Final Fantasy VII Wallpaper: Reunion of Mind/Unsoul

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Honestly, people. Where's the love? This is the first Hojo desktop design I've ever seen. EVER. Sure, he's an annoying, incredibly evil son of a bitch who tried to beget a god of himself, but that's no reason to hate on the poor guy.

Um, anyway...

This is grungy. I'm not a fan of grungy wallpapers. Strange.

If you want the specifics, too bad. I'll only let you know that this took way too much time and encompassed way too many layers.

All work done in Photoshop Elements, if you can believe that...

Oh, original art by a guy from deviantART going by \"phoenixst.\" He made a great Hojo fanart that inspired the entire thing, so check it out:

FF7 - Hojo: Reunion

omni's outta here.

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  1. tevi Oct 28, 2005

    Salve carissime! =)

    Original Art :

    I really like it! I love how you used the solitary figure and then expanded the nothing-ness to increase his level of loneliness. The change in colour is a good choice, because the orange brings out more of a sunlight effect, whilst your white seems to show a harsher white light. And in using that white, it really brings the focus onto the character, because of the contrast with the dark murkiness of the rest of the wallpaper.

    The "glow" though, does look a bit odd though, because of the way it's positioned. If it's a "light hitting him" glow, then it should only be coming from the left hand side... But there's a bit of a glow on the right hand side, where the light wouldn't hit... I'm assuming that it's a matter of extraction, because the original picture had that glow too, and it would have made it rather hard to extract the image... I can see that you might have used it to give extra emphasis to the character, but I think that just using that bright white is really enough.

    Choice of Colour :

    Well, like I said, I like the white ^^; Usually, I find that people overdo the bright colours in a dark wall, but I'm glad you used what I would consider, the "right amount" of brightness. It's not too painful to look at, and it's a point of interest, so congrats on a good job =)

    I think that brown is a great colour [unless we're talking about our school uniform... XD] It's a good way of not using a bright colour, but avoiding the greyscale spectrum. And brown usually looks very good with red, because of the blood connotations, which really brings out the dark feel to this ^^

    On the other hand, I have no idea what the round ring-like objects are... And the colours seem a bit odd compared to the dark murk that you've created... You'll have to explain them to me =P

    Background :

    The scrawl and stained effects aren't overdone, and create a great kind of filling for what would otherwise be a too empty area. Again, I really like how it adds to the murky, unclean kind of feel to this wallpaper.

    I like how you tried to recreate the shadow of the wings [?] in the original image, but I liked the smoothness of the original shadow... The bumps in your version seem a bit like you had trouble with control. You probably did it deliberately, but when someone's looking at it, they can't exactly be thinking exactly what you were thinking, right? =)

    The text is an interesting way of approaching the background, but I like how you borrowed that from the original, and then applied your own style to it. The font is less "fun" than the font in the original fun, and has that old typewriter kind of feel to it. I think that's a great way to reinforce the murkiness, because "old" seems to bring connotations of "wrong" [especially in our age of progress and all that].

    Text :

    Actually, I didn't realise there was text until I looked closer, because it's very hard to see. Also, positioning it more towards the top means that you leave this blank-ish area underneath... Which does feel a bit odd. It's not as noticeable for me, because I happen to have icons there, but for other people, it might be a bit more noticeable.

    However, I like the way you put the text together, there's a sense of connection between the two parts of the text, because of the circle shape you used in that area. The "reunion" font reflects the font used in the background, giving it a bit of connection with the rest of the wall.

    But I really find it hard to read the "mind/unsoul" bit... The black really blends in with the background, and especially with the splotches in the vicinity. [Sorry, my screen doesn't get any brighter... =( Maybe this would look better on a brighter screen...]

    Useability :

    Well, it's definitely useable for me, even though the character happens to be overlapped by a few of my icons... I can move them so it's not a big deal.. [I also assume that you designed it for your desktop and not mine XD] But generally, it doesn't look too bad on the desktop ^^

    Overall :

    Overall, I like this wall, but it's mostly those ring-shapes that are irking me because I don't know what they're doing there, and they generally don't fit in with the theme [well, what I think is the theme] of this wallpaper.

