Saiyuki: Saiyuki : 4 in black

Kazuya Minekura, Studio Pierrot, Saiyuki, Sha Gojyo, Son Goku (Saiyuki)
Kazuya Minekura Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Saiyuki Series,OVA Sha Gojyo Character Son Goku (Saiyuki) Character


Hakkai looks better than he usually does... a Saiyuki pic that I actually like... scanned by me

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  1. mooling89 Jun 15, 2004

    they are all so sexy! ^^ thanks for sharingn such a great scan.

  2. Kasumi Jun 15, 2004

    Excellant scan! I'm going to add this to my favorites for when my level is high enough to dl it. >_< Anyway, in this pic all the Saiyuki guys look even better normal... doncha think?

  3. Susi-chan Jul 06, 2004

    *sigh* they're so dreamy on this scan!
    <3 this one!

    Thanks so much for sharing it :)

  4. Pyxis Jul 12, 2004

    I would agree with Susi-chan.. they're very dreamy here

  5. bucket-shot Jul 14, 2004

    <lol> Hit the nail on the head there. XD That's probably -the- best colour pic of Hakkai around... eh, whatever. X) Wish there were more he looked half decent in, I suppose. Thanks for scanning and sharing. :D Much appreciated coolhakkai-ness.

  6. robeecunanan Nov 23, 2004

    I like your scan. Nice work. Keep scanning. :nya:

  7. Sherou Nov 27, 2004

    wow so cool !!! thx 4 the art XD XD

  8. Ladyomega Jan 09, 2005

    God i love this picture!! :D and saiyuki is my favorite anime/manga! i´m new in here so i can´t wait when i can download this picture!! :D now, back to sleep..... x_x

  9. animekeeper Jan 10, 2005

    omg!!!! Hakkai and Goku are sooo kawaii XD oooo they all look really cool *stares* addin as a favourite XD coz they all look sooo cyuuute..*drools*

  10. isky81 Jan 12, 2005

    Believe in Yourself

  11. Rev-Chan Jan 20, 2005

    *cries then faints* ahhhhhgggghhh!! I want to D/L this soooo bad...*looks over at level <.< * So close!! *hangs head* Dammit
    Love it! so this image with be mine one day....tonight....lol ^_^

  12. Banchan Jan 24, 2005

    *drools* Omg... now that is what I call sinfully sexy! Just look at that gorgeous specimen of a man known as Genjo Sanzo... *nosebleed*

  13. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jan 25, 2005

    oooooo sexy saiyuki boys in black... niiiiiiiiiice! thanks for sharing!

  14. Schyler Feb 14, 2005

    Hakkai is really cute in this pic. Among the four of them my fave character is Hakkai. Next would be Sanzo. All of them are equally gorgeous in black. I have to say, life would be great if they're not roaming around earth. Girls would go crazy over them! XD

  15. missy1066 Apr 18, 2005

    ...I need to get my level up....this scan is to die for...they're soo sexy!! :sweat: ^_^'

  16. Kempo May 05, 2005

    ...I need to get my level up....this scan is to die for...they're soo sexy!!

  17. Ephemeral-Garden May 07, 2005

    Such pretty scan I'd say, kyrooo-san! They're gorgeous and sexy in there! Gonna +fav on it and make a wallie out of it!

  18. KuroiTsubasa May 07, 2005

    i think its the beat Saiyuki image ive ever seen!!
    look so handsome!!
    thank you very much!!!!

  19. animeabigail May 17, 2005

    Wow! I love this picture. Hakkai looks so Hot XD ! Thank You for posting this picture XD !

  20. jednorogini May 28, 2005

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............. very handsome :D :d~~~~~~

  21. aoirochelle May 31, 2005

    omg! they are all super cool! thay're all so cute and handsome too.hehehe :)

  22. diasregin Jun 02, 2005

    Thanks for this scan that i will add to my favourite and wait for a chance to download to my collection.

  23. sanzo13 Jun 04, 2005

    Quote by kyrooooHakkai looks better than he usually does... a Saiyuki pic that I actually like... scanned by me

    youre right.. he looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy better than usual.. hehe.. so cool.. i love saiyuki!! lol.. XD ^_^'

  24. ani-obi-wan Jun 09, 2005

    well dont they think they're all tough.. ^^ well this pic looks nice good job! :D

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