My-Otome Wallpaper: Mai Otome: Battle of Wills

Hisayuki Hirokazu, Sunrise (Studio), My-Otome, Arika Yumemiya, Nina Wang Wallpaper
Hisayuki Hirokazu Mangaka Sunrise (Studio) Studio My-Otome Series Arika Yumemiya Character Nina Wang Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My most recent wallpaper, check out Mercurial Design .NET for more resolutions!

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  1. Rella Nov 05, 2005

    Ooh, that looks really nice! I especially like the colors and background. Great work like always! ^^

  2. Staff Nov 06, 2005

    Ahh, the classic blue vs red. It's great with the added texture in the BG.

  3. Rhonda21 Nov 06, 2005

    nice with the color clashing together. Makes for a very cool effect. Nice Work!

  4. boogybro Nov 06, 2005

    First wall of My-Otome I have seen, and I really like it. Great job.

  5. Floatyman Nov 06, 2005

    Great looking wall that fits the current feel of My-Otome!

  6. Milkiyo Nov 06, 2005

    great concept and theme!
    loves the colour style^^

  7. kenny52690 Mute Member Nov 06, 2005

    wow this is ncie
    this is the 1st good mai otome wallpaper i ever seen
    keep up the good work!

  8. Willem Nov 06, 2005

    I'm impressed. An awesome one. This time I'm very happy to see a ' perfect ' one, I mean without few errors (I know I always stops on small details) But yeah , you didn't do mistake, so for this time I'll not let a bad point needed to be improved :p

    ... Uhm after all, there's one thing ... THE RESOLUTION ! As always you did it in 1024... That's TOO SMALL :p
    And as ever you credits are not really correctly merged with the wall, background ;) You really should try to work them, I mean not paste the same you always put on your walls ;)

  9. kal91 Nov 06, 2005

    Impressive. You managed to convey the feeling of them going at each other quite well.

    I do agree with Willem about the resolution. Myself, I use 1600x1200, so it will have to stretch...

  10. Dreg Nov 07, 2005

    Very nice! I love your wallpapers ^^. Currently using one of your Mai-HiME works as my wallpaper too =D. Hope you produce more work in the future ^^.

  11. Cabarkapa Nov 08, 2005

    good, but ouch, my eyes hurt... too bright, but good

    keep up the good work

  12. aznjonny1 Nov 09, 2005

    nice wallpaper =) first mai-otome wallpaper that i think is nice =) hehe
    great job!

  13. ener Nov 09, 2005

    Yay a great Otome wallpaper! I hope to see more from you. I'll be using this now XD

  14. sorachan93 Nov 12, 2005

    soooooo pretty o.o i envy you but very nice work >_< i'm addin you this to muh favs >_<

  15. Revan Retired Moderator Nov 17, 2005

    Quote by boogybro First wall of My-Otome I have seen, and I really like it. Great job.

    Quite true, first one and you have done so much justice to the series XD
    I really like the tech/grungy BG you have made, nice depth and details all over it which looks really great and I like your work with the typo

    Quote by Willem ... Uhm after all, there's one thing ... THE RESOLUTION ! As always you did it in 1024... That's TOO SMALL :p

    Well, already in his description he states that you should visit his site for more resolutions... I know I have already grabbed the 1280x1024 for my desktop XD
    Anyways, keep up this great work!

  16. kiolaff Dec 04, 2005

    Looks great! Thanx for sharingand for your job!

  17. raxis Dec 12, 2005

    sugoi~~ awesome work! i reallly like mai otome ^^

  18. xmas Dec 15, 2005

    hmmm... well done . that was very nice....\

  19. racka64 Dec 15, 2005

    awesome! I like these colors and they absolutely fit Arika and Nina.

  20. recca Dec 19, 2005

    nice wall :)
    too bad you have it only in 1024 ... never mind i just checked your website ^^

  21. jpanamaneechot1 Feb 03, 2006

    You did an outstanding job with this wall! *_* Thank you so much for sharing it!
    (It's so sad to think that they'll eventually be fated to battle each other) T_T

  22. Suzumehime Mar 31, 2007

    it's really nice the way you make the wallpaper.

  23. Gioizumi Oct 02, 2009

    This is one of my favorites images!

  24. dchoggia14 Jul 09, 2012

    Nice wallpaper. good work!

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