Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper: Halloween Chibi Eva

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Just my little entry in celebration of Halloween. I just thought a Chibi Eva Unit 00 with an N2 mine looked *so* cute. Then we throw in the fiery explosions, the skeletons being blown away a la Terminator 2, the skulls...

The whole background was inspired by the scenes of N2 mines detonating, with just a bit of horror thrown in as well.

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  1. Bojack Restricted Member Oct 26, 2005

    Great job here for the sprite of Halloween I can't make stuff like this...yet...but i am learning.......going to favs section.

  2. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Oct 26, 2005

    It's good... no complaints at all- I just don't like borders on walls because of the taskbar and stuff... a good one for Halloween :)

  3. justducky Oct 26, 2005

    This is a really nice wall, even though I can't bring myself to liking the chibi eva, haha. The bg looks awesome I love the big red skull. Nice job!

  4. N2Heiki Oct 27, 2005

    Nice, Zerogoki with N2 mine, haha hust like my nickname.
    Great work, thanks for sharing your work

  5. tevi Oct 27, 2005

    Hihi dearie! ^^ Am on a break from my studies so I thought I'd drop in and do some mass-commenting XD

    Scan :

    Aww, it's a cutie! In a way, cute things are always the scariest... <3 Because you never know when they'll turn around and stab you in the back... Or blast you to smithereens... Which I assume an EVA Unit does... From what I vaguely remember of the fragments of Evangelion that I remember... XD

    I like the colours... They're very Halloween-like, especially the orange-red which really does bring out the connotations of the orange pumpkin of Halloween ^^;

    The mine is an interesting way of bringing out the evil concept of Halloween, but maybe you could have incorporated that green into the background a bit more... Because it really stands out too much at the moment. Although that does create a lot of emphasis on the EVA Unit, it does kind of clash with the rest of the wallpaper...

    On the point of extraction... Definitely an improvement! You're doing well, dearie ^^ Although, be a bit more careful with extracting thick lines... Because it's very hard to keep a consistent feel to it... Like, at the side of the EVA Unit's head, the thickness changes... Goes a bit thin... Probably not a major point... And probably not too noticeable ^^ But sometimes it's more noticeable, so just be a bit careful, 'kay?

    Choice of Colour :

    Like I said, I like the orange-red feel... But I'm not sure about white... The connotations of white are much more of purity or peace... Rather than evil... Maybe you should have gone with a black, because that really would contribute to the Halloween feel ^^ Also, black would have reduced the bright area which contrasts too much with the red... Which kind of means that anyone on a Windows OS really can't look at their start menu without getting blinded... >.<

    But you could have created a more interesting contrast by using the green of the mine... Afterall, red and green are on the opposite sides of the colour-wheel, and therefore create an interesting sort of tension or contrast when applied together... Of course, this is fine if the red and green are both dark or muted... Don't try a bright colour with a dark colour, because that will just create the same problem as the white...

    Background :

    Like I've said before, I really enjoy your backgrounds! They're always very interesting and a well-positioned balance of elements.

    Love the skeletons and skull, definitely brings out the Halloween feel ^^ Maybe you could have done a bit more of a outline to the shapes? They don't seem to fit in with the scan as well as you'd hope... Because they're very flimsy-looking, whereas the thick outline of the EVA Unit makes it very solid...

    Text :

    Haha, you really don't like text... Oh well... I was thinking maybe a bit of text in the white area could have reduced the over-brightness of the area... Maybe in a dark-ish orange-red... I just think that in this wall, you really needed to have a bit of text because it does seem so empty because of the seeming flimsiness of the background... And also, your more "solid" elements are all on the right hand side, so by putting a bit of text, you could have balanced out the wallpaper ^^

    Useability :

    The brightness is a bit of a worry... Because my start menu happens to be in the bright area, as well as my more important icons... But it's not too bad when I drop my brightness... The unfortunate thing is that my screen is *very* dark compared to a lot of screens out there... So please think about the people who will download and use your wall... It's just very hard to use a wall with too much contrast... You as a collector of walls should understand what it's like to find a wall that hurts your eyes too much for you to use it...

    Overall :

    I think that it's an interesting wall, because it's a celebration of an interesting holiday... [... Err, is Halloween a holiday? *doesn't have Halloween in Australia, so wouldn't know...] But maybe stick to black... I know you like to challenge conventionality, but connotations are such an in-built sensation that it's very difficult to overcome them...

    Hope that helps! And thanks for putting your time and effort into creating such an enjoyable wallpaper =)

    - Lots of lub, Tevi

  6. Onime-no-kyo Nov 06, 2005

    Nice job, I like the red BG, really nice effects youve applied there. The EVA picture and the BG seems to blend perfectly together, plus the skelettons give the wallpaper kinda of a dead look, not in a bad way, by that I mean, its makes me think of all the destruction and death these EVA units have caused. Anyway, im not here to talk about that.

    You did a GREAT work, keep on going!

    aaaaaw, I didnt manage to make a comment as long as Tevi ;)

  7. cancangm Nov 24, 2005

    nice really like it

  8. rumiko23 May 19, 2009

    This is the first time I see a chibi Eva, very nice! ^_^

  9. shin012 Sep 29, 2009

    hahaha , sooo cute .. chibi eva ^^

  10. spriggex Oct 20, 2009

    LOL, 100 Points for innovation^^
    But it also looks really cool. Nice Background Effects

  11. 0faraons0 Dec 29, 2009

    los wallpaper's Neon Genesis Evangelion estan demasiado buenos para ser cierto thx =)

  12. majoalanis Jul 05, 2010

    jajajaja chibi eva....awsome

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