Keiichi Sumi Wallpaper: Defeat the loneliness

Keiichi Sumi Wallpaper
Keiichi Sumi Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

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As far as I know, these girls belong to Keiichi Sumi. ^^' He's not on the list, which actually surprised me since he has a lot of nice illustrations. They're not hentaish though. And I guess that explains everything. *cough*

Okay, boys and girl, here comes this brand new depressing wallpaper. 8) I know I somehow end up making depressing stuff, but... well, dunno. I guess I'm just brooding. That's the way I am. It's hard to live with it, but I am doing my best here. *cough cough*

So yeah. I love the artwork. First I wanted to make a room with a creepy window and stuff... hehe, I even made a very good looking carpet for the room. But then I figured that depressing wallpapers are much more depressing if the charas stay outside. So I changed the background. I kind of like how it turned out. =D Besides, I am very proud of the extraction. Cuz I had to extract every girl separately and it is difficult to extract non-anime-looking (where there are no well defined edges... you know. ^^') charas... I know that white girl's hair still sucks, but, trust me, this was the best I could do.

Took me: 2 days.
Layers: around 70 I think.
PSD file size: 47.5 Mb. o__o
Got the girls from: http://digik.net

Feedback is more than welcome. =D

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Browse Keiichi Sumi Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. teepoo Oct 25, 2005

    *waves* nice to meet u ^_~ hehe never commented on any of your work before xD.. anyways composition wise it is ery nicely done ^^ extraction is almost flawless except for little tiny details in the hair =] the rainbow u created is really beautiful and effective and the scenery in the background is very textured and effective.. one think i hafta note is that the transition between teh grass and the brick wall seems very square @__@you might want to bring out the individual pieces of grass around that area ^^ i like how u made the shadows it really creates depth but i think there could be a tiny bit more too like for example the girl in the middle can have a shadow of her tail hehe.. all in all its still a beautiful piece of work which was worth your 2 days ^^ and it deserves some attention hehe see u around
    ja ne ^^

  2. hishou Oct 25, 2005

    Nice job! ^^ I like this.
    You did a good job on making the bg look semi-realistic, and I think the girls are very well placed! ^^
    But, I have to agree with Teepoo -- I think the grass could look a little bit more realistic.
    The sky is also very lovely, as is the work you did on the rainbow. Also, I think the font fits well. ^^

    Again, nice job~!! ^_^
    Keep up the great work!

  3. vodkamint Oct 25, 2005

    Wow! I just browsed your past work and you really improved a lot! o_o
    Nice wallie! Everything is so original.
    Oh btw, there is sumi Keiichi gallery here. Try finding it again [: it's either sumi keiichi or keiichi sumi. I have one of my wallie under that catogery too! XD
    Anyway, well done! I really love that BG and your extraction is very nice! Keep it up!

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 25, 2005

    Whoa! Very very cool! I can never do outdoor stuff so this really impresses (sp!?) me! The scans are awesome, the sky is great and the grass + ground are wonderful! Excellent job!

  5. fooblued Oct 25, 2005

    I like the composition and I love your rainbow (how did you get it to curve?, I can never make rainbows in photoshop :( ). The texture on the wall is a little to sharp and repetitive considering everything else in the picture is soft and random.

  6. Milkiyo Oct 25, 2005

    nice wall! love the background and guys!
    nice one dude but it doesn't look so depressing~ maybe because of the rainbow?! ;) XD

  7. Fragma Restricted Member Oct 25, 2005

    Thats pretty cool, but they don't look lonely well not to me they don't. :) :D :)

  8. kayo04 Oct 28, 2005

    It does not suck. It pretty good. I bet is even better than mine :) I can't even draw.

  9. enixvalkyrie Dec 10, 2005

    I really like the sky and the drawing feel it has been given. The way the girls are standing gives it a nice 3d aspect.

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