FLCL Wallpaper: From the Ground Up! (<3 blazey)

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Gainax, FLCL, Haruko Haruhara Wallpaper
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Mangaka Gainax Studio FLCL Series Haruko Haruhara Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

first, the dedication of this wall, and the reaosn i'm posting it here...
You want an amazing guy, he is the definition of amazing guy. When i brought him onto pixelated graffiti, i did it for 2 reasons.
1) he makes kickass walls
2) the kind of person he is
we didn't talk much at first, but lately, we've gotten really close. He's been there for me whenever i needed him, no questions asked. he may be like...a bajillion miles away, but he doesn't let it get in the way of being there when i need him, or even when i just wanna harass someone. My life at school hasn't been the easiest time, but in the past month, he's made it so much easier for me. I love him, and i hold him very close as one of my best friends.
so, for whiteblaze, even though it's not much, i made him a wall, since being so far away, it's all i can really do right now, although no amount of anything in the world could compare to the gratitude i want to show him.
and blazey, stop crying you sensitive guy. <3

now, for the description of the wall, not that it matters.
this vector was a major one. the file is HUGE. see all those lil halftone dots? yeah. vectored. i love the FLCL artwork, and since blaze loves haruko, there ya go. BAM, a FLCL wall. i wanted the image of haruko to be the main focus, so the background is just splashes of color, and so ar ethe shapes in her body. the color scheme is warm because it matches the energy of the show best, so yeah. other than that, not much to say.
oh. and the font...thats my handwritting <3

comment, critique. i'm open for suggestions.
theres gonna be a super-cropped versio too when i get around to it.

more resolutions at pixelated graffiti when i upload it.


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  1. sunfishy Nov 02, 2005

    I like the pink and orage, It came out good.

  2. fooblued Nov 02, 2005

    That looks great! Frankly I have to use the word "cool" to describe this wall. The textures are so fitting with the style of this anime as well as the colors and style. Really great work!

  3. DayBreak Nov 02, 2005

    FLCL owns.
    As the wallpaper as well, love the vector and the color you pick'd out.

  4. WhiteBlaze Nov 02, 2005

    You already know what I think of the wall lol and you are the most awesome and amazing person ever! <3 <3<3<3<3<3<3

  5. tareren Nov 02, 2005

    One amazing unique wall... Love the idea and everything looks cool to me :)
    I think it fits the anime/manga art style well, and the colors look very good in this one :D
    Messiness owns in this wall ;)

  6. lthnadml Nov 02, 2005

    Cool! Great wallie i like the vector and the colors is very nice . . . XD XD XD

  7. Sandra Nov 02, 2005

    Kalico....Things which you're doing now are a miracles *___* This is next awesome wallpaper from you ! Great ! So unique .... original.I love the textures :D And nice colors.A W E S O M E

  8. TrinityLi Nov 02, 2005

    Nice looking FLCL wall. I love the vector and the colors are awsome. Great job!

  9. AkinaSpirit Nov 02, 2005

    A unique style :D it goes well with the theme of FLCL

  10. jasaiyajin Mute Member Nov 02, 2005

    furi kuri, furi... kuri... wow, a picture with a background story ~ it's got sentimental value ~ makes it more amazing. I love furi kuri obviously ~ this wallie is nice and the warm effect worx beautifully.

  11. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 02, 2005

    clean vector, great color scheme and nice composition~ as usual very lovely work
    and <3 for Haruko and flcl

  12. Electrastar Nov 03, 2005

    Nice. I really like the pop art feel of this one, it was well worth your time and effort because I think it looks great and it screams FLCL

  13. Keltosh Retired Moderator Nov 03, 2005

    Well.. apart from the dedication... the maniacal work.. anything else... the technique is really nice, the composition is nice too. I think this wallpaper deserves to be highlighted for both the technique and the composition

    *add to highlights*

  14. Ritalin Nov 03, 2005

    Really kickass style. Very retro and pop-art, it's perfect for FLCL.

  15. boojitsu Nov 03, 2005

    interesting style... fits FLCL great. Rock on...................

  16. MasterDiablovn Banned Member Nov 03, 2005

    Yea, nice one ^^ .. the technique is really good. I like it, add to favorites.

  17. inuyashafanatic Nov 03, 2005

    really cool i love the style flcl rules and haruko looks hot +favs

    merged: 11-03-2005 ~ 10:44am
    really cool i love the style flcl rules and haruko looks hot +favs

  18. Odysseus Nov 03, 2005

    Wow I love this wallpaper. Excellent vector job nice composition, great colors. Everything about this is just perfect....The technique used is great. I really can't say anything that hasnt already been said. Great work!

  19. FreakzillA Nov 03, 2005

    FLCL was one of my favorite anime and good job.

  20. nhocxu Nov 03, 2005

    nice wall, i like this style a lot, thx for sharing :)

  21. ItakoLina Nov 03, 2005

    nice colours you used on the wall.I also like the pic
    keep up your great Work

  22. Shades-of-the-perfection Nov 03, 2005

    The picture is not nice, however, thus my thing, but I give the picture the number 1, may I this?

  23. RainHybrid Nov 03, 2005

    an flcl wall finally made to highlightsyou are awsome!

  24. MESIAS Nov 03, 2005

    Haruko rocks, like this wall!
    Great work!

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