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Kouhaku Kuroboshi Wallpaper

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This was the end of the world
The roads have been broken
The skies are gray as night
For the compass leads nowhere
none have surfaced these words for you
I am alone in all of this
my damnation seems so endless
my love has their own to be held with
another person to love except me
a shadow, very obscure...
greatly dimmed but not restored
I have none to give, none to gain,
none to breathe, none... nothing.

*Listening Im Walking ~ Fats Domino
In the air tonight ~ Phil Collins

So im back with another wall which is completely random for some odd reason and i got this certain image of Neeya - Kino no tabi from Tama-Neko's gallery. This was suppose to be for the contest for the W.A.R. Battlegroundz contest but i found out it semed to melancholic with a certain freedom of self which was not much near to the theme of \"The end\" of something even though the title is more related to the \"End of a journey\". But yeah i did this wall mostly from experimenting with some little vector-ish shapes all together, added some blood blotches, some grunge erasures here and there, Put in a little filler of texture and noise filters then added a better title text for that. Cant say much about the color scheme since i dont think all of you like the green dull colors but nonetheless it will fit more of the image well... i wanted to keep it simple in the design as much as i can but keeping in tune with more of the grunge aspect of things also didnt want to make it too busy.

More resolutions coming soon in Imanimetions.net next update cos its been updated already. Hope you like it! ^__^

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(...) intent:
Ive been starting to be more distant with my old circle of friends and more in tune of meeting more people from the outer side of their own circle of friends since i hardly see them as much as i do... even though we go to the same college but yeah im seeing new understandings, new sorts of socializing but more alone in my own world as well. Maybe im just going through a pahse again, like that evolving, adaptation to change or becoming something else, something i have to deiscover and sing lots of opera, play lots of piano and be more open. Oh well good luck to me i guess cos to me its not the end of my journey... ;)

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  1. tAtEkAnE Nov 02, 2005

    recently ive been obsessed with yellowgreen and this wall surely appeals to that obsession xD
    all the elements in the wall looks good, abstract-ish :D
    text is wonderfully placed and looks good keep it up OA
    and yeah the wall doesnt really show "THE END" so good decision right there buddy xD

  2. phamthuha Nov 02, 2005

    Cool work as always ^_^ I see another work with this scan from Kawaii-chicken ^_^. I think this one is cool idea too ^_^ Love it, thanks so much for sharing, Oracle-san!

  3. ShueiTenshi Nov 02, 2005

    zomg i am so setting this as my desktop XD i love the controlled chaos theory you implemented in this one *gives extra points for the creativity effect \m/*

  4. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 02, 2005

    Pretty, I like the bubbles effect. It's funny though how I was convinced someone would wall this scan not long after the release of the other not-so-good wallpaper. Well it's a good work as usual OA n_n and this one really reminds me of Tama wallpapers XD
    Not sure if I like the texture though, and something about this scan, maybe theres not enough contrast..? *sets all layers to linear burn!* >:]

  5. chingetscook Nov 02, 2005

    Nice work, it's vectored and textured and they don't clash with each other at all but instead blend together perfectly, excellent application of noise filters. I like the font you used for the title a lot. Just an all around good desktop like I have come to expect from any posting by you.

  6. tian82 Nov 02, 2005

    This wallpaper look so great and beautiful ! I love the background ! Nice and sweet colour ! Awesome work and thank for sharing !

  7. tareren Nov 02, 2005

    Woah, seriously, everybody has been submitting superb walls nowadays, am sooo jealous of you guys >__<
    Anyway, I really love this wallpaper, it looks all nice and beautiful and it is going onto my desktop as soon as am bored of Cloud's face there... Love the colors you chose, and the whole thing.. just love it ;) *fave*

  8. Cajime Nov 02, 2005

    It really is wonderful, I love it and I really like this sort of style. I'm just not sure on some of the circles... the outlines. But it's still an amazing wallpaper!

  9. Frosty Nov 03, 2005

    Quote by tarerenWoah, seriously, everybody has been submitting superb walls nowadays....

    yup no kidding. it kind of makes me wonder, okay I just gonna let u guys do all the walling from now on.* lol.

    anyways... looks pretty awesome. I like the cloudish feeling to it and I like the color selection *more greenish wallpapers* lolx..:D looks great. but the wall images and stuff doesn't show very well. but it doesn't matter still looks awesome. good work.

  10. sukie Nov 03, 2005

    ...no comment...the style i can understand...and the colours are cool too...the texture is hot...but...there is something amis...but i'm not sure what! *runs around and go crazy* i don't no...i just personally think you can do better...cause you're on my list and i've watched you submit WANDERS! =D

    anyho...nice work! =D

  11. rocknroll-isgo Nov 05, 2005

    Mmm, love it when people use bold colors. They work surprisingly well with the subtle/calm scan. Awesome design work and even more awesome font choice/text placement. ;)

  12. studio Nov 05, 2005

    This wallpaper does look incredibly serene - and happy lol - quite different from some of your others. You did great with the background - very balanced with the scan and all .. I`m still in love with that texture - used before hm .. @___@;; Shigh can`t tell. It`s fab.

  13. Elves Nov 05, 2005

    That is a very nice serence wallpaper. And I'll agree with your thoughts on the lack of color, but eh, what 'cha gonna do? I really am amazed by how your placement of things is always so "right on the mark." Very well done. I might suggest a slight shadow under Kino, she kind of looks like she's floating above the background, and I'm assuming that she's laying on bricks. Overall very well done - as usual. :)

  14. Midori-chan Nov 06, 2005

    wow! nice scenery and cool bg you made^^
    the colors used looked similar, anyway it's nice XD
    adding this to my favs^^
    keep up the great job OA-san! ;)

  15. flyindreams Nov 07, 2005

    :3 Always nice to see one of your wallies OA XD I do love the work that you did for the background but I actually find the scan too... bright/yellow in comparison =P Can't wait to see what you'll cook up for your actual round 3 submission XD


  16. k1ru Nov 07, 2005

    great, oracle-san! ^^ luv it~ XD XD

    but the color... hum... i think it too yellowish~ ^^
    but this is a great wallie~

  17. Val3f0r Nov 10, 2005

    Pretty much, love the background... the textures are faboulous, the colour is really nice...Such a great idea....I like the text, really unique... great work as always OA :D *fav*

  18. rene3088 Nov 12, 2005

    Really cool work.

    Thanks for sharing

  19. zakaro Nov 16, 2005

    wonderfull, like always oracleangel-sama

  20. Tiferet Nov 16, 2005

    great work oracle...it definitely looks like a happy end of a journey :)

  21. Chizuku Nov 19, 2005

    waaaa~ the colors are really pretty.. it looks sunny... and the colors made me so glad... :) hehe.. because the color of our batch is yellow..... weeee sophomore! n_n heheh... nice wallie.... the bg is cute.. i dont know but i like the circles around it... n_n Keep it up! :)

  22. melissa-clyne Dec 27, 2005

    wow nice wallpaper you've got here^^I like the colour, but I think the girl tone of skin and clothes are lik the same as the background's and that seems to bother a little while looking at it, but the rest is perfect I like it a lot... hope you don't get angry with me for what I say ^^

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