Speed Grapher Wallpaper: SpeedGrapher: Through the lenses

Tomozo, Gonzo, Speed Grapher, Kagura Tennouzu, Chouji Suitengu Wallpaper
Tomozo Mangaka Gonzo Studio Speed Grapher Series Kagura Tennouzu Character Chouji Suitengu Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Entering reality and imaginary through the lenses...

I dreamed of damnation today
It was deadly, cold and obscured
with the faint residue of hate in the air.
I wanted to capture it
to take that one moment of happiness
all i saw was the suffering in the eyes
my eyes.....
red, fried and insignificant
I open the tube and static endures
this insinuating pierce that eludes myears
like a thousand voices i cry out in shame
that day was the last day i had hope
now its just a dim light flickering when it can.

*Listening to Billy Jean - Michael Jackson
Nessun Dorma - Luciano Pavarotti
You cant hug children (with nuclear arms) - Neotokyo*

Dedicated to Chibikko for the wall that inspired me for the longest time!!!

Hey guys i guess im back with a fire and its still burning i guess, chucked another wall since this month might be a busy thing for me since theres so many projects and 1 measely term paper i have to submit soon and i havent even started on the title page... so anyway for the longest time i have been looking for a Speedgrapher image but lately most of them are kinda hard to re-structure and Re-CG so finally i found one here which was submitted recently 3 days ago here in MT (Sorry forgot the link cos im lazy) and yeah i had to reCG parts of the lower jackets of the big characters and outline most of the sketchlines of the image itself. I wanted to incorporate a bit of 'Crapmonsters style' of texting and movement of the words, added also a negative reel into the mix but erased most of the pictures of my 3 hot gurly friends from my artgroup, 2 ferrets, some artwork BUT i left an image of me in there and its the one on the right side with the black shirt on.... if you want to see the real one then come ask me! XD

Anyway i didnt wan to comeback to scenerics since ive done too much of that so i came back to what i usually do Light/Dark grunge with a little of abstract effects like White. But for the longest time i had a feeling that the wall looked to grainy since the noise didnt actually fit the dotted textures to well and kinda lessened it out but maybe it looks crappy in my view or the fact that its a lower file size so i uped it a bit... so maybe that works.

So all in all i hope you like it cos its my first SPEEDGRAPHER WALL!! ^__^
More resolutions coming up in Imanimetions soon...!


On the personal intent:
For the longest time its been getting to me for some reason, maybe its the damn autumn weather or the crappy mood swings im having but lately ive been feeling out of place and sadlessly lonely, that certain stage when you look up and poof it hits you that your just a damn .00000001% important in the universe that it doesnt mattter if you live for what you believe or die for nothing. For some unseen reason i seem to put my suffering on the higher and grander scale of things which is impossible to fathom because im just that acutely paranoic shizophrenically obsessively compulsively detached from the different personas i take on in my mind i just dont know what my real purpose in life is.... im searching for it thats a thought but its like being a chicken with its head cut off wondering why was it put there in the first place. I know it sounds crazy to a normal person like you or for someone who actually doesnt understand of bloody cares what the outcome of this could be but this certain melancholy is a part of everyones live be either a speck of dust or a whole world to carry on. I think i have to keep on chugging and moving around so i can finally find someting worthwhile to keep me happy or in that case just a simple person (who is famously rich) but living a simple lifestyle. :)


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  1. Frosty Oct 26, 2005

    another really nice looking wallpaper.
    Any fire grungy bg reminds me of alot of wallpapers already with simplar bg... but u make it look good so its fine I guess.
    I am not too sure about the bubble 4 the texture on the wall but its really not noticeable so no comment there either.
    I don't really like the words overlaping the character but still its alright,
    Overall, a great looking wallie. what can I say, u make them look good.

  2. eriolcorporation Oct 26, 2005

    gg ^^

  3. Thassaka Oct 26, 2005

    Aww...It is pretty done...I hope you will do more like this there...^^

  4. chibikko Oct 26, 2005

    wow dedicated to me? i'm so touched hehe. after Speed Grapher ended, i was a bit disappointed that there were not wallpapers of this series out but now that you submitted one, you totally made my day. i like the color and the 'crapmonster style' looks great, not like copied from him but like your own addition. well you've done a very good job on this wallpaper, but aren't the three a bit on right side? anyway, favorite <3 that is when i find the fav-link xD

