Guilty Gear Wallpaper: -It's Not So Hard To WIn-

Guilty Gear, Baiken Wallpaper
Guilty Gear Game Baiken Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


Here it is

After my hard work, and many many opinions that i listend .

Something more about it :

Time : 4 days of really hard work !
Layers : About 70/80 *___*

Dedication : 4 my Angel , because he is with me when i need him =*
and 4 my friends from MT and especially from aWallpaper Revolution group smiley
(Congratulations guys ! )

Credit : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/182866/ Thankies 4 elessar007


Inspiration : My Love !

How i made it ?

Owww my ! It was so hard ! I was thinking one day on the concept.
And then....... wowee , the bg. It took me three days of really really hard work !
The scan is from MT of corst and so you can see what i made there on the wall.
This guy over the window is from stock photo.Everything else is mine.

I hope You'll enjoy my work ^_^

Thanks for fukushuusha, DREAM and Angel-ondragon for sugestions and opinions !!!




Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: chibikko
Wall: Blood+: Chi no you ni akaku
Reason: It's trully one of the best works I've ever seen. The bg is ALL DONE BY CHIBI ! Chibi is really a very talented waller ! And this wall shows it perfectly..

UPDATE : Sorry guys , i reulpoad this wall .I read the sugestions and so i decided to delete the wall and now reupload it with changes ^_^ SORRY !!!!!!

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Browse Guilty Gear Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Rikimaru-jp Oct 24, 2005

    Oh well I guess I have to write my comment again XP
    well as I said before that the concept is really wonderful I really like it :)
    the background you made is great especially the outdoor scene is perfectly done and looks really beautiful!!
    the widows and the glass look really realitsic and not to mention that the scan you have chosen suits so much with the background and it's smoothly blended!!!
    welll done Sandra-Chan you really did an excellent work!!

  2. vodkamint Oct 24, 2005

    oh wow! You managed to blend the wallie so well! o___o
    The scan is cut half yet you managed to make it into a state like this!
    *cheers* woot! You're a pro! What an artist! And the design is good too! Well done! Keep it up! XD

  3. teepoo Oct 24, 2005

    oo i love the painting texture that u used and the scan fits so well with the background ^_~ it alost looks like it was done on a canvas =3

  4. Daisuke-san Oct 24, 2005

    hum the background is really nice and well done, there are many details, and the scan fits very well with this bg
    great wall ;)

  5. Lenne Oct 24, 2005

    It's great work.I love the texture and the concept of it.Kee up the great work! :)

  6. Sunira Oct 24, 2005

    I really like the position and the background. However, I dont know if I like the smoothing filter(?) over the entire piece. It kind of takes the edge off the feeling.

  7. ltnguyen Oct 24, 2005

    This is totally awesome. The background could tell a story, and a bloody story at that. XD
    Great job, Sandra.

  8. Angel-on-Dragon Oct 24, 2005

    Mmh, I have to say, that I liked the other version better... In this version, there's more grey and the other was a bit darker...
    Anyway, it's a great wallpaper and it sure will go to my favs ^^

  9. fooblued Oct 25, 2005

    Wow, all you hard work really shows! This is a huge plus fav from me :) Wonderful!!!

  10. chingetscook Oct 27, 2005

    I downloaded this one yesterday, just got around to commenting on it today, excellent work, I really like the theme and atmosphere, keep it up.

  11. wuschel Oct 30, 2005

    You did a great improvement in your wallpapers since you joined mt, its a long time that i dont see one of your walls.

    This is one of your best walls. You did a good job with the composition and with keeping up the atmosphere of the wall. It is blending all nice together and you can see behind the walls the little details, thats a nice touch. Maybe the image, on her face, its a little to blur or even it looks like resized quality. But in the end you did a great wallpaper. I like this dark feeling.

    Guess hard work pays out :3 Congratulation!

  12. Nairdas Oct 30, 2005

    Woo, it sure did take someone a while to make a good wallpaper out of this image. It's my favorite baiken picture. You did great work on the background

  13. Dani Nov 06, 2005

    Ooooh, creepy! I especially adore the background on this.

  14. Skyneth Nov 15, 2005

    Uha! Great wall! So dark....
    Love it!

  15. sakuramoon Nov 17, 2005

    awsome job..baiken looks amazing..keep up the awsome work

  16. Sanin Nov 22, 2005

    Wow.! LoOkz MAd!
    DA bg LoOkz awwwEessOomee!
    n da gurl loOkz Great 2 ! >,<!
    mAd WallIE ! Nicely DonE!
    I Love iT.! ^^

    [ hyuuga_vo was ere ]

  17. chalailee Dec 23, 2005

    omg awesome wall. this is definately something that can work really well on a desktop.

  18. Raipier Jan 20, 2006


  19. guaxinin Mar 12, 2006

    Baiken? very sexy!
    good job and nice wall!
    Bye Bye! -_-

  20. Benitora Mar 19, 2006

    Baiken...this is art just because she's in it...and her hair is DOWN! Rare. I'm lovin' it!

  21. ghettomusick Apr 20, 2006

    Beautful. Not only does this have Baiken, but it's an excellent wall as well. Great work.

  22. OddyKnocky Sep 11, 2006

    Great wall, Baiken deserves to be in quality walls like this (unlike Sol) - keep up the good work.

  23. Shinobigoe Mar 08, 2007


  24. AkeroT Mar 24, 2007

    That is some amazing work there. I'm really impressed, not just because I have found rare images of Baiken that I actually like this much, but because this one has a wow factor I can't quite put into words that would do it justice.

    So I'll just say thank you for your hard work, and for sharing.

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