallie!

Group advertisement: Brasiltugado

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  1. xXNarutoXx Nov 06, 2005

    nice wall of Shining Tears, looks good!
    she looks cute in that wall

  2. Rhonda21 Nov 06, 2005

    oooo that looks really cute! good work!

  3. Zoamel Nov 06, 2005

    The wall is looking great :)
    I love the trees and the clouds in the bg.
    Also the type you used is looking wonderful.

  4. choad Nov 06, 2005

    Wonderful wall. The background is beautifully done.

  5. lensterknight Nov 06, 2005

    That wall/fence looks quite odd... sure, I can stand the stock retangle (although I don't think it looks good enough), but the greenish-golden things just don't fit the wall at all. Also, the fact it has no lighting variation is somewhat disturbing - even because Elwing's right leg/pouch are clearly lighted, if you get what I mean.

    by the way, I have a feeling the girl is being more sunbathed than the shown sunrays imply, but whatever.

    The bg is nice, though.

  6. Staff Nov 06, 2005

    =D Praiseworthy wallpapers yet again, as expected of Akira-san! Would the green flares be some sort of elven magic or wind? One last note: SUPERB!

  7. AgataMare Nov 06, 2005

    Very cool! The background suits perfectly with the image! Very goo job, Akira-san! ^_^

  8. pegassuss Nov 06, 2005

    Really nice wallie! ^__^ The scan is very nice, I like it, and the background match the scan very well and the colors are pretty. Maybe with some more blending would be better, I mean, the scan and that wall ^^ I like the swirly effects in the background and the trees with the falling leaves are beautiful, but maybe the leaves are too much in order ^^' hehe. I think you did a great job akira-san! much more joyful than your last ones ;) Keep it up! :D

  9. ayaki Nov 06, 2005

    thx for plugging my wall ^^
    one thing that i don't like..is the fence...it looks kinda odd...comparing with the softness of the trees, but it's a nice try!~ You can also scatter out the leaves a bit more...
    I like the effect u've added. it does resemble some kind of forest spirits u wanted to acheive.
    Overall, it looks pretty good!~ :D keep it up!~

  10. kal91 Nov 06, 2005

    The perspective is off. The character looks like we should be looking up at her from a lower angel, but the bg is straight on. Love the fairy lights though.

  11. varogio Mute Member Nov 06, 2005

    excelente imagen

  12. MagicianFairy Nov 06, 2005

    so kawaii!
    i like the scan and the bg is pretty pretty!

  13. lthnadml Nov 06, 2005

    Cute wallie. :D I like the effects on the bg and the trees/leafs are pretty good too.
    Great work. XD XD XD

  14. Emma Nov 07, 2005

    Oh I love her. She is adorable. And I like the background you gave her! The trees look great and I really like the flying leaves on the wind. Great job there! I also personally like those green swirlies. A very efly, dancing wallie ^_^

  15. phamthuha Nov 07, 2005

    Nice ^_^ But the balance here looks not realistic +__+, it is too smooth and too.... just don't know how to explain ....
    Well, but the bg is quite nice and the chara of Shining tear is cute ^_^ Love the green effect with the light here ^_^ Fav+ for you, sweetie!

  16. BaKaShInIgAmI Nov 07, 2005

    nice wall! i really like the background. it matches well with the character because of the green. good job with the sun light.
    well done and hope to see your next wall soon! :)

  17. dalidadod Nov 07, 2005

    yaaay thats really awesome wallie..i like what u did with this garden really i feel it
    and tha gurl looks so kawaii...u did gr8 really..
    add to fava for sure...thanx for sharin ^_^

  18. Bla-demer Nov 07, 2005

    Really nice work from you again.
    The sun is shining and treas are green.
    Your elf looks happy too. Those green mark are
    good looking and green is just the perfect colour
    for this wall. And the subject is good one too.
    So you have done really great job. Keep up the good work.

  19. Tigeriskitty Nov 07, 2005

    Very nice job I like all the effects, nice job on the sun effect especially

  20. Milkiyo Nov 08, 2005

    whoa...looks shiny and beautiful!
    Her expression looks like mine now..lol
    *I'm struck by the beauty of this wall*

  21. sukie Nov 08, 2005

    it looks really cool... the quaility...extraction are all great...but th bg...leaves don't really fall like that...but the light effects are super! =D i love! and one more thing...the fence...looks strange...wrong proportion i think...

  22. flyindreams Nov 09, 2005

    :) I rather like the effects too :3 As lensterknight suggested, some more sunrays/lighting would help balance out the tremendous amount of lighting on her face :) It strikes me as a little odd that it looks like the rays are coming from behind her head instead of in front her face o_O And... the fence is probably the weakest part of this wallie. I think it needs more depth and more blending :3 But apart from that, nice wall, with the quality that I've come to expect in most of your wallies :3

  23. ElaniMoonstaf Nov 09, 2005

    Ah! Very nice! I like the scan. For some reason it makes me think snow....how odd. Anywyays! Nice wallie ^_^

  24. DarkWizardJeffery Nov 10, 2005

    very nice :)

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