Blue Submarine No. 6 Wallpaper: Contemplation

Range Murata, Blue Submarine No. 6, Tetsu Hayami Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka Blue Submarine No. 6 Series Tetsu Hayami Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yet another quick wallpaper from me.
why all the quickies? i'm doing some experimentation with a few things and they tend to just be walls with simple plans for backgrounds, so they go by quick.
I loved this image by Range Murata. it's so powerful. Out of all my quick walls, i think i like this one the best. This and maybe my loveless wall, but in 2 totally different ways.
anyways, i basically extracted the image, and did a lot of stock work and texture work. the wall itself was about...
extraction: 10 minutes
background: 20 minutes
text: 5 minutes
sooo, a 35 minute wall. but since people tend to like my quickies, i usually upload em. they have a simple complexity that my way more complex walls lack. so i guess each is appealing in it's own way.
so anyways, another quicky wall. don't worry, i have a wall that'll be taking me some time in the works :3
any kind of criticism is more than appreciated. i'm curious to see what you think of my experimentation (but i'm not revealing what it is caus ethen you may focus on it xD)

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Browse Blue Submarine No. 6 Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. evol_kimchi Oct 31, 2005

    its simple and subtle, I definitely like the textures you've used. something
    about his expression and the composition grabs me. another sweet quickie xD

  2. Fire-Flies Oct 31, 2005

    oh wow, its very nice scan you got there. The background fits nicely with the scan. I love it, thanks for sharing

  3. tAtEkAnE Oct 31, 2005

    bahaha i like blue sub scans >XD they have this feel that makes u go.....ohhhh lol xD
    anyhoo very nice job and quick walls are good if it's done right which u did >XD

  4. Kiako Oct 31, 2005

    it looks very good the chara fits in well to the scene too. i like the fog and the clouds there.
    keep it up

  5. meteorcloud Oct 31, 2005

    weee anothoer quick one from kalico =/。。。。。。。。。fast waller you are....and for a fast wall..it looks nice :D keep going :D

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Oct 31, 2005

    Lol this looks like the same image i used for my Hurricane Wall but it was actually a sideview type ^_^ but yeah simple effects and beautiful composition for such a quickie wall but as always great job Kalico! :)

  7. llilliathari Oct 31, 2005

    A good quicky wall ^^
    I like alot the grungy effect on the character and the clouds, colors fit very well with the spirit. The scan blends very well to the baclground, good job :)

  8. fooblued Oct 31, 2005

    Oh my, that is gorgeous! I can't bellive this is a "quick" wall, no really I refuse to believe it XD ! This is really great, I love the colors and texture. Thank you for sharing!

  9. chibikko Oct 31, 2005

    Okay 35 minutes is really quick. Nonetheless the wallpaper looks gorgeous. Range Murata can draw cool male characters, but I dislike the lil lolitas xD. Anyway the background looks neat and the textures + colors are great. Good job!

  10. jocelyn08 Oct 31, 2005

    eek?! a quick wall~? but it looks niceee~~ XD
    simple and nice..and i like the colour u used for the wallie

  11. ayaki Oct 31, 2005

    uhm...wonder what u're experimenting...
    ok...can't imagine this only took 35mins....woh
    this first thing i got from look @ the guy is him saying "what ya looking at~"...HAHA dunno why
    so this kinda gives me a western/cowboy feel....maybe beoz of the color theme u've chosen..
    the bg is well made...everything looks good ^^ a nice quickie wall!~

  12. Willem Oct 31, 2005

    Hopefully I found today a good wall to let a good comment ;) That's quite hard to let some looking the rest of the submissions ^^
    Anyway, I like the way you did it: simple, colors are the same finally just with little differences, good font used. Yep! I like it ^_^

  13. flyindreams Nov 01, 2005

    T_T 35 minutes? *jealous* I want to be able to make a good wall in 35 minutes T__T Or under a day, even T__T

    Anyways, I must admit I like this wallie better than your Langoon Engine one ;) The conception for that is really original and it's a really well-done wallie, but looking at that boy too longs makes my chest feel constricted o_O But I like the simple composition of this one... yah, Range characters are awesome and this one's no exception XD A little too much texture I think, but it does add a lot to the "contemplation" title... XD Sweetness! XD

    I'm sad that I won't be seeing your wallies around AP anymore but I'm definitely glad that you're still submitting them on MT! =P

    Oh, and... good luck with DERKA XD

  14. tareren Nov 01, 2005

    Hmmm, I somehow find that the textures are a bit too much, especially the ones on the left side... I think a gentler texture would enhance the wall better :)
    but I like the simplicity and the way you focus the wall to him hehehe, keep up the good work ;)

  15. Sunira Nov 02, 2005

    I simply adore the dusty dirty yet completely classy scene. I didnt think they could be captured in the same image. Nice work.

  16. Akira-san Nov 02, 2005

    Oh, very nice... I always enjoy grunge wallies, this one is pretty nice the color are great and the scan is nice too, he looks junky hehehehe xD
    Well done, good job ^^v

  17. lthnadml Nov 02, 2005

    Great work . . . nice effects too . . . XD XD XD

  18. yoshball Nov 07, 2005

    I love this srt pieces by Range Murata....You did a good job with the monochrome and the symmetry. I like it a lot.

  19. MenchiKun Nov 15, 2005

    Again beutiful i like the old feel it had to it

  20. SirMackerel Nov 17, 2005

    I never liked Blue Submarine No.6, so I always thought it was a waste that Range Murata did the character designs. Nice job on the wallpaper!

  21. Belly-chan Nov 19, 2005

    hey that's great ! ^.^

  22. Pawe3 Dec 07, 2005

    BS6 rox! great wallpaper, i think

  23. panuru Dec 13, 2005

    This would look amazing were it 1600x1200. Any chance for a variation? Great job, it looks wonderful!

  24. b876556 Nov 04, 2008

    hey that's great ! ^.^

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