Jinki Extend Wallpaper: Ahobaka!

Shirou Tsunashima, Feel (Studio), Jinki Extend, Aoba Tsuzaki Wallpaper
Shirou Tsunashima Mangaka Feel (Studio) Studio Jinki Extend Series Aoba Tsuzaki Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Guess what? I'm back. After browsing the new version of MT3 I though I could atleast give this website a second chance and come back at submitting some of my works here once in a while... so wether you liked me or not, I'll be around again, though I still won't be that active mostly because I have an important job to do at an 'other website' *coughAnimePaperModeratorcough* . But yeah, atleast I'll post my works, it shouldn't hurt, right?

And since I am kinda lazy I'll just slap and paste the description I wrote at AP time ago >_>;

'It took me like a month to make this wallpaper. I got my hands on all of Jinki Extend's artbooks and I scanned this picture of Aoba with mecha seat which I really love. Since I didn't like how the scan was coloured (manga style, almost painted) I vectored it and gave it an 'animeish' look that's as much as close to the style of the anime. After that, using my quite wicked imagination I made the whole background (from scratch), drawing the entire piloting cabinet of the Moribito Type 2 (the robot) by myself, doing the outlines and the basic flat shading with Illustrator and then airbrushing it and refining it with Photoshop.

I actually got inspired by sir-b0ingalot's stuff that I absolutely adore so I tried to somehow emulate that kind of tech/mecha panel style and adapt it to my own personal taste. The result is a tech/mecha wallpaper, which is something that I always wanted to make. And since I like making this (though it takes a lot of time) I might as well make more of this kind wallpapers in future :)

More resolution will be found at FRAGMENTS in the next updates, but for those who are looking for the 1280x1024 res I've uploaded that HERE .'

P.S. Btw this anime shouldn't fall under the 'Comedy' category. It's a mecha-based anime and not a comedy one.


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  1. Keltosh Retired Moderator Oct 27, 2005

    Well ... I saw this wallpaper in the making so one MAY say that I am biased.. but I really don't think so.
    The vector is flawless. Truly flawless. And yes, even if it doesn't seem so, ladies and gentlemen that is a vector.
    But the true work of art is the cockpit. The cockpit is designed from scratch, but I challenge you all to imagine that. Unless of course you read the post. And last but not least, the whole wallpaper manages to be luminous even though it portraits a small, secluded space.
    Truly nice, and deserving of a favorite. And of being highlighted...

  2. chingetscook Oct 27, 2005

    Ok Keltosh, you win. =)

    Doesn't look like a vector at all, kinda just O_O how did he do that?!?!?! ShiNN84 should write up some tutorials because his work is always this good though. :P

  3. DieFi Oct 27, 2005

    Wow. Great work. The vectorwork is amzing, it seems you have some expirence in it^^. And the background seem like you had to work on it for a little while ^^. So all in one GREAT.

  4. ltnguyen Oct 28, 2005

    Is it really vector? Damn. Great job. Haven't seen you around for a long time, so this is what you were up to heh.

    Did you really make the background from scratch? Definitely a fav for the awesome work.

  5. NeoXarch Oct 28, 2005

    Nice Peace here I like the View ot's Like standing in the corridor with her.

  6. flyindreams Oct 28, 2005

    Shinn is back on MT @_@ I remember seeing this wallie on AP >__< *bows to shinn's vector + drawing skills*

    *twirls and leaves shinn with this noobie comment XD*

  7. drmechoy Oct 28, 2005

    Nice, very nice...I've never tried vectoring before, I'll have to give it a go when I finally throw down on a photoshop program...eh...Photoshop does do vectors yes? I was curious though, during my education days I used to do an embossed effect on a lower layer and reduce the opacity of the upper just to add a little more of an 3-d effect. The effect was amplified (albeit painstakingly so) when you applied an extremely mild spherise effect (inverted) to distort the outside edges and draw the eye into a barely percieved tunnel. Have youever pulled a stunt like this?

