Majokko a la Mode Wallpaper: The land of infinite magic

Majokko a la Mode, Erene Shirubato Wallpaper
Majokko a la Mode Visual Novel Erene Shirubato Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Note: The thumb is quite blur... view full size to see a clearer view. =^^=

*sweatdrop* Okay. My second wallpaper in a day. I'm so free today. *nods nods* I practically spend the whole day making wallpapers, from morning to night. It's now... 1.15 am. XP hehe.
Okay, anyway, I tried... my night wallie again. o_o but for some reasons or another... this wallie doesn't satisfy me fully... >___<;; something's wrong, I know something must be wrong. Hm...
Oh and the credit goes to aquillon for the scan. I was browsing through the scans and I found this. hehehe.
I took quite long to do this wallie. Yep, I did this while I eat dinner and chat. Hm, talking bout multi-tasking... lol.
So yeah, enjoy people! =^^=

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  1. RainMin Oct 24, 2005

    O Mi God!!! It's darnnnnnnnnn niceeeee!!!!! xD
    look soo... so... u knw... really full of hopes u know? really nice!! xD
    i wonder how did u made the earth/moon there ><
    i love the lights shine around her! xD

  2. phamthuha Oct 24, 2005

    wow!! Really nice wall ^_^ I see some prob here:
    - The grass looks abit weird at the distance ^_^ I see what you are trying to make, Mint-san, but you have to make the feel of the merge here ^_^
    -The scan looks blur and her hair got some prob at the end ^_^
    - The star and the sky is abit weird ^_^ Why don't you put in it some gardient so it will be better?
    - The fire fly look not good enough, you can try making them clearer and prettier with more color ^_^

    Oh, that is all, it is a really nice try and you will improve alot, Sweetie :)

  3. SealedSword Oct 24, 2005

    Beautiful wallpaper you got here =p
    i like the bright effects, and the moon looks good too XD
    Nice work, keep it up! = )

  4. nobana Oct 24, 2005

    Wow!This wallp. is soo shiny and the scan is nice!I love this background,but maybe the stars are too lot!Oh..the grass is good as well(but i sad it before ^_^' )Keep up the good work!

  5. Limefreak Oct 24, 2005

    crap it's the best wallpaper I have seen all week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to fav this I hope I have some fav's left................................................. XD Great Job vodkamint!!!!!!!!! ;)

  6. Sumomo- Oct 24, 2005

    Nice wall Vodkamint!
    Digging the nice lights in the grass - indeed very nice!
    Cute scan!
    Great job :D

  7. Okami Oct 24, 2005

    Great job, the scan looks great and the BG is pretty cool...I like it, Keep up the great work!

  8. Angel-on-Dragon Oct 24, 2005

    How beautiful ^^ Really a great job. The bg looks quite good and the scan is really cute.
    Thanks for sharing ^^

  9. spider-x Banned Member Oct 24, 2005

    o my god i just love this wall man how or what u ues to make it lol i rilly like it it is a fav bu me lol

  10. ZeroNightShade Oct 24, 2005

    I really like this one it looks so realistic and the pic goes good with the background big 10 out of 10! see ya around :)

  11. teepoo Oct 24, 2005

    hehe another beautiful work ^_^ i think the grass doesnt really match with the scan though =3 also there's too many stars @__@ u can make them a bit bigger and have less =] then the wally would be perfect ^^

  12. angelkagome Oct 24, 2005

    it's really pretty vodkamint-chan!!! i love the lights around her.... @_@;; everything's really good! the grass could be less greener though.

  13. t3chb0y Oct 26, 2005

    lol I wonder how many of your walls will be added to my favs.....ur such a pro

  14. oldbie Oct 27, 2005

    this cute girl really stands out a lot from the bg :p nice wall

  15. chingetscook Oct 27, 2005

    The thumbnail doesn't really do this wall justice, I wonder if it is possible to convince the admins to give larger thumbnails then 320x.... perhaps 480x....

    Anyway, starry backgrounds are almost always a safe bet and you got this one right, not too many stars not to few stars, the glow around the scan is bright but not overly so, sets the focus of the wall nicely. Keep up the good work.

  16. mineharu Oct 27, 2005

    :o This wally looks so cute, the scan is amazing the background as well.. i love this type of wallies grass and good night sky (heh take a look at my wallies XP.. lol..) but it looks so good you did an outstanding work vodkamint.. i congratulate you and keep it up ^^

  17. Al21Tweety Oct 30, 2005

    U were so right, it looks good as a thumb but incredible as a wall! The details in the background are great but don't take away from her. I like her shine too, not too much. Great job

  18. melymay Oct 31, 2005

    Nice wall. The effects look great. The image you used looks awsome too! Keep it up! +Fave

  19. WindAlchemist Nov 05, 2005

    wow, what a beautiful wallpaper! i absolutely love the scan! its so beautiful and the background matches quite nicely too! wonderful background and i like the stars! ;)

  20. chrnolizer Nov 06, 2005

    Nice one! i like the cg. the effects matches the atmosphere. :D

  21. swtangelicnights637 Dec 02, 2005

    so beautiful. thanks for sharing ^-^

  22. darkar Dec 10, 2005

    Beautiful wallpaper~

  23. ShiXon Dec 10, 2005

    Wow she really glows in this wallie and the moon is just so pretty! The grass is beautiful too!

  24. pooolj Aug 20, 2006

    very beutiful, it looks great.

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