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Ahh ok. After sickening abstract wallpapers, here I am again with a wallpaper featuring two of Azumi Tohru-sama's artworks. I'm sorry that it's not clear to you, but the angel there is actually kneeling on a flat circular pad (you know, like the one Magneto used in X-men the movie? ^_^').

This has 32 layers and took 5 hours of work in Photoshop CS. It took THAT long for this simple wallpaper because I couldn't figure out what to do with the angel at the back and the background, and also the clouds and fog. It took me about 4 trials for the background and 3 for the clouds. ^_^' Can't say I'm satisfied enough. I used orange, to give it a different sort of ethereal feel [And I just luurrrvvv sunsets.]. ;) Anyway, I still hope you enjoy. :D

This wall was made for Daystar Design's Wings contest. :)

Edit: A better explanation. Since no one actually gets the wall. XD

*sighs* Ooohhkay. Let me explain my wall a bit further. That black-clad figure in the middle is actually the angel. It's a guy. His back is turned and his hands are on his back. His hands have these little red strings. That thing in the background is a scan of a female angel whose opacity is about 9%. It's meant not to be seen too clearly. So basically the two angels are facing each other, the guy facing judgment from the girl (though technically angels aren't supposed to have genders.) I hope most guys get it now. >_> Ouch. I didn't think people wouldn't even understand the wall... But that's okay. I can improve my techniques through your feedback. Thanks! ^_^

Edited. I followed phaerax's suggestions, and I think this is a little better. Though I'm still not sure. Thanks for the awesome feedback everyone! :D


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  1. Milkiyo Nov 04, 2005

    erm, can't really see what it is...T.T
    where's the angel?

  2. alexiel01 Nov 04, 2005

    You, are cool! ;)

  3. FutureGirlie Nov 04, 2005

    lol thats really really light! I can see the angel a little lol, but I guess the light fits with the angel... Angels are in heaven and its light there I think XD. But the clouds are really nice! Looks just real and has this soft color, LOVE IT! :) Though you might add a little more stuff :)

  4. loyu515 Nov 04, 2005

    what's that? can't see clear

  5. phaerax Nov 04, 2005

    heheh i did understand it. i think its colours are very nice... i love the wall with two objections:

    first thing, the contrast is a bit too high, which does make it impressive but i cant put it on my desktop cause i d feel dizzy in about a minute.

    the second thing is that the boy's wings are too similar in hue to the background, which is why most people are confused.

    thats not to say your wall as a concept and execution isnt stunning, its just that i think it still needs a bit of tweaking.

    i l be waiting for an updated version or your next wall! :)

  6. Kiako Nov 04, 2005

    thisone looks interesting, i like the colors and effects in the background. the way you made everything is interesting.
    keep it up

  7. Acuni Nov 04, 2005

    this is realy a great peace of work
    i like the colours and the clouds and effects
    realy good jobe that you made there

  8. Willem Nov 04, 2005

    An awesome wall! I like the way you did it and the colors used and as the extraction is nice I had nothing really bad to say ... apart the credits. Couldn't you have given them a nicest wall integration? ;) Because I think that the credits are not well designed regarding to this awesome production ^^

  9. slivermoon Nov 04, 2005

    i can sortof make out the girl at the back but i think she is just way too overpowered by the light, maybe just toning it down a little near the top half of her body would make the whole concept of the wall clearer. the design of the wings is very nice, really works well w/ the whole angel thing. maybe u can make it more obvious that the guy is standing on some platform by making the area he is kneeling on more darker w/ some depth and dimension but nice its anyways ^-^

  10. Sunira Nov 05, 2005

    I didnt understand the giant wings in the background until you explained that there was a woman angel back there. Supposedly a superior one. :) But really, I love it. The yellows and whites are great and are a beautiful contrast with the black.red of the angel being judged. Nice work.

  11. Auralis Nov 05, 2005

    The wallpaper is a bit too bright >.< The patterns on the left and right were really unncessary :T But it looks good! (:

  12. angelkagome Nov 05, 2005

    i think you did an excellent job ikorus^^ i love the concept and the images you used! i just simply adore angels! also the textures in the background go well with the whole thing. great great great^^ i'm adding this to my favs! :nya:

    p.s. i don't think the explanation was necessary... everyone is entitled to his/her interpretation of your work. that's how an artist grows. :nya:

  13. Keltosh Retired Moderator Nov 05, 2005

    Well this wallpaper is really a pearl, imho.
    First things first, it has a really nice concept. I loved the idea of judgement, and the fact that the angelic girl is only barely visible, in a haze of light, make it much heavenly-like
    Second , it is technically flawless, relly well done.
    The only possible problem is that it's a little bright, but since THAT is a fundamental part of the concept (which is really fgoood), it's no problem at all. This walls deserves to be highlighted and faved.

    *does both*

  14. lthnadml Nov 06, 2005

    Cool! I like the effects and the colors. The bg is very good and the clouds is nice too. A little too bright for my eyes but still is a very good work.
    Thank you for sharing it. XD XD XD

  15. frostyangel12 Nov 06, 2005

    great job, although I find the black figure stands too much with the bright light.

  16. phamthuha Nov 06, 2005

    Though it is hard to figure out what is going on +__+, but sure the idea is really cool! you deserve a fav from me and i will add you to my watch list ^_^ So good!

  17. Dream24 Nov 06, 2005

    I just love the entire background. Though I'm still a bit confused by the position of the guy, even though you have clearly explained it. The female angel is a bit too bright making it slightly harder to see her. Still a great wallpaper. Keep up the grear work.

  18. DarkIngram Nov 06, 2005

    The colors and background effect is really nice.... :) I like the clouds... keep up the good work!

  19. animefairy Nov 06, 2005

    wow.....this wallpaper looks very pretty and angelic! the bg looks very abstract and colorful! i really like the graceful clouds! thanks for shairng your work with us all! i heop you continue to make more of them in the meantime! keep up this awesome work and effort you have bought into this wall! :)

  20. ncy86 Nov 06, 2005

    Nice background..the angel at the top just looks cool..great job there...

  21. PikaMoon Nov 06, 2005

    Wow. This is a really nice wallie. True, it I hadn't read your description of it, I may have been a wee bit confused at first when I saw the wall. I had to look twice even after reading your description to actually pay attention to the girl and to picture how the guy was standing. Great job though. There was a lot of thought put into making this for the colors must have been hard to decide, yet overall have things visible enough to make it look like...heaven. Definitely a fave from me. ^^ Thanks for sharing!

  22. justj3m Nov 06, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper as Keltosh said it is almost flawless but don't you think the background of the wall kinda overpowers the angel that you are trying emphasize in this wallpaper (I meant no offence just a friendly suggestion)

  23. mystvearn Nov 06, 2005

    Nice. Nothing wrong here. Orange is a nice colour. You can try different shades of clouds with that while at it.

  24. Bla-demer Nov 06, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper you have done.
    Orange is a nice colour and background effect is really nice.
    This is really a great peace of work.

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