Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper: Advent Children

Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Final Fantasy VII, Kadaj, Cloud Strife Wallpaper

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*hits head* I totally forgot about this one...I haven't submit it here on MT
I just realized after seeing all the group competitors notifications in my message center. I asked myself 'where the hell is mine' XD then it hit me.....I am sooo busy with essays and presentations these days i don't even know what I am submitting or not.
o.k then I submit this one on AP (thought I also did here XD) so the same description goes...
This was my entry for the 2nd round of the W.A.R ...well uhhm...I really don't have much to say other than I tried a great number of scans for w.a.r till I found this one.
Some typography, use of stock, a little design, much re-cging, cleaning and brushwork...here is the result. I tried everything I could to make it look a poster of some sort and I guess I kinda succeeded. And for those who don't know; the whole theme of w.a.r 2nd round was to make a poster or billboard.well...hope u guys like it...


Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: kai81220
Wall: [ Welcome, user, to The World ]
Reason: damn unique wall...very creative stuff from the BOSS. there are many creative walls in the 2nd round but I like this one the most.


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  1. phamthuha Oct 23, 2005

    Oh!!! I love everything in this wall >_< The color, the atmosphere, the scan >_< And there is my love Cloud too ox!!! Big thanks to you, Fukushuusha-san !

  2. Yuki-san123 Oct 23, 2005

    The bg is very impressive. I love the colors used, and the effects is very cool.

  3. shimmer Oct 23, 2005

    Your wallpaper looks cool :) I love how you did you matched your pic with the lovely background :) and also loved your other wallpapers too.

  4. semanga Oct 23, 2005

    allah bu ne ???
    bu simdi yapilirmi ??? cok seviyorum bu resimi sende bir muekemel mir tasaruf etmissin ... vallahi kiskandim... cok cok cok sevdim bunu ve sevdiklerime eklemeden duramadim bizede bunu goesterdiyin icin cok tesekuer ederim OX OX OX asik oldum galba bu yeni walla allah tutmayin beni .... desktopa yapistircam

  5. Hix Oct 23, 2005

    This wallpapers looks really sweet great bg and nice effect. I like thir render. Best wallpapers from Final Fantasy 7 AC I have ever see ^ _ ^ Great job mate

  6. Acuni Oct 23, 2005

    this is just great
    i like the colours and all the nice effects and the scenary is lovely

  7. thecatmistress Oct 23, 2005

    *tears* my friend would`ve loved this.... this is very well done. i`d fav it but i`m out...... man i can`t wait till next week.

  8. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 23, 2005

    Wow! :o
    This is awesome! The background is just... :o
    Love the colors and the picture is awesome! I love Kadaj, so that's a big plus ;)
    Excellent job, as always!

  9. Emma Oct 23, 2005

    It does look like a poster and I like the use of the many tools you did to create it and the mood you wanted. I like how you blended the stock photo in--very well done. And the design pattern on the right hand side too. I like the choice in colors and how they blended. Those white lines going across certain sections--did you do each and sections by the eraser tool because it looks cool and seems to have taken time to do that style ^^ A very awesome wall and job!! :D

  10. sukie Oct 23, 2005

    wow...lookin good! =D i like it!! but...the building in the low bg...i think it's abit out of it...like the colour is not very fitting...and...the extraction for it looks...cheap...
    but i like the one! =D i'll fav....if i have any left...
    yo you no when this thing refreshes? the fav rule i mean =P

  11. lthnadml Oct 23, 2005

    The bg is very . . . wow awesome. :D Excellent colors and effects. Awesome work.
    Thanks a lot for sharing it. XD XD XD

  12. pegassuss Oct 23, 2005

    Great wall fukushuusha! One of the best I've seen from ffac! I love that mix of colors, yellowish and redish, and dark. I love that texture the wall seems to have and of course I love how Cloud's scan fits :P I think you did an awesome work! Keep it up! ^^

  13. Liz Oct 23, 2005

    I love it! Great work! I just reciently watched it at a friends house and i love Kadaj and cloud so this makes it even better! I love the backgound the colors are cool and the effects are great. Beautiful wallie great work!

  14. Sayonara Oct 24, 2005

    hello there! As usual your walls are amazing, *stare* ok, first i luv the background, uu_uu and i luv the effects. So great, man! this wall is really cool, * XD XD * now I'm diying to see that movie. ooo well, thanks a lot for sharing, and have a lovely day. *hug* ^_^

  15. bbls Oct 24, 2005

    you did a flawless job in integrating the stock photo into your background, and i luv the look of your wallie because it looks very artsy! and that was quite clever to make your wallie look like a poster, which you succeeded in creating!

  16. ventures Oct 24, 2005

    fukushuusha ~ ur walls always seem to look good :d
    i love the texture and the colours XD
    everything blends in so well
    a very good job

  17. Susan-chan Oct 24, 2005

    i have already commented this wally on animepaper:) but i will write again:D it's superb:D:P and u know the other things:D i would greatly add this to my favs..but the week limit...grrr..

  18. boogybro Oct 24, 2005

    Dude, I'm serious! You need to STOP making great walls!!
    My only complaint here is that there is too much noise over cloud and Kadaj, but everything else is sexcellent!

  19. Midori-chan Oct 24, 2005

    XD XD XD it's a wallie of ffvii ac!!! XD
    the scan of cloud is really cool!!! XD
    and the bg is superb!! i just love the way you combined the colors together^^
    i'll fav it after a week^^
    another great job fukushuusha-san!! XD XD

  20. TrinityLi Oct 24, 2005

    I saw this one on AP but I thought I'd post a comment here. It does look like a poster advertising the movie. You did a great job. The colors of the sky are very pretty and I really love the texture. Great job, as always! A fav for me!

  21. Tifa-Sohma Oct 24, 2005

    The wall is cool!!! I love the colors and everything!!! And there is Cloudy!! Kyaaaaa!!!!! ^^

  22. FutureGirlie Oct 24, 2005

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I just have to keep telling you how good your wallpapers are XD My god.. lol.. I could just say nothing and tell you the same as always.. but.. thats not cool, good wallpapers must be complimented ^_^ So what can i say now? I LOVE YOUR grungy method! Its great! Can I make a request again soon? :) Lol anyway.. see you later.. post more of your cool wallpapers up okay? :)

  23. Sunira Oct 24, 2005

    Im rather becoming a fan of sorts of you! :) Your ideas are always fresh and well excecuted in your wallpapers. Bravo!

  24. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Oct 24, 2005

    Beauty in its most brightest formas i always say mate....i thought the text looked a bit squished but it works really well with the whole wall.. Nonetheless nice jobonthe stylish credits and techies... beautiful work as always! :P

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