Bleach Wallpaper: Ichirin no Hana

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Ichigo Kurosaki Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Is the title even spelled right? Let's hope so... It comes from the latest opening (which rocks my socks!)
Anywho, seeing as how I'm going to go back to school real soon ( >=( ) *pulls out hair and screams* this'll be a "last" submission for a while I guess.

Um, ok: awesome scan is here and was submitted by Atma.

Ok, let's see... I started this early this morning (around 1:30 am OX) and finished around a half hour ago... you do the math, since I can't (or maybe I'm just lazy). XD

Layers: 23 if I counted correctly. A few brushes from Biorust, more brushes used that were from DeviantART, and the rest are either the original CS2 brushes or mine. A few filters and once again, sorry if the font is strange!

Comments totaly welcome!

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  1. vodkamint Oct 25, 2005

    ohhhh~ Bleach wallpaper! Nice gb! Waiii~ well done! Keep it up! =^^=

  2. teepoo Oct 25, 2005

    oo i love how u brushed the background @__@ it creates a really neat texture.. too bad i have crappy ps7 i dont think i can use the brushes lol the scan is really well extracted hehe
    the wallie still feels a tiny bit empty to me maybe u might want to add some exploding effects into the foreground ^^ like he stabs his sword into somethign and there's suddenaly a splash of stuff xD lol just a random suggestion hehe ne ways keep it up and i hope to comment more of your work someday ^_~

    ja ne~

  3. Ayasal Oct 25, 2005

    looks great! it really matches the scan! ^___________________^ I really like the dark colors!
    keep up the good wwork!

  4. LilLaoRyo704 Oct 25, 2005

    awesome job, love the background and the way ichi looks, great job, ja-ne

  5. forlorn-faith Oct 25, 2005

    0_o So awesome. It is a great wall as a whole [marvellous bg and scan]. Great job!!!
    PS: just to assure you, the title s spelled correctly. [it means Lonely flower ]

  6. johngimen Oct 25, 2005

    beautiful.....thats all i can say....oh yea, and fave

  7. pana Oct 25, 2005

    nice bg effect u created there Chloe-chan
    clean extraction
    as teepo quoted it looks abit empty but overall fantastic
    one thing maybe a bit of blending into the bg of ichigo would have given it a powerful effect overall

    well done
    u never fail to disappoint:)

  8. trinigirl524 Oct 25, 2005

    wow the background looks absolutely awesome.
    i love how the blazing effects comes from ichigo and then spreads up into more darker colors. makes it look like he striked something with his sword. that looks pretty cool. and the small text works and the character blends well with the background. so overall wonderful job ^^ fav+

  9. Morphee Oct 25, 2005

    waow!!! the colors are splendid!! they're so pretty! i love the background! and the ichigo pic you chose is perfect with it! ^^

  10. acid-awakening Oct 25, 2005

    The background looks really kool with the ichigo pic
    It juz looks so good
    The pose and the wind thing
    Nice work

  11. revontulet Oct 25, 2005

    man thats cool!
    Looks hot! Wicked man!!! I love the background, it very cool indeed!

  12. Milkiyo Oct 25, 2005

    whoa...this is better than the one I downloaded be4....
    nice work and love the background!
    Ichigo looks so powerfully cool here! XD XD

  13. Liz Oct 25, 2005

    WOW, Love the scan and the background and everything is amazing Chloe! I love it another amazing wallie your going to have to show me how you make these Dude! Its really cool

  14. flyindance Oct 25, 2005

    great wallie!
    great job
    I really like the colour but too bad the character a litte bit too small but hey tis is a wallpaper so it's fine!

  15. Rikimaru-jp Oct 25, 2005

    Great job Chloe-Chan this wallpaper is really different than your previous ones and by far the best wallie :) that's pretty good cause it means you are improving a lot so I hope that you will keep it this way ;)
    the background is really wonderful and well done!! it suits so much with the character's attack pose ;) the mist you used is a great addition to the wallie!!
    extraction is done perfectly as usual!!!
    you did a good job here Chloe-Chan keep it up ;)

  16. fireicedemon Oct 25, 2005

    Wow is right. This is really good!!! n_n kudos on the scan. Ichigo looks so cool! The background works really well with his attack position. Great job.

  17. fukushuusha Oct 25, 2005

    very nicely done...
    famous manga image of ichigo combined with nice abstract...pretty decent job chloe-chan =)

  18. tripleG Oct 25, 2005

    Very cool wall! I like the scan a lot and the bg is excellent!

    The effects are awsome!

    Keep em coming! This looks awsome!

  19. Wassup88 Oct 26, 2005

    ~* Nice wallpaper. The background goes great with the image of Ichigo and I liked the colours you used. It creates a lovely effect altogether. Kudos to you!

  20. mariska Oct 26, 2005

    wow a great wallpaper you've got here! I love the background! and the colours are just right!

    Take care!

  21. zephyranthes Oct 27, 2005

    This is very nice. I really like it. I have seen many wallpapers using this image, but this is definitely one of the best. though there is no background image, but the brush work is really good and it suits the image. Good work

  22. emac7 Oct 27, 2005

    Wow this is one of the best abstract bg's that I've seen ever, and im not even a fan of abstract bg's. Great Job.

  23. Drak Oct 27, 2005

    I'm confused with MT3 myself for now, so I'll stick to commenting this wallie.
    Well, I kinda like 'Bleach' and I really like this wp.
    The character image looks really great and the background suits it (kinda gives you an impression of Ichigo destroying the darkness).
    Good work.

  24. babypetsarekool Oct 27, 2005

    This wallpaper is awesome... I love it.

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