Naruto Wallpaper: Starlight Melody

Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot, Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha Wallpaper
Masashi Kishimoto Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Naruto Series Sasuke Uchiha Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Finally got around to finishing another wall. This one featuring Sasuke.

I got the scan here at MT: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/183076/
thx you hana-kun for posting the image.

I actually finished this awhile ago, but i didn't want to submit it quite yet, so i took a copy and send it to most of my friends in schooland asked their opinion. They all said to leave it so i did.
I might come up with another version of this wall, depends on how busy ill be.

Any comments or tips are greatly appreciated, Thank You.

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  1. ichinii30 Oct 24, 2005


    That pic is really nice..... don't know what to say.... add more color?.....
    but still cool!

  2. xmotionless Oct 24, 2005

    i think it's pretty neat. i lilke the scan. lols
    it;ll be nice to see sasuke playin a flute. so talented.
    i think this walll is pretty . 2 thumbs up. idunno it;s just that the
    background matches and everything. so ithink this wall. is fitting with the scan

  3. LeeClow Oct 24, 2005

    I love this pic. I especially like the way winding white objects. It reminds me of a flourishing bush. I really like it and hope to see more.
    Later. ^_^

  4. teepoo Oct 24, 2005

    i think the background u made is rather simple =3
    try adding more depth to the trees because they seem a little flat and u might want to add some more stars and maybe more moon into the background hehe good try though ^_~

  5. Tokitoh Oct 24, 2005

    Oh, nice. Nothing special, but nice. ^^'
    You could do a better job with extraction (white leftovers can still be seen around Sasuke) and cleaning up the original scan is always a good idea. ^^' Actually, I am surprised that his shirt is so grainy because I have the scan myself and I remember that it was big enough to hide all grainy stuff/adjustments... well, whatever. As for the bg itself... may I ask you what is the concept of this wall? ^^' What are those white branches?

  6. johngimen Oct 24, 2005

    hahahahahahaha awsome

  7. rouki Oct 24, 2005

    Quote by Tokitoh As for the bg itself... may I ask
    you what is the concept of this wall? ^^' What are those white

    Ahh.......yea.. In answer to Tokitoh's question.
    When i saw this scan i saw Sasuke playing that flute atop of some trees.
    When i thought of trees i thought of the ones from Advent Children and it looked quite nicely and so did my friends so i ddecided not to change them.

  8. Sanzosgirl19 Oct 24, 2005

    Wow Sasuke so nice. I love this scan very much. I was hopeing someone would wall it. I love the white trees and the black background. It goes well trust me I really like it. Very well done I love Sasuke lol. Thanks so much for shareing it. A- (*^_^*). Keep up the wonderful work.

  9. Bla-demer Oct 24, 2005

    Really nice work you have done.
    I like those stars on the background.
    Those white plants are allso really
    great looking I like the colour it does
    fit in picture. The character looks fine
    too when he's playing the flute.
    You really have done great job.Keep up to it. :)

  10. kayuuko Oct 24, 2005

    Love the background you used and I am a fan of this pic ^_^ You made a pretty wallpaper out of it~ Love how it turned out! Just great!

  11. fooblued Oct 25, 2005

    I like the look of the branches fading off into the background. The stars could be a little softer though....

  12. Liz Oct 25, 2005

    OMG! He's so cool there! I love sasuke thanks so much for this amazing wallie! I love the scan and the colors and the Background i would add this to my fav's right now but i'm at my limit so i can't but Its amazing! Excellent work!

  13. pyreflies Oct 26, 2005

    The stars, in comparison, look a little sharp compared to the softer branches, but maybe it's just me @@ Other than that, nice wallpaper :D

  14. choad Oct 28, 2005

    What an amzing wallpaper. Good Job.

  15. tienbaygo Oct 29, 2005

    neat wallie. sasuke on a floot is quite differint. mebbe add some more color somehow, but i still luv it

  16. MistressKat Oct 30, 2005

    Sweet wall! I haven't seen Sasuke on a flute before.. it's really interesting!

  17. DarkFairy Nov 04, 2005

    The wallpaper is great... Love the image of Sasuke with the flute.... well done...

  18. Dani Nov 06, 2005

    I love the basic image, but the stark white branches seem slightly out of place, or like they don't quite fit with the image the way they are now. Still, it's a good piece.

  19. dreamwave27 Nov 09, 2005

    It's beautiful! Very very good job on it.

  20. ZeroX1999 Nov 14, 2005

    Very beautiful but looks like Sasuke is a bit lonely..

  21. Asiankid556 Nov 19, 2005

    good job

  22. pchne2630 Banned Member Oct 09, 2006

    Appears sasuke lovable and is lively well oh likes oh

  23. AnikHasan Jan 29, 2010

    Cool, I didn't know he plays flute!

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