Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children: FFVII Ultimania Omega

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Ok its not exactly Advent Children but well its CGI so I thought its the best place to put it.

Scanned by me its the front cover of Ultimania Omega, a 500 plus page walkthrough, story guide of Final Fantasy VII plus it looks at the new up coming games.

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  1. llxcharlenexll Oct 23, 2005

    hmmmmmmm i wonder how many related ff7 game are there i hear they are remaking ff7 for ps3 and might make the ff7 last order and there is also a dirge cerberus how many "ff7" games are there? O.o

  2. AgataMare Oct 24, 2005

    Really cool image! Final Fantasy Advent Children rocks! Thanks for the picture!

  3. goosebump91 Oct 25, 2005

    So cool and so big.
    Thanks a lot for the scan.
    I really like it.
    Add to fave.

  4. ForbiddenGoddess Oct 25, 2005

    their so yummy i could eat them!!!!
    love the scan, thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. x-lawss Oct 25, 2005

    a 500 plus page walkthrough?! that book must be very big....

  6. badassk9 Oct 26, 2005

    CGI just keeps getting better and better, how come only the japanese can do this ?

  7. ganarinplaid1 Oct 27, 2005

    i also wonder why only the japanese have such detailed CGI...but i love Advent Chidlren and i love FFVII

  8. tareren Oct 28, 2005

    Woah, so they really are going to remake the game? I thought Square Enix decided not to >__<

  9. N2Heiki Nov 05, 2005

    Whohohohohohoh, nice pic u have there.
    Are they reeaaaally gonna remake ffvii for ps3?
    Abyway thanks for the pic

  10. polar Nov 06, 2005

    nice scan~~~~i luv it alot~~it's the ultimate guide to ff7? at first i thought it's for ac, weird

  11. Onime-no-kyo Nov 06, 2005

    Nice!, thats the scan I was waiting for, the one with THE ONE, lol, Sephiroth
    thanks for the scan! keep them coming ^^

  12. Matsukaze Nov 14, 2005

    Sephiroth looks really cool.
    Thank you very much for sharing it. You are the best!

  13. dezidez Dec 07, 2005

    hehe...keep it up...me likei yea yea...^_^

  14. vincent214 Feb 05, 2006

    Hey, look! Cloud's in the suit from the game!
    This is cool.

  15. gothunit Feb 12, 2006

    Oh my cloud looks so hot

    keep up the good work

  16. cardcaptor2001 Feb 13, 2006

    Nice scan...I was just thinking may be I should buy this ultimate omega book because of the cover...haha
    Thank you for sharing
    + 2 fav~

  17. tennistensai Mar 09, 2006

    Yeah, Cloud vs Sephiroth.. the epic battle of the century. Love it! Thx for sharing.. T_T

  18. UchihaTaijiya Jul 13, 2006

    smex factor

  19. Seiba Nov 20, 2006

    ohhh....what I see..
    ahem O,O...
    **eats the scan**

  20. wakeupangel Dec 13, 2007

    A 500 page walkthrough?! O_O WHOA. I never even knew there was that much stuff in FF7! Anyway, this is a beautiful cover. Never saw this particular piece of artwork before. Thanks for giving me the opportunity. =D

  21. Shimazaki Jan 31, 2009

    a great scan thanks a lot like that creepy grey tone her

  22. PunkyDarkmoon Apr 04, 2009

    Cloud so cool *_* thanks for the picture

  23. lepoussinvengeur Aug 06, 2009

    FIGHT ! aaah greatest characters ever n______n

  24. JCzala Nov 18, 2009

    This is so cool! I thank you for scanning this!

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