  8. azndude88 Oct 28, 2005

    looks interesting i guess not to bad awesome ^^

  9. rica-san Oct 28, 2005

    Very wonderfull! The wall is wonderfull, nice, great, awsome, & kawai. The vectoring iss very awsome & great. The character is very cute & pretty. The background is very wonderfull, & the colors are wonderfull! Great & wonderfull job! I'll add it to my favs!

  10. phamthuha Oct 28, 2005

    Hey, don't tell me you make all the bg by your hand. If that is i will die immediately for impression T__T So cool with this one! Everything looks pretty good at full view, though the color isn't attractive....

  11. kai81220 Oct 28, 2005

    SHINN o__O
    back? XD hope you stay this time =P

    damn the whole vector is awesome >__< truly a work of art.
    nice stuff

    ps. you remember who i am right?

  12. EternalBlue Oct 28, 2005

    If that truly is a vector, it's wonderful work indeed. I can't even tell haha. The cockpit is amazing as well, I have trouble coming up with backgrounds sometimes, let alone such a background as this, with all the little touches and effects you'd expect from a professional job. Wonderful work Shinn, keep it up :) +fav

  13. darkzlevin Oct 28, 2005

    wb shinn we wub you ;)

  14. TheCreator Oct 28, 2005

    nice wally i never seen it before goood :)

  15. Jim3535 Oct 28, 2005

    That's some quite extraordinary work there. It's hard to beleive you created the entire background from scratch. The vectoring is also flawless; it looks exactly like the anime (as I recall).

    Great job!

  16. Kanvas Oct 28, 2005

    I don't see enclosed-wall (those with background isn't open sky or space) very often. So it seems strange but nonetheless, very well done.

  17. liquidblade Oct 28, 2005

    Not bad.. not bad.. hmm.. but maybe you should put in a title or something? it looks pretty bare..
    anyway... good job~

  18. KittyCyn Oct 28, 2005

    Awesome BG Shinn! BTW welcome back! Glad to see you again! This bg has so many details...
    all the outlines, shadows, textures, colors...all fit together perfectly with the scan (also a gr8 vector work) A very different and creative BG that has lots of work! I can see that!
    EXC Shinn +Favie ^__^ Two thumbs up!
    *hugs* C U

  19. kaiser47 Oct 28, 2005

    Wow! The cockpit was made from scratch? I would have never guessed it. It looks that professional. The vectors are crisp. I really can't see any bad edges unless you didn't intend some of them to be disfigured.

    Overall, this wallpaper is unique and stylish. I look forward to seeing more of your submissions in the near future.

  20. carpetflyer Oct 28, 2005

    You did a good job blending in the scan with the cockpit. Perspective is also nice because we are usually used to walls w/ outdoor settings. And since this is indoors, its a lot different. Good job.

  21. wuschel Oct 28, 2005

    Uhhh guess who is back, guess who is back *dance*. Well its hard to find something wrong on this wallpaper. Well maybe yes one thing, i didn't it :P Nah, joking.
    I am glad that you submit one of your best walls ever. You did a flawless job on the vector aswell as on the background. Everything fits perfectly together. You just did an awesome job. Putting the signature aside, you wouldn't even been abele to tell if this is an official wallpaper or fanmade wallpaper. :3 Awesome

  22. studio Oct 28, 2005

    ShiNN - that`s a hell lot of fab fab work. This new wall looks great - you def managed to acheive the non-mangaart look.

    I`m really impressed. Well done. <33

  23. Story-Weaver Oct 28, 2005

    Quality vectoring, Shinn!
    The soft glowing quality to everything is nice, as is simply the cripness you've pulled of here.
    Not sure if I'll use it as a wallpaper - it's a bit too upfront and personal - but it's a great piece of artwork.

  24. Susan-chan Oct 28, 2005

    wuii:) what an awsome work from u:) as expected:) what can i say? perfect:)

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