    Good work, dearie ^^

    - Lots of lub, Tevi

  2. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Oct 28, 2005

    Jumping straight into it... no buts! Just everything.

    Firstly, he's too small @_@ He's so lonely T_T I think it would have worked if you left more space on the left or something... so then he doesn't have to be so isolated and overwhelmed. Overwhelmed is good... but this is not the usual overwhelmed if you know what I mean ^_^'

    Those smooth filter circles are way too different to the rough texture of the paper and everything else. Methinks they are a little bit random as well... because they don't blend in.... the edges should have blended out a bit more if you wanted it to blend in... perhaps a blending mode could have been chosen.

    The text is good <3! I think the title could stand out a bit more... it's a bit hard to read so a different colour would have been nice :P

    Overall the grunge effect is pretty good. I think blending modes will help the brushes "sink into" the wallpaper more though. At the moment it's a bit floaty if you get what I'm saying. Mainly colour control is something that's a bit lacking.

    There is still some red stuff around the edges of that dark thingo on the left that should be burned.

    In total I think this is a good grunge wall :) To me, it would have to be blending modes, and colour control that needs to be worked on- other than that, a basket of kudos and a Cuban cigar :D

    Wait... that's weed... sorry...

  3. bromithia Retired Moderator Oct 29, 2005

    Its okay for a first grunge wallpaper. I must say I have gotten sick of grunge wallpapers in general for making so many myself. Some things I'm not sure of are those 3-D looking bubbles, or something, floating around. They don't seem to match the overall scene quite right. I don't know if I like the filters you used on the characters too much either.

    The backround is pretty nice though, and for your first it is a lot better than most others.

  4. DREAM Oct 30, 2005

    well i only played through the first half of FFVII and can't recall Hojo.

    wall: i love the scan and the grunge brushes you used to silhouette Hojo. but im not 100% on the bg's writing since it detracts from the character. i do like the use of materia though. ;)

    very interesting wall ; i think you have managed to convey your message of "re-union" which is vital to both the game and movie.

  5. EvoIIICE9A Nov 03, 2005

    great wall it seems very evil and secretive to me and the dude looks so evil...eeeeeeeeeeeeevil mwahahah. The grunge work is great too (I love grunge) it is well blended in with the character, even with the spanning text across the background. There is a couple of things that that is off.

    1. The shiny things. At first glance I was like it looks like a werid looking notebook and then after looking at it again its like no thats gotta be Materia. Sometimes depending on the wall you can get away with crossing over art forms but it really doesnt work with this wall. Im instantly attracted to looking at the pretty shiny things and dont pay much attention to what the rest of the wall has to offer.

    2. The silohette in the top left corner. I have no idea what that is meant to be it could just be filling up blank space. The bottom left corner of it blends in well with the wall but the spiky things to the right seems to lift off the wall making it look detached. This would have worked better if it was blended in like the rest of it.

    Ok just one last small one is the grey brush used at the top of the left hand side silohette. Way too bright and stands out. Its like you accidently clicked there and didnt erase it or stick in on the layer behind the silohettey thing.

    Other than that good submission and keep it up.

  6. Ephemeral-Garden Nov 04, 2005

    Huh? Who's Hojo? How come I never heard of this guy after somewhile seeing my bro playing FFVII. *scratches head* Whatever. Don't mind me. ^^

    Hmm hmm... The character is a little plain, but it suits the grungy and dark background, which kinda explains that there's an emptiness on Hojo. I like how you did it that way. Not to mention the dark wings near him, owwhh... that's an amazing work~ Although it's a little dark to see the actual thing, but it reminds me of Cloud and Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts with only one wing. One Winged Angel. ^^

    And the main liking in this wallpaper is that I love the grungy wordings, probably script done by Hojo on the right side. Gosh, that's a pretty neat work there. I really like how it turned out to be so grungy with only words. o.O

    But one thing which I don't really like the roundish thingy around the words though. Reminds me of the Hikaru no Go chesses. I'm not sure what that thing means in this work, but I don't really think it's pretty suitable there.

