Yukiru Sugisaki, Lagoon Engine, Sakis Snow Herzgil Lagoonaria Wallpaper

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So, my wall is a slightly surreal wall of Lagoon Engine Einsatz. I love the artwork, and the plot line just intrigues me to no end. I love dthis scan, and i want to thank nat for supplying it to me. The idea is to have whats going on be pretty obvious, but when you take a closer look, a few things are off, and yes, it IS intentional. Is what you see really what's jappening? or is it.
This was an uber quick wall, so i know it sucks. but i'm a full time college student with a major in animation. do you have any idea how hard they like to wwork us? x_x and i needed something to update with, so there ya go. i crappy half-assed lagoon engine wallpaper. enjoy upon it or hate upon it, i laugh at it myself either way xD

so, MT version 3.
i'm beyond confused o_o
hopefully i'll be able to figure it out sooner or later, but it took me like 3 days to figure out how to SUBMIT something.
on another note, i know a few people here know me from AnimePaper.net...which minitokyo is beginning to remind me of with some of it's new features -_-
and i just wanted to let you know, i'll still be uploading my walls HERE. it's just not at AP because...well...reasons that many of you know or have been figured out. and i know there are rumors going around, but i'll tell you i didn't quit by choice. and thats all i'll say about those.


Chosen by and jasmine

What can I say, Keltosh already said everything there is :P I am just curious which one of us will hit the highlights first thing tomorrow XD Marvelous wall Kalico and I am glad you will still frequent this site ^^

Proposed by and highlighted by jasmine.

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  1. Keltosh Retired Moderator Oct 29, 2005

    Userguide to Minitoyko 3: credits, browsing, groups and more Please refer to this thread for the FAQ in the making.

    As for this wallpaper... What can I saw... it is marvelous. The idea of the submerged building is really original, and the color scheme is simple yet elegant and fitting. And you managed to draw a really convincing water. The character really seems to be floating. All in all, an elegant wallpaper, original and relaxing to the eye.

    Added to highlights (and to my favorites :D)

    EDIT: uhm, unfortunately the server problems of today are not yet fixed. i'll add to highlights and favorites tomorrow

  2. Rella Oct 29, 2005

    That looks awesome! I love that scan too. The background matches it perfectly. A job well done! ^^

  3. jasmine Retired Moderator Oct 29, 2005

    What can I say, Keltosh already said everything there is :P I am just curious which one of us will hit the highlights first thing tomorrow XD Marvelous wall Kalico and I am glad you will still frequent this site ^^

  4. KorganoS Oct 29, 2005

    first of all, yeah,.. I miss you, too XD rofl... *hugs*
    about the wall...
    well,.. I love Yukiru's artworks... and Lagoon Engine is one of the titles I adore the most. Captivating colors, intricate detailings, and .. quite mysterious but subtle storyline. This wall reflects the calm and serene characteristic of the character, while the wind-blown feathers add this 'bright' tones and makes it stand out.
    Not too fitting title placement and style, IMO, although I sense that's just my personal preference...
    all in all, great presentation as usual. Simplicity yet extraordinaire.. :)

  5. evol_kimchi Oct 29, 2005

    I tend to love your surreal tranquil walls the best. a little intrigue injected
    into a quick wall. beautiful job <3

  6. MasterDiablovn Banned Member Oct 30, 2005

    Hnmm.. nice wallpaper ^^ .. I like the color, it's so sweet ^^ and the water too ^^.. I really like it, nice workkalicodreamz . Add to favorties

  7. phamthuha Oct 30, 2005

    WOW! Really aweasome >_<! No wonder why it is in the highlighted ^_^ Good luck and fav+ >_<!

