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oh god it took me an age to learn how to do this...actually, me thinks this is only a test to see how well the system does. the one thing im worried about is my friends leaving because of the drastic change...i hope to hear from you guys!
also, please dont mind the C...this pic has already been sold.


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  1. Anjhurin Nov 01, 2005

    Hello toujin sama ^_^. just to let you know, the ppl you have in your flist won't be notified if you submit an art (only notif for forum threads), so you better PM them the link ^_^ (if you put them in your watchlist though, they'll be notified).

    ok back to the drawing, i think it's well your usual style, which is as beautiful as usual. i particularly like the way her wing extend into the frame, that's a great concept :). only thing, i think she's a pretty scary fairy ^_^', and i wonder why you didn't ink the other wing. the lvl of detail is amazing, especially the folds of her dress.

    thumbs up, and keep the work coming XP

  2. Elain Nov 01, 2005

    Hi, toujin! Long time no "see"!
    wow! I really love your fairy! She's so cute!
    This picture reminds me CLAMP's Magic Knights of Rayearth illustration with their ribbon-like frames. You added perspective effect using different color saturation on wings & that's great!
    The only thing where some improvement is needed (to my mind, of cause) is cleanliness of the scan. If you work in Photoshop try to use Dodge tool with Highlights setting. It'll help to avoid so strange light round in the middle of the pic.

    P.S. + fav

  3. bbls Nov 01, 2005

    gosh, this is so gorgeous, and as usual, you include such amazing detail in your drawings!
    the wings are so lovely, as well as her dress!
    and i like the use of green here and there to add some color and depth to your drawing.
    but i also noticed that she does have a scary face... XD
    oh, and i luv the detailing of her hair, too!
    stunning work, toujin1 :D

  4. spikespiegel Nov 01, 2005

    The amount of detail you put into your art is amazing, it must take hours to make just one of these. I like the eye shadow (hope that's rigth =P ) over the eye but anj is rite it makes her look kinda scary lol, i like the whole look of it too.Because it looks like it was done on matted paper or canvas (a nice look imo ) . But anyway a cool picture thanks for sharing ^^ .

  5. Keltosh Retired Moderator Nov 01, 2005

    Quote by AnjhurinHello toujin sama ^_^. just to let you know, the ppl you have in your flist won't be notified if you submit an art (only notif for forum threads), so you better PM them the link ^_^ (if you put them in your watchlist though, they'll be notified).

    thumbs up, and keep the work coming XP

    Actually, if THEY have you on watchlist they will be notified. Please refer to the thread in my signature. Anyway, I was going to comment anyway. This doujisnhi is really nice, and it deserves to be highlighted

    *adds to highlights*

  6. SaschaC Nov 01, 2005

    beautiful work!
    I love the way U handled the shadows and the movement on the clothing...
    I can say much, but that I love this work

  7. Jormungand Nov 01, 2005

    Whee~! It's an amazing work, Toujin~!
    I really love the wings and her flowing clothes
    and also the way you did the left and right wings differently to create depths
    excellent doujin ^.~

  8. JadeTigress Nov 01, 2005

    oh wow toujin this is very beautiful. i love this and i even fav'd it as well
    thank you for shareing your talent

  9. omigoshi Nov 01, 2005

    ^_^ you did well. on this. good work as usual
    keep it up.

  10. Ayamael Nov 01, 2005

    lucky this was in the highlights, i wouldn't have seen it otherwise >.< i guess i should thank Kel loll... i put you back in my watchlist so i wouldn't miss your submissions... ^_^'

    i love this one... the green touch is really nice... the detailing is amazing as usual, and i love the feeling that comes out of this pic... btw, did you mean for the palish parts of this pic... there's like a C over her dress that looks as if you faded it? just wondering... anyways, this is going to my faves.. great work! (oh, and i'm one of your friends who's not leaving XP, though i'm not on MT as much ^_^')

  11. Kiako Nov 01, 2005

    wow great drawing, i like the way you made the wings. and the ideea for the charas clothes is good too.
    keep it up

  12. DieFi Nov 01, 2005

    Very nice, your draw skills are amazing. How long are you drawing now?
    So thank you for share it. --> add to fav. ^^
    MfG Die Fi

  13. rafaellaGP Nov 01, 2005

    nice draw! i love it!
    the detailing is perfect.
    It's an amazing work
    add to fav XD

  14. harakiri Nov 01, 2005

    I see no reason for leaving you, toujin. Don't worry about changes.
    I like the way the wing turns into the decorative margin. Your details are amazing as always.
    It seems like the paper was not flat enough while scanning - just put a book behind the drawing and scan then (it should be regularly then).

  15. justducky Nov 01, 2005

    Me likes this very much because its a fairy! The wings are beautiful and the border was a nice piece to add. She looks a little scary but that's all the more better. The dress is nice. Great job :)

  16. kaisui1tatsu Nov 01, 2005

    That is a very beautifull drawing! I love how great you made the fabric look so flowing. Awsome work!

  17. Iyako Nov 01, 2005

    Very nice^^

  18. lthnadml Nov 01, 2005

    Beautiful work! *thumbs up* XD XD XD

  19. ElaniMoonstaf Nov 01, 2005

    Oh wow! That's very nice! I lurv the wing! And how everything kinda links to the whole border and stuff is awesome! Great work!

  20. windyroller Nov 01, 2005

    Very beautiful artwork. It does remind one of Rayearth's complex broders. Nicely done. (I envy the detail on all your works' wings.)

  21. chibichibikaukau Nov 02, 2005

    its very cute! i like it! i can draw like that!
    you are very good! very good job!

  22. MasterDiablovn Banned Member Nov 02, 2005

    Very nice ^^ .. I've never seen what a beautifull doujinshi like this ^^ and especially, it's drawing O_o.. add to favorites. Keep your good work ^^ .

  23. Alec20 Nov 02, 2005

    Great picture!

  24. Yumi-Chan Nov 02, 2005

    omg the cloths fold... how did u manage to do all that, lol.i simply love the wings, you deifnitely put a lot of effort in this doujin =)

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