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Gonzo, Trinity Blood, Tres Iqus, William Walter Wordsworth, Hugue De Watteau Wallpaper
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Ok, I worked on this wallpaper since May...I made other wallpaper since that time, you see them. I had a lot of work with the tree (My first tree, I draw it), but today I had enough, so this is the result. If somebody has az idea for this wallpaper, please tell me. What do you think, should it be textless, or in this form is it ok? The birds in the bg are the peace (world peace -> Sandra Bullock, I hope u saw that film, it is lol!), so the birds fly away I hope they come beck. I not so pessimist :P
My second Trinity Blood wallpaper.
Thank you for the help, uchan!
Scan is from here.
The brush are from deviantart, thank you for artists.
Layers: lot of....I don't know because of the merges...
I hope you like it.
Comments, fav, etc. are welcome!


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  1. trinigirl524 Oct 25, 2005

    wow since May?? well your effort put into this shows. its a wonderfully done and clean wallie. the the changing of lighter to darker colors in the sky makes it look like a sunset in the background and i like the birds and the tree fits. overall great job ^^ its a fave+

  2. Rikimaru-jp Oct 25, 2005

    Oh my god it's a wallie for Trinity Blood :) it's so wonderful :) I really love it!!!
    I am a big fan of trinity blood :) so I wanna thank you so much for making this lovely wallie!!
    the background is awesome really great effort!!! because the tree you used isn't a brush and that needs lots of work to draw!! especially that it looks so beautiful :)
    the birds are cool and well dsiplayed!!
    colors of the background suits so much the scan!!!
    the characters are well extracted and blended perfectly :)
    you really did a superb work Nona!!
    I owe you a favorite :)

  3. firelycan Oct 25, 2005

    Awesome wall nona!!!
    Some of the Trinity blood crew, nice scan!
    The tree looks good and I like the birds too They look good.
    The background colors work nicely.
    Overall great wall Nona!!!

  4. teepoo Oct 25, 2005

    *waves* hihi never commented on your work before ^^ the scan u used is pretty good but composition wise its kind of big and makes the wallpaper not seem that balanced
    the font effect thing is really cool ^^ i like it xD
    as for the birds and trees they seem a tiny bit flat.. you might want to try adding a bit of depth into them =3 the colours u used for the background are pretty good ^^ i love the texture you created *thumbs up* overall its still a wonderful wally ^^ and i hope to comment more of your work in the future *dances*
    ja ne~

  5. mughi Oct 25, 2005

    Hmm, not being a waller myself put me in a disadvantage when doing comment so as usual I will make it subjective.

    i don't know anything about Trinity Blood but as usual I like what I see. If there is any technical error in your work then I don't see it. ^_^'

  6. ange-argente Oct 25, 2005

    You've worked on this since May? Wow! The effort shows! I really like it!!!! You did such an awesome job making the scan seem so natural - like the bg and the scan totally belong together.

    And the tree is fantastic!!!!

    I would go textless, personally, 'cause I think it's a little distracting. Kinda bright right there. Otherwise, I love it!

  7. IcyFyre Oct 25, 2005

    o wow! O_O very nice wallie you got there! :D that wallie tool you forever to make, but it paid off well in the end! :) nice work! :D

  8. strawberrt Oct 26, 2005

    ooo.. the scan looks so cool! (even though i never saw the anime). And the bg looks really nice, great job!!

  9. Ultra-Violet Oct 26, 2005

    Well Done Nona!
    Of all your artworks, I was never expecting to see you release a Trinity Blood work let alone a work to support Broken Wings! Outstanding! Using classic, NewType magazine art and a cleverly inventive backdrop give's this work the feel of late afternoon during the Autumn season. A fantastic selection of colours blend seamlessly with one another. A beautifully re-worked extraction and very clever SFX on the text make this piece a must see for all TB fans! Brilliant work! :D

  10. Elves Oct 26, 2005

    That's a well balanced wall. I really like the birds in the background. Your tree looks very nice, nice job drawing that. Great work on the sunset background as well, I love the colors. However, with such vivid colors in the background it looks a little odd to have the characters with such a washed out color pallet. I don't think you'd need to add color to the characters, but toning down the background would get it closer to the character pallet and that would make the two compliment each other instead of fighting over my eye. I really like the text, though the middle part is a little hard to read. Maybe a slight shadow behind the text to differenciate where the spark/star ends and the text begins. Very nice composition and nice placement of everything. Kudos on all your long hard work. It looks very nice. :)

  11. Emeralis Oct 26, 2005

    This is a great wallpaper :d

    i like the background the best, looks cool :)

    Keep up the great work :)

  12. Emeralis Oct 26, 2005

    This is a great wallpaper :d

    i like the background the best, looks cool :)

    Keep up the great work :)

  13. asan Oct 26, 2005

    it is very cool....very nice..good jod...i love this anime^^
    keep it up!!

  14. Penguintango Oct 26, 2005

    Looks great. *g*

  15. hongrboi Oct 27, 2005

    You worked on it since May? Wow, that was like before I even joined MT. I have the patience to wait that long xD Anyways, the tree looks great! I would have used a brush because I'm lazy xD But the tree is amazingly realistic.

  16. cygnus Oct 27, 2005

    Trinity Blood.....my recent favorite anime...^^....
    the bg is good, but the scan wasn't blend well with the bg 'coz the scan is still too bright.

  17. tian82 Oct 27, 2005

    This wallpaper look so cool. For the tree, look really nice, you draw it so well and like the sakura flower around. Suit well with the characters. Nice work and thank for sharing !

  18. bbls Oct 27, 2005

    i luv your fiery looking background because that adds a very powerful atmosphere to your wall! i really like your tree that you made...and congratulations for doing an awesome job with that! but i thought the branches toward the back looked too skinny, so it kinda reminded me of strands of hair instead of branches... ^_^'
    i also like your text and the cross you put on top of it...that was very clever!
    great job, nona!

  19. nobana Oct 27, 2005

    This wallie is awesome!You always work hard on your pictures:)!The colours of the the sky is great!The birds are little bit much but the tree is good(mainly because that's your first)Keep up the good work!

  20. pegassuss Oct 27, 2005

    Beautiful wallie Nona-chan! ^^ I love the scene and those birds are really pretty and fits really well.
    I love the effect you added on the text, it is great!
    The tree is very nicely made in my opinion, though maybe too many little branches at the background, but it is very nice ^^
    I think you did a pretty nice work, keep it up!

  21. LeonBelmont Nov 03, 2005

    Nice one i like it ;)

  22. starlady38 Nov 04, 2005

    I like it a lot...good image, and the background looks nice too. I like the text as well. :)

  23. Dani Nov 06, 2005

    Nice work! The world needs more Trinity Blood wallpapers

  24. gogoyubari Nov 11, 2005

    How lovely wallpaper!

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