Fullmetal Alchemist: Foul Ball

BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Winry Rockbell, Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric
BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Winry Rockbell Character Alphonse Elric Character Edward Elric Character


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  1. Terra-chan Nov 06, 2005

    This is really nice! ^_^ Getting 2-page spread scans to look so nice is wonderful! I think it's an art cuz unless you do everything just right things won't line up and you'll have a seem~ but you don't! this is flawless! great scan!

  2. Ephidel Nov 07, 2005

    Hawkeye's the only one who's actually playing the game right. XD

  3. ScribbleKitty Nov 09, 2005

    Is Roy trying to play basketball with Al's head?! Poor Riza is the only one who seems to be playing by the rules.

    I agree that this is a great scan! I could never get the image to align right. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  4. hitt111 Nov 12, 2005

    Hehehe....... ^^

    Nice game!

    Realy nice very very nice! ^^

  5. joemighty16 Nov 12, 2005

    Oh thats funny! Nice scan! Thanks for posting!

  6. Seito Nov 12, 2005

    *sweatdrops* Look at the pic and can see what everyone is saying...

    Ed: "Give back Al's head!"
    Roy: "Make me!"
    Al: "Where's my head?!"
    Armstrong: *throws off jacket*
    Winry: *shocked* AH!
    Riza: *thinking* ignore them and make the basket.

    XD (Geeze... I must be hyper...) thanks for sharing!

  7. SakuraOokamichan Nov 15, 2005

    so preatty cool image XD Al heat like a ball...... so fun
    thanks for sharing

  8. Shua Nov 21, 2005

    "I just love it when they're hanging out together and making good use of the free time."
    -That's exactly what I enjoy about FMA, there are so many (though hard to find).
    Most anime you are stuck with pics of the cover, manga (usually in blk and wht), without a background,
    direct from the anime (usually horrible quality). So to the creators of this amazing manga/anime I applaud you.

  9. ball2527 Nov 27, 2005

    Good picture. It's very well drawn.

  10. bunnycannibal Dec 19, 2005

    Thank you for sharing this nice nice scan! XD :)

  11. UchihaTaijiya Jan 23, 2006

    Basketball! ^^ Awesome.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. wolfdemonakina Feb 14, 2006

    hehe...its funny

  13. CrystalValderyan Apr 09, 2006


  14. firemiste Apr 19, 2006

    KAwaii! O.o Riza with a basketball....wonder if her aim's as good with a ball as it is with a gun.

  15. Spyderz Jun 11, 2006

    Nicely done, funny to.

  16. rat89 Jul 11, 2006

    Now Riza knows what she's doing.Roy is like torture to the Elric brothers.T.T

  17. obsidianwings Jul 27, 2006

    oh yay a bigger version of this scan! hahhaa roy just can't help but make fun of ed.

  18. Chinchy19 Aug 04, 2006

    hmm scary armstrong, really unhappy winry, riza has the ball(smart girl ignore the idiots) roy is having fun teasing ed, al is the b ball apparently. perfect nice pic

  19. Night-Fox Nov 15, 2006

    Wow! Amazing job. Thanks for your hard work on this, especially joining the two pages and the touchup. It's looks great. It's nice to not only find a large image of this picture, which has been hard to find, but in such great quality.

    I especially enjoy these types of pictures as well. Lots of fun to look at and see the character's in a kind of every day setting. Anyways thanks again!

  20. NalyaUchiha Dec 14, 2006

    WAAAAAA Hagaren VS Flame.. It's hilarous xDD

  21. Adra21 Feb 08, 2007

    Is a good work, and fun..

  22. AgataMare Apr 08, 2007

    Ahahahaha! So cute!

  23. AyO Sep 01, 2007

    i would love to have those wrist bands...

  24. iranichi Oct 05, 2007

    So funny....poor Al.....
    I love this picture..thanks

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