  8. winged Oct 30, 2005

    The water & how the scan is submerged looks wonderful, very real! The stone wall behind looks well with the scan as well. +favs & great job Kalico! ^^

  9. chibikko Oct 30, 2005

    Lol you're the first one who quits AP before quitting MT xD
    Well the wallpaper is really cool. This aqua blue is my favorite color and so it caught my eye at once. I like Sugisaki's artworks a lot as well. And the water looks quite real, very well done, Kalico! It doesn't suck a bit xD

  10. bbls Oct 30, 2005

    you did a wonderful job in making an underwater type wallie.
    part of his face is submerged, so i wonder if he feels like he's drowning?
    i get a feeling of hopelessness from that, but the soft blue color theme conveys a sense of calm.
    i also luv your blending, which looks flawless, and the integration of the stone building with your scan is seamless. :D

  11. fukushuusha Oct 30, 2005

    suck?!? how can someone like this suck kalico?!? it simply pawnz! XD
    amazing water work u ve done there. The colors are also taking me away.
    I dunno about the original scan though but the blending seems almost flawless to me.
    quick wall or not this one deserves a fav

  12. lanaling Oct 30, 2005

    the wall see so nie. l like the wall
    I miss you col wall

  13. ShiNN Oct 30, 2005

    :| You didn't have to mention your personal matter here you know. Those should be private. I'm a bit disappointed ;( *sighs* .

    To the wall: beautiful as always, though the "edges" of water that you draw on the guy's body seem to be a bit too sharp. You can do better than that, if you recall your Escaflowne collab with Tate. And the text is... a bit hard to read, maybe making it stand out sliightly more would help :P . Overall it's still a cool job.

  14. yin Oct 30, 2005

    really nice wall man !
    i really like it
    cool wallpaper for me
    keep it ^^

  15. Sandra Oct 30, 2005

    WOOOOOOW ! This is a quick wall !? I wish i can make so great walls X_X
    One of the best walls i've ever seen here O_O He's in water yes ? Great effects ! I LOVE EVERYTHING HERE

  16. jocelyn08 Oct 30, 2005

    wow?..this wall isnt suck~~~It's fantastic! ><
    I envy your walling skills~

  17. Willem Oct 30, 2005

    Awesome wallpaper you did! And as I can see Keltosh made a good (and nice) comment which you can be proud of it ^^
    Anyway, I like the color you used. Blue is a nice color ^^ The character and wall are well done and the final effect is excellent.
    I'll be pleased to see more walls with this kind of realization if you've time to do more in this way ;)

  18. darkshadowleonhearts Oct 30, 2005

    thats a good wallpaper, i like it very much. thats all from me. thanks ^_^

  19. ayaki Oct 30, 2005

    ur walls are getting better and better....always makes me feel excited when u submit new wall...
    the water looks very convincing....to me it looks like he's enjoying the water....but for a moment...it kinda looks like he fainted....and is floating.... +_+ uhm....
    anyhoo....it just looks too good.....!~

  20. redxxii Oct 30, 2005

    Very nice, I'll have to make it one of my favorites.

  21. llilliathari Oct 30, 2005

    what a great wallie!
    Feelings, colors and a very good work with this water effect.
    I like alot the texture your add on this wall^^
    A great job, I hope I'll see more like this one :)

    + fav

  22. Yina Oct 30, 2005

    wahh i love this scan.. >__< and you made a wonderful wallie with it.. *__* ahh and you made him lying on the water.. yeah.. XD overall great work.. =3 no complaints, for me this work is perfect ^^

  23. Elves Oct 30, 2005

    That is really neat. There's so much texture of the same kind in the wall that stuff blends together, which kinda hurts my eyes, @_@ but I'll let it slide as being there for a purpose. ;) I really like the effects of being submerged in water yet there's a window of a castle underneath. That's awesome. Not too bad for a "half-assed" wall. Very neat idea. This now makes the fourth wallpaper that I have to feature this picture and they're all so different from each other. The artistic mind knows no bounds. Kudos! :D

  24. DayBreak Oct 30, 2005

    This is interseting, doing callob without Tate.
    Pwnage wallpaper!
    Love the textures.

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