  5. Yina Oct 26, 2005

    ahh the film strips behind the three ppl look pretty interesting.. like the bg and the effects look great.. and i like the colors.. they are all so pinkish.. haha XD
    overall great work on the composition and idea.. =3 nyaa.. i would like to fave this one.. but i dunno how.. >__<

  6. kai81220 Oct 26, 2005

    wah OA i wanted to do a speed grapher wall XD

    i dont have a critique to say cause its amazing. composition, colours its all good ^^
    esp like that huge text infront of the ppl. not too flashy but not too subtle either

    nice work ^__^

  7. toxictea23 Oct 26, 2005

    Looks awesome , Poko^.^ Tehehe
    If there were a fave system..i'd definetly fave it poko loko:3

  8. teepoo Oct 26, 2005

    oo i really love the texture ^^ its grungy but works well and extraction is really flawless hehe i love the film thing i
    attempted to do that once but it didnt work very well T_T LOL i see real people in it ahahah funny ^^ the dotted pattern is also very interesting and well used ^_~ hehe this was worth my time and credits *waves*
    ja ne~

  9. lunacrystal Oct 26, 2005

    it looksss sooo pretty OA! ^^ fav! how do i fav?

  10. Kojiroh Oct 26, 2005

    awesome background and characters..

  11. MS0B9 Oct 26, 2005

    Nice wall OA. The scan and the background fits so nicely together. The effects looks awesome and I like the faint writing in the middle of the wall.

  12. pana Oct 26, 2005

    one word.....nice

    nice grunge effect and color suits the mood
    u never failt to disappoint

    till next time u create another wallie
    well done

  13. niina02 Oct 27, 2005

    u are always submitting good wallpapers...
    good idea to put the negative, are like photos that the girl tooke...

    hey, u still with that little sadness... anyway, i was like u one time ago, thinking that i really don't care to anybody in universe, but then i think, i don't care to anyone, i have to try to care i about myself, if they aren't worth anything (just like me), i have to try that they are worth something for my, and maybe i will be better, and maybe i don't have a mission here, just try to live i make this be a "better place to live", maybe just a little more...
    i don't know if this help u, maybe not, u are older than me, and this is something u pass time ago, but i'm trying...

    Hope u be fine!

  14. ayaki Oct 27, 2005

    kiya~~ nice!~ tho i haven't watch Speed Grapher...but this wall definitely attract my attention....
    but same as u, now i'm so damn busy with all the mid-terms and lab reports and ****....."sigh"~
    awesome grunge as always ;) and the title fits really well...going right across the whole wall in the
    middle. along with the film......very nice.
    yea same with lunacrystal, how do i fav? haha lol i guess i'll bookmark it .. and fav it later when
    the fav button appears. ^^

  15. GallComp Oct 27, 2005

    Nice work bud... Long time I dont see a SG wallpaper... :D

  16. Yoh Oct 27, 2005

    You don't see that many SG walls, and this is very nice, have the main characters and the like how it looks, great work! ^-^

  17. chau-chan Oct 27, 2005

    GReat great job.
    I love how you texture and grunge the background! The image perfect match with the background. Fabulous work!

  18. jaderabbit Oct 27, 2005

    that's bloody awesome... i'd favorite it... but i don't know where the button is LOL

  19. Yue-Horrishino Oct 27, 2005

    Wow... I love it ... nice work... Oracle Angel...
    I'll add it to my favs... I found the button... It's on the leafh side of the screen after your credits and notifications, mina...
    Ja ne ;)

  20. Willem Oct 27, 2005

    Nice one Oracle ^^ I'd like to say something bad which need improvement for a constructive critical but sorry actually I can't because it's as the others a good one. Good job as ever ;)

  21. euna Retired Moderator Oct 27, 2005

    WHOA. go OA.
    awesome wallie as always. this is fabulous. i wubb it
    the grunge bg is absolutely perfect and i just luv how everything goes together so well.
    i'd fav this if I could, but obviously i can't. u_u
    but fantastic job OA!

    merged: 10-27-2005 ~ 04:41pm
    oh. just realised the panel on the left <-- euna = slow
    *fav fav fav*

  22. Millenia Oct 27, 2005

    Awesome wallpaper! I like the background very much, I love your talent! ^__^

  23. Tiferet Oct 27, 2005

    once again, another great wall oracle ^_^

  24. calamity92 Oct 27, 2005

    I like your walls too. My favorite wall of all is your GATX-131 Calamity wall. I think this is a nice wall too. I might have wrote more if I've actually seen this anime

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