Excel Saga Wallpaper: Experiment Puchuu

Koshi Rikudo, J.C. Staff, Excel Saga Wallpaper
Koshi Rikudo Mangaka J.C. Staff Studio Excel Saga Series

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wall was for The Underappreciated's Fortnightly Comp 7 but since the whole transition with MT3 I have no idea what is going on with it atm. But might as well get it up before the entries close.

The topic is Mad Scientist and taking a cue from my good friend Ephemeral-garden I realised that the subject didnt have to be scientists but it could also be something they have created or test subjects etc. Enter Puchuu and all I was thinking while I was doing this wall was what kind of monster could create something as evil as the Puchuus. They are overly cute, they really look hidious, they only say Puchuu and there is tonnes of them. Now that is truly evil.

Instead of exploiting the hidious side of the Puchuus I went for the overly cute approach so you wont expect anything until they attack you mwahahahaha

Vector was done from a screen cap from my Excel Saga DVD 1 in Freehand, Background (what little of it) was done in Photoshop.

Random Stuff
Time to Complete: 7 hours
Layers: Vector 9 (Thanks to the simplicity of the Puchuu), Background 15 (wow very low)
PSD Size: 12.1mb
Music Inspiration: Umm I was watching Excel Saga on the tv while doing this

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  1. Milkiyo Oct 28, 2005

    haha, pretty cute wall^^
    I bet anyone will get lured into the trap..

  2. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Oct 28, 2005

    woohooo! A smaller credit needed for this wallpaper roflmao jk

    hehehe a vector... the lines are still a bit jerky cuz you do it freehand with a brush but that's pretty good for brushing freehand :P

    And I reckon they're really cute :(

    The background suits it perfectly with all the stars and everything... I want a room filled with these things :o They are adorable! *steals one and hugs it*

    <333! A super cute and creative entry :D

  3. 4yosoul Oct 28, 2005

    very adorable wallpaper. thanks for sharing

  4. blue-chan Oct 28, 2005

    oh wow it is soooooo cute! I want a room filled with these fluffy looking things too. :D I love it, I'm using it for my desktop. :)

  5. tian82 Oct 29, 2005

    What a cute and adoreable ! Good work ! Wish can hug those cuties ! Look so comfort, soft and smooth! I love it ! Thank for sharing it with us !

  6. flyindreams Oct 29, 2005

    Ahh... cute vectors! Apart from some oddly pointed corners, this is pretty sweet. Interesting texture, although it might've been nice if you used a different texture for the background and the puchuus... ^.~

    Nice one. Good luck with the contest XD And I sure hope that the groups are back up and running soon T_T

  7. Ephemeral-Garden Nov 04, 2005

    T.T Evo, you're so sweet! You called me your good friend. :p *hugs*

    Alright, back to the wall. I was going to check it when I remembered you said that you already submitted youe Mad Scainece entry a week ago. :p Sumi, sumi.

    Okay, the crap was long, but okay... back to the wall! Puchuu... Puchuu... Puchuus... they looked cute! >.< I thought it was some other form of Pikachu, but I just remembered that the evolution of Pikachu is only Pichu > Pikachu > Raichu. Well, owhh... they looked so adorable! ^^ *huggles the cute Puchuus* Didn't know these cute things can be evil. -_-

    But the vector for the Puchuus are greatly done, since you used Freehand. Well, don't know what kind of programme is that but yeah, great work vectoring. The background might be simple, but really is pretty and simly beautiful, what do you expect to add for something cute and cuddly anyway?

    GAHH! They looked so adorable! *jumps into the sea of cute Puchuus with Lampy*

  8. Spidey-Matt Nov 07, 2005

    lol haha that is an experiment gone wrong! I haven't seen the anime but they look damn scary! The idea behind this is really good. The background looks pretty. Nicely vectored. -Shira

  9. Regenbogen Nov 13, 2005

    *lol* When I saw this for the first time I had to laugh... cause these Puchuus look so funny... When I look at the wallie it seems they are all running towards me... or flying? I don't know these creatures... *lol*

    It's definitely a really different way to approach the subject "Mad science"... you show it to us from another point of view...

    The background matches quite well... it all looks pretty cute. And yes, the edges and round lines are not perfect but you did it freehand? Wow... I could never do that... ^_^

  10. Craelon Nov 14, 2005


  11. midsummer Jun 18, 2006

    omgosh! it is so cute!

  12. thelighthousekeepr Sep 02, 2007


  13. ten-yasha Sep 21, 2009

    Puchus are very cutes
    The wallpaper is so cute too *o*

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