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Kazuma Kondou, BONES, Eureka 7, Anemone (Eureka 7) Wallpaper
Kazuma Kondou Mangaka BONES Studio Eureka 7 Series Anemone (Eureka 7) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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An other recent wallpaper I've done.... I'm basically submitting all of them while working on a new one that will most likely be complete in a month (yes I'm slow, bear with it <_<):

Sheesh. I am really slow at making wallpapers eh. This one was supposed to be something that Tama calls "spur-of-the-moment wallpaper", too bad it became something like a 2 week work. >_>;

Basically it went like this: being a fan of Eureka 7 and having found a cute scan of Anemone uploaded here (thanks to the person who uploaded, whoever j00 are!11), and bam - love at first sight.

The idea came by discussing with Tama about it. I was basically thinking to make something pretty much simple minimalistic, Tama suggested to have her stay on the top of a giant piano, but I couldn't find any decent stock photo that I could use as reference to draw one. Thankfully while browsing for music related images I got the idea of having her lay on a giant vynil record, on a turntable, and I thought that it could have worked just as well.

And that's it. I vectored almost everything here. Scan vectored, the record drawn from scratch, still vectored with Illustrator, and only the upper left corner was actually done with the aid of Photoshop's airbrush. Then I added two textures taken from Tama-Neko's evergreen website (DesktopAnime), slapped them and tweaked them a bit in order to make the whole thing more "entertaining" for the eyes and less flat and boring to watch. As always thanks to Tama for her suggestions/input and for providing the textures.

More resolutions will be available as always at FRAGMENTS in the future updates.

And since quite a fair number of people are complaining about it, here's a version without texture: Textureless Version


Chosen by and OracleAngel

Her eyes are freakingly beautiful since its scary in a way but yeah i like the cd mode of this, beautiful and nice composition plus the texture. Great job as always shinn! ^_^

Proposed by and highlighted by OracleAngel.

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  1. asianspirit Oct 30, 2005

    great wall, shinn!

    the character (anemone, right?) looks adorable. and the way she is set up looks cool. listening to the music on a vynil record. pretty cool idea. if you used that grand piano idea, i don't think "this is the sound!" would have cried out to me. but that's just my opinion. >_>

    after comparing the two, i think the textured version is better than the textureless one. reason being that vynil records can be now safefully recorded as retro. and the textured one makes it give it that retro look. either ways, great job! and continue making more!

  2. kaiser47 Oct 30, 2005

    Wow. This wall is just screaming originality. Really nice vectors and textures you have there. The little piano looks cute. Basically, it rocks.

    There's nothing bad to say about this wallie. Keep up the good work.

  3. Sumomo- Oct 30, 2005

    Very original Shinn.
    Just really digging the vectors and the colors complement eachother really well.
    Scan fits in with the idea and even though I like the textureless vrs better, this one gives it a more realistic feel to it.

    Great work!

  4. AkashaNosferatu Oct 30, 2005

    Perfect composition. This wall is inspiring!

  5. FluffyNeko Oct 31, 2005

    Looks great. Very clean and simple :)

  6. candy-chan Retired Moderator Oct 31, 2005

    Still like it :]
    and the texture v ersion is still the best, great job on everything really. Exept maybe it would need a little painted touch XD

  7. Fire-Flies Oct 31, 2005

    very cute wall, simple but lovely, interesting concept. its unique

  8. frozenwilderness Oct 31, 2005

    Blah to this credits thing.. it reminds me too much of AP :| I like the composition and design.. though I'm not exactly sure it's something I'd use on my desk with all those pink circles and flashy colors. Kudos on the effort though, keep it up (:

  9. MasterDiablovn Banned Member Oct 31, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper, the girl's so cute ^^ ... really like it, add to favorites ^^

  10. stellar Oct 31, 2005

    god i luv the colors. that was wat caught my eye. lol excellent wallie shinn. im really impressed. wait wait....is that a strawberry in her hand? O.o i will rate this as a perfect 10 now! >.<

    rate:10/10 +fav+

  11. Yumi-Chan Oct 31, 2005

    hey shinn, hisashiburi na xD?
    damn it lol, when i first saw that in the highlights i definitely had to check it out. i dunno why nowadays pink catches my attention =S and especially vectored wallpapers. you were so lucky to get a stock photo of that turnable record thing. the piano idea was actually good, but you made better idea by adding that instead.
    very interesting, the vectors were well done. =)

  12. phamthuha Oct 31, 2005

    Hey! You sure are great ! Both of your works are now highlighted. I am glad ^_^. This master piece is really AWEASOME! And the circle here is really amazing work. YOu can make 3D thing comes so real like magic >_< I love your works, shiNN-san ^_^!

  13. chingetscook Oct 31, 2005

    Hmmm. I think I do prefer the textureless version, somehow the texture even though it is pretty slight clashes with the incredibly sharp smooth vector feel of the rest of the wall. You say you drew the vinyl from scratch? Very impressive, the only thing I caught is it looks like the shadow from the needle arm where the dark end meets the bright arm, on the bottom edge right near the joint of that it looks like the shadow on the vinyl is over rather then under the bright part of the arm. Can't tell if that was intentional or not. Anyway, excellent work as always! See you around.

  14. zxcvoxc555 Oct 31, 2005

    i love it. thanks very much. lucky~

  15. tian82 Oct 31, 2005

    Look so nice and funny ! Love the cd and the cute girl ! Like the colour too ! Great work ! Like a real picture ! I love it and thank for sharing !

  16. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Oct 31, 2005

    Her eyes are freakingly beautiful since its scary in a way but yeah i like the cd mode of this, beautiful and nice composition plus the texture. Great job as always shinn! ^_^

  17. llilliathari Oct 31, 2005

    OMG I'm vectorizing the same scan ;____;
    Too bad for me lol
    But I like the originality of the background, a very good idea indeed. Great job in the vector, add it to my fav for the originality and the work on the scan.
    Thank you for submitting your job :)

  18. TrinityLi Oct 31, 2005

    Wow, this is very nice. I'm loving the colors and the scan is just too cute. I love your idea with the record player, too. You did a great job! A fav for you. I love it! :)

  19. ProjectZero Oct 31, 2005

    very nice wallpaper. I haven't exactly seen the series yet, but I have been trying to get to it ASAP.
    The strawberry is a nice touch that goes well with the wall. Great job.!

  20. sukie Oct 31, 2005

    mmm...it looks cool...the colours and the style...never seem a wall like it in my life...and i've lived a while...now less about me and more about the wall...i like the idea...*did i say that before..* and it;s very detailed and clean...me like! =D

  21. Tatsuya Nov 01, 2005

    an excellent wallie! i don't have any complain, and congrats for reaching highlight section

  22. H-Money Nov 01, 2005

    this wallpaper was so weird, i had to download it. Great job!

  23. tareren Nov 01, 2005

    Woah, you sure make great walls :P I love the concept behind this wallpaper :D
    and you chose nice colors too for this one... the only complaint would be that there are too many lines on the record, I think normal one doesn't have that many lines... as in, the red part of the record...
    Oh, and I love the textureless version better ;)

  24. AkiraK Nov 01, 2005

    ahh this is a good one gratz ;D

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