Shaman King: [Shaman King] Yoh Asakura

Hiroyuki Takei, Shaman King, Yoh Asakura, Vector Art
Hiroyuki Takei Mangaka Shaman King Series Yoh Asakura Character Vector Art Source


Artist Comment

My very first vector !
Yay! *please applause*


Haha, okay, so I was actually going to make a wall out of this... and I was more or less 70% finished with the wall, but then I got lazy, and then I have to go back home, and then I have no time to finished the wall cos I was busy playing Radiata Stories (I managed to finish the game twice, it was quite nice, you guys should play it :P)
And now am obviously have no time to finish the wall cos my exam is in 9 days time ^^\" (and I havent study, somebody help me >_<) ...and this would be my final exam for college (finally), so it IS important XP If you are asking me why I have sooooo many exam this last half year, my answer would be you should ask that question to my school and to Singapores government XD
I submitted the vector only cos I worked hard on it, and I dont want to waste it, oh and also i just wanna explain my future absence hehe .. I think I may finished the wall once am done with exam :D

About the vector...

Fact: My very first vector :)
Working hours: 5 hours >_<
Done in : Photoshop CS2 (I didnt have illustrator then, I do have it now, but I still haven't even opened the programme ^^\")
Oh, I cannot find the original scan in MT...
Any comments or suggestions for improvement are welcomed..

Anyway, my (planned) wall was going to be a Halloween wall, so..

Happy (early) Halloween guys ! XD

As said, am busy with exam prep, so I think I will be more or less absence til... end of November.. :P
See ya all around then...

p.s. resubmitting resized one cos apparently max size is 2megapixel.. and mine was 2.6 I think....

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  1. acid-awakening Oct 29, 2005

    I don't really like shaman king but.... yeah.. this looks nice
    Anywayz... nice work on the vector... thanx for sharing

  2. Sunira Oct 29, 2005

    Its a very nicely done vector! The outlines are very clean and consistant, and the shadowing and highlighting is almost flawless :)

  3. kyubinaruto Oct 30, 2005

    wai! that's a cool vector for your first one. I still can't get a hang on pen tool XD

  4. fukushuusha Oct 30, 2005

    first vector huh..? well this one is great for a first; seriously.
    A little rough lines in some areas but other than that the whole image looks great.
    And yeah this has to be walled some time. ;)

  5. Kiako Oct 30, 2005

    not bad for your first vector, but the shading could be a bit better on some places.
    and the charas knees look a bit strange now i know it's not your fault but you could try changing that.

  6. Hix Oct 30, 2005

    very nice for your first vector ^ _ ^

  7. dalidadod Oct 30, 2005

    waw for ur furst one its really nice...^_^'
    lol u really havin hard time with ur examz and all tha things u said (wish ya good luck) ^^
    back to ur wall..i do like it but i dunt know whats wrong with her knees huh!
    anyway keep it up and good work ^_^

  8. vinicius73 Mute Member Oct 30, 2005

    ««k¡££ë®_¡ñ§t¡ñ¢t»»:Shaman! Adoro esse anime é muito tri!Bala cara gostei!

  9. hatsukanezumi Oct 30, 2005

    Very nice Vector ^ _ ^ I wish I could do sometking like that... How to make a vector?

  10. anji Oct 30, 2005

    I think it's really well done for a first vector.
    The line are pretty straight at some place but colors and shadows look good.
    Keep it up with your work!
    I'm looking foward to your wallie after your exam, good look with them ;)

  11. Deen Oct 31, 2005

    XD first vector ... neat and clean, you've choosen good image to be vectored and that is very good work for the girl who still busy to play Radiata Story and have many exam in her school .... salut... ! XD

  12. Tatsuya Nov 01, 2005

    1st one ? just like fukushuusha said, a little rough lines in some areas, the color and highlight look good nonetheless! In my humble opinion

    and Happy (early) Halloween and good luck to your exam ^^

  13. shanealus Nov 01, 2005

    Oh, how can you draw a picture so bad like this :D throw it throw it :D

  14. calisqo Nov 02, 2005

    wopw great job on the first attempt.
    Looks nice.
    I like how the color and cleaness of the scan make it almost indistinguishable with the official art XD
    Great effort ^_^.

  15. flyindreams Nov 02, 2005

    Excellent first vector :) Love the colors and shading, and yah, some jaggies, but I think that's probably more photoshop's fault =/ Too bad you couldn't make this into a Halloween wallie =/ But good luck with your exams! XD

  16. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Nov 02, 2005

    Whoaaaaa >_< Exams *hides* lol~ I'm not too crash with studying either. I'm just too lazy or rather *cough*addicted to photoshop*cough*

    This is really a neat vector :o My first one was completely killed... I still didn't even know how to use the pentool when I did mine XP

    But really, neat, and the lines are nice and consistent :) though that inside part under her armpit (the one on the left of the vector looking at it... or her right arm) that patch I think is meant to be empty... or is it a shadow? >_<

    Excellent vector :D

  17. c-bas Nov 05, 2005

    nice scan...I really like it!

  18. ayane-heine Nov 12, 2005

    woot.. really great vector there.. :D
    it looks very neat and flawless here.. i cant really find any fault.. XD
    goodie job on your first vector.. *claps*

  19. Jormungand Nov 19, 2005

    Whee~! great work tare~!
    the vector looks really nice, specially as a first one o_O
    my first vector was discontinued and is somewhere in my hard drive or recycle bin XD
    other than the one kuroimisa pointed out, I can't see anything wrong with it
    looking forward to see the wallie :D

  20. freetime Dec 21, 2005

    hei, nice scan there.. hehe... always look cool and unbothered but maintain the charisma.. hehe

  21. rladud839 Nov 21, 2009

    very funny the picture XD

  22. akaonda Restricted Member Sep 08, 2010

    good work on this vector it's so cool

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