    Overall, it's a pretty neat grunge work. ^^

  7. Terra-chan Nov 04, 2005

    I'm also not a big fan of the all-around glow effect... It'd look more natural coming only from the left side.

    I'm assuming those glowing swirling gemstones are supposed to be materia. They somehow seem dark and poluted. Is that what you were going for?

    I love the blood-stain effects. and the consistency of the text in the BG. It's such a common thing that even if it is a lot of text you barely notice it because of the repetitiveness.

    I like the Grey-grunge effect on the left-hand side, but it could be done better. - add some depth to it... it seems too flat and out of place with the stark shadow around Hojo but it does add a nice effect, it just could be improved.

  8. tishdon Nov 06, 2005

    Hummm? can't say i've heard of Hojo, but I haven't finished watching Final Fantasy 7 Advent children or the Last Order yet.

    I like how you have grunged his shadow, it's such a great idea. Also the text is so repetitive that it adds texture, along the the blood stains, to the BG.

    My only point of improvement would be to blend, or add some depth to the light silver in the top left hand corner. Which for some reason looks slightly out of place.

    Great grunge work!

  9. Makhan Nov 07, 2005

    I actually don't find the materia to be all that out of place, once you realize that they're materia, anyway. Very interesting piece for a first grunge, and very excellently done. I will agree with the others insofar as the gray corner and the self-done part of Hojo's profile are concerned. Other than that... excellent technical skill, considering the fact that you were simply experimenting with the idea of grunge. Nice use of brushes, not too much, not too little, and the text in the background is perfect--not overpowering, but with a lot of punch.

    Artistic: Loneliness mixed with violence mixed with loveliness. It feels like Hojo is being swallowed up by all his science, which I suppose is what you meant by the "Reunion of Mind and Unsoul." You've given Hojo a human side I didn't know he could have. Love it.

  10. Spidey-Matt Nov 07, 2005

    It is an interesting concept. I like the grungy effects although I am not sure is the everything blends well into the wallpaper like the character Hojo...he is prob meant to stand out but...i think he stands out to much...The idea suits well with the idea of Mad Science through the idea of the characters madness and the colours and effects used.-Shira

  11. Regenbogen Nov 13, 2005

    Hello Omni, I am just looking through all the wallpapers for the UA7 "Mad science" so I am a little late to comment on this wall... and I read most of the comments before, especially Tevi's is so detailed... I actually don't want to repeat it all... I am just going to write down some of my thoughts on this wallpaper.

    I played the whole Final Fantasy VII... It was the first Final Fantasy game that I played and since that I am a huge fan of the series.
    But even though I know Final Fantasy, I didn't understand that the round objects were Materia... Something is wrong about them... maybe the edges are too harsh... I cannot really say but they don't look how I remember the materia to look like. *lol* Well it has been some while that I played it, so maybe I am wrong, however they fall out of the rest of the wallpaper cause they have a complete different style and the just seem to be put on the rest of the wallpaper. At least the black materia in more or less the middle of the wallpaper should be gone... and the others blended in a little more... hmm... at least in my point of view... if you insist to have them in your wallpaper.

    I like the style of Hojo... Yes, he is a bit small but I don't mind that... it fits to his character, his role as a "mad scientist".... he's at the edge of the wallpaper... glowing... but yet there's almost no space for his personality... the huge part belongs to the letters... the science... that's how I interprete this wallpaper... and therefore it is good that he's small. I am not so sure about the shadow that is cut off... but I don't want to say I would have positioned him a bit more at the top so that there is space for the shadow... I would have to see the result and in the end I actually like where your character is placed... I just think the shadow might look good on the wallpaper as well...

    The text and all the effects you used... look really good to me. I cannot give you any criticism on that... I like how you repeated the texture of the shadow in the left corner... It looks a bit as if a dark claw was reaching out for Hojo ready to make him disappear in the shadow...

    Well overall I really like this wallpaper... I only wish the materia wouldn't be there!

  12. VOOT Apr 14, 2010

    Great wallpaper. Thanks for doing this wallpaper.

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