Sanctuary Knocker: Teddy Bear

Carnelian, Sanctuary Knocker, Shaura (Sanctuary Knocker)


This is something I scanned awhile ago for Anime Project Alliance. I decided to post it here for the wallers.

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  1. claud Jun 14, 2004

    Wow...very nice.^^

  2. may Jun 14, 2004

    wah kawaii desu!! I love the detail work with her frills here~~

  3. savy Jun 14, 2004

    great scan

  4. Angelette Jun 14, 2004

    Cute... ^__^

  5. jasmine Retired Moderator Jun 16, 2004

    i want that teddy bear ^___________^

  6. Kasumi1988 Jun 29, 2004


  7. Ryth Jul 11, 2004


  8. Akemi-chan Jul 21, 2004


  9. nesisz Nov 07, 2004

    great JOB! Very nice wall
    haha yea reallly, but godly wall!!^^

  10. einna Mar 18, 2005

    Lovely scan! I might be able to wall this scan!^_______^ I'm thinking of an indoor composition or a cloudy/heavenly one.^^;;

  11. krshna Aug 01, 2005

    i love it!!! the girl is sooo cute!! it's my fave!! :)

  12. Zyndarius Aug 18, 2005

    que tiernaa imagen, es como para tenerla en el cubrecama de tus pequeños hijos jejejeje

  13. AgataMare Oct 24, 2005

    Very sweet! I love this image, it seems an old photo! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Moonlil Oct 27, 2005

    It's very cute ^^

  15. selimangagirl Nov 15, 2005

    It is soooo lovely. She really looks like and old doll. I love this image, thank you very much for sharing, I add it to my favorites ^_^

  16. NJKay Feb 08, 2006

    Such a beautiful picture.

  17. CosmoStar Feb 14, 2006

    Awwww, this is cute! I loved it! Her outfit is very frilled and teh bonnet is so puffed and cute! Is it a nightgown? I think so. The teddy bear is pretty too, I love teddy bears especially ones wearing smoking :D!
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  18. Bumble-Bee Sep 02, 2006

    What is this?
    Alice in Wonderland?
    Hehe! Thanks for sharing!

  19. silvermoonlitsoul Oct 22, 2009

    Very beautiful indeed,I love it!^^
    Thanks for sharing!~_^

  20. ngotaudixemay Dec 03, 2009

    Beautiful scan! I like her hair and her dress!
    Thanks for sharing!

  21. whirligig Jan 23, 2010

    Very beautiful ,I love it!^^
    Thanks for sharing!~_^

  22. animenintendo Jan 27, 2010

    que linda, es muy bella y trierna, que hasta me dan ganas de poder abrasarla, ojala pudiera

  23. ally171 Jun 13, 2010

    love the costumes i notice there are a lot of random hands interacting with the main girl in the pick, but you cant see the rest of the person. kinda weird.

  24. greenemerald Mar 09, 2011

    overall this pic is.. umm.. pretty lacey ^_^

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