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EDIT!!: I just realise that in my computer, all the detail in this wall looks good ^_^ But in other computer with too high light screen, the cloud will be too blur somehow +__+ I want to update it but i can't +__+, so now hope that you all can take one of two following steps to make this wall more cute ^_^:
- If you know ps, open it and change the curve down a bit, it will look better ^_^
- If you don't, then turn down your screen a bit so everything can be seen better ^_^
Thank you all very much >_<

Oh, i'm sure make so many walls this week >_< Sorry so much +__+ , that is because i can't stop my desire of making new walls >_<! And this new one is really a piece of work that i really want to make. I found this scan here: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/82019/ ^_^ It cames up to me tons of ideas and love to make it so i finish it very quickly. About 5 hours working and 35 layers ^_^
About the title, i name is Peacefull river ^_^ That is because the most difficult part in this wall is the water she is standing on >_< So hard for me to make it comes out like that, so i really hope you all enjoy looking at this wall ^_^
All fav and comments are welcome! Thanks so much >_<!

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  1. Acuni Oct 24, 2005

    i love all the blue and the cold colours and the nice effects you made just great
    hope to see more

  2. Aeya Oct 24, 2005

    Very nice wallie again ^^ I love the colors. The bg is awesome and fits the scan very well.. But I have to mention that 'Peaceful' is only one l not two... :nerd:
    Anyway, keep up the great work :)

  3. fukushuusha Oct 24, 2005

    Another bright wall that takes my attention. what the hell is happening to me anyways...
    and this is...amazing. the compostition is really good, great idea using that scan like that.
    great text gets along really well with both colors and style of the wall.
    I ll fav it but need to wait some more I guess -_-;
    pretty good job

  4. Devildude Oct 24, 2005

    it is a bright wall....indeed.
    so very bright that it hurts my eyes....
    but nonetheless, it is cute, innocent and very beautiful, however, my favorite is stil "Beautiful Day" this one is too bright for me. but i will take it!

  5. MizuhofanFFX2 Restricted Member Oct 24, 2005

    nice! but somegow it not cllear
    event so , you work hrsd for it.
    so keep it up my friend thuha-chan

  6. Aurore Oct 24, 2005

    Amazing as always! Pretty one! I love the water, it's like she's walking in a sort of creamy clouds, well done

  7. dalidadod Oct 24, 2005

    thats so sweeeeeeet.... OX its really peacefull i love ur work gurl just keep doin this awesome work...thanx for sharin XP

  8. Eimin Oct 24, 2005

    It's absolutely gorgeous, I adore it. I love the fact that the river is white, it'a awesome and the clouds too ;) *faves*

  9. itsbigdan Oct 24, 2005

    well i can't say it's good. I should say excellent but i'll say perfect! :)

  10. Angel-on-Dragon Oct 24, 2005

    Really pretty wallpaper ^^ The colors are nice and fit perfectly with the scan. Everything looks so soft ^^
    Thanks for sharing

  11. Sumomo- Oct 24, 2005

    That is such a beauty of a wall *glares*
    Really really nice !
    Very soft and gives of a truly peaceful look! :D

    *want to fave, but need to wait until my faves are filled up*

    Keep up the wonderful work!

  12. sukie Oct 24, 2005

    pretty neat...just the scan quailty is abit off...and the extacations isn't so hot...any ho great wall!! i like iit!

  13. teepoo Oct 24, 2005

    hehe its a piece of beauty like always ^_^ i think the scan is a tiny bit blurry because it seems less in focus then the background and extraction of the hair on the left is strange.. but its still a wonderful work *dances* weeeeeeeee <3

  14. ZeroFear Oct 24, 2005

    This is...freakin' great! :D It still has that soft painting like style I like from your walls.

    Nice render, nice background nice wallpaper in general.

    *Sacrifices a favorite because this is well worth it*

  15. Marsup Oct 24, 2005

    It's a nice wall when you love blue, which is my case :) You've made another guy happy

  16. Chiiksan Oct 24, 2005

    Very nice I think its just as good as the beautiful day one and thatsthe best 1+ fav from me ^^ great work (as always!)

  17. Silvandragon17 Oct 24, 2005

    Fist thing that struck me! The cute innocent scan! Great extraction! Especially with the hair! :) Awww soooo kawii, I love the expression on here face. Now with the background, so pure and white and it suits the scan so well! :) Very nice effects with the sparkles and the little bubbles and everything! Nice nice nice! :) :) :)

  18. slivermoon Oct 24, 2005

    the extraction of the scan is good
    the girl looks like she just popped out of a whirlpool XD
    though the waves of the water seems to be a bit too smooth or it just not very visible
    but other than that really nice work ^-^

  19. strawberrt Oct 24, 2005

    WOW, what an awesome wallpaper! ^^ I love how you did the dip into the water effect. It looks so realistic =) Wonderful job!!!

  20. sharpedge Oct 24, 2005

    aaaaawwwww another beautiful and cute wallpaper made by you :) I love it! :)

  21. AngelKate Oct 24, 2005

    Wooow Pham! Your walls always amaze me! This one is so calming..you achieved the effect very well! ^_^ I love the soft color. ^_^ You are definitely becoming one of the best wallers here on MT. ^_^ Keep up your amazing work!

  22. Machika Oct 25, 2005

    It's beautiful!!!! I love it! The river looks nice!!!! Good work, keep it up! :)

  23. marcoskatsuragi Oct 25, 2005

    So peacefull ti see this one... math to the title... i eally like the wallie, and , what can i say... so cool one! :D

  24. vodkamint Oct 25, 2005

    omg. O_o;;
    It's so niiiiiiice! Phamthuha-san, you're so pro! XD
    Such magnificent work... so different from the scan... o_o You must have a hard time extracting. Great job! Keep it up! [:

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