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Range Murata Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

AaAAaH ~~~ XD a grunge wall~plz read my description.

firstly, this wall is a collab wif my sis rythem XD yesyesyes :D
and its pink

dedicated to all pink haters or lovers XD "dare to pink everyone "
mmmm... the vector was made by rythem and but I chose the scan ~~
and we made the bg together ~

it may look a lil messy XD hehe ~ but I like it .
n its my first grunge wall ~

also dedicated to our friend zefie-chan for her birthday ~and madwizzie ...for fun! XD XD

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  1. Kiako Oct 22, 2005

    it looks ok.
    yes it does look a bit messy but like you said it looks good that way.

  2. Valary Oct 22, 2005

    Ohh I like it a lot, the colours are great. You did a good job, me will fav it
    and you..make sure to keep the work up ;) Okie?

  3. aznwtydragon Oct 22, 2005

    i like the bg...it looks awsome
    the gal looks pretty ^^

  4. MS0B9 Oct 22, 2005

    Nice wallie I love the pink colors and the text in the background with the circles looks awesome. The vec ish so very pertty. :D Awesome wall and it's a fav

  5. DarkCrimson Oct 22, 2005

    Hey there :D
    Wow your first grunge Wallie...........thats awesome.
    You did a great Job here my dear.The Girl looks very cute and I love the Bubbles in the Background.Also nice Job with the Colors.

    A sure Fav for me :nya: :nya:

  6. Amru-chan Oct 22, 2005

    Oh very beautiful wallpaper ^^. I like this wallie very much ^^. You are a great waller ^__________^

  7. rythem Oct 22, 2005

    muahahaaha XD lookie ..yew submited~ *w*
    pinkpinkpink ieeee ~~ >w<

    *this is more like spam post* nyehehe

  8. Angel-on-Dragon Oct 22, 2005

    Looks really cool. The pink and this gray fit perfectly together and the vector looks pretty cute.
    Thanks for sharing

  9. AngelXXX Oct 22, 2005

    You did very good on this wallie.I like it. It's kool that you worked with your sister :)

  10. Nisna Oct 22, 2005

    aww... cute!
    I love the pink bubblegum colors~~~ xD
    Awesome wallie^^

  11. Susan-chan Oct 22, 2005

    i really like this style:) the colors are good ( i like dthem) and the girlfits the bg:) and vice versa XD

  12. Idril Oct 22, 2005

    lol it dont a bad wallie and pink colors are good.... however I still prefer purple! XD purple rocks!! XP nyaa... but the vector was good and your background looks very nice too, my friend! great job

  13. MouriRan Oct 22, 2005

    wow! UBER COOL abstractiee wall ventures!=D
    *claps with fans* teehee*0* the pinkness izz sexxy...!!!XP teehee
    nyuuuu gal is ventures na? with pinku hairr..^-^;
    anywhoo congrats on the new style of wall!+fav

  14. Zefie Oct 23, 2005

    for me O_O ? aaw, you are so sweet *hugs you tight* thank you so much :D really cool looking and unique style you have there ^_^ rythem's verctoring is great and scan you which you choosed ven-san is nice. bg is wonderful, those curls, texts, circles and butterflies are really nicely done :) simple colours are great and fits best when there are so many details. great work from you *claps*

  15. ayane-heine Oct 23, 2005

    pinkie pinke.. *_*
    grunge wall~~~ the vectoring part seems pretty good..
    although the bg is abit messy, there are too many words.. ^_^'
    but really a nice grunge wallie there..
    thanx for sharing oh~~~ :D

  16. Yina Oct 23, 2005

    i can see pink.. the wallie is so pinkish.. haha XD but why is it so small.. .__, nyaa.. never mind.. i really like the idea.. it's so original and lovely.. XD overall great work ><

  17. echidnaboy726 Oct 23, 2005

    That is very pink. I like it anyway, though. Good work, you two. I'm impressed!

  18. fukushuusha Oct 23, 2005

    aahhh!! pink! I hate pink T_T but I can make exceptions if they are like this
    really crowded with brushes in here but the style is really nice. I like how u mixed the brushes ventures. great job with this :)

  19. asan Oct 25, 2005

    it is a beautiful wallpaper...i love the colour...
    keep itu up!!!

  20. kai81220 Oct 25, 2005

    ...gota just say wow O____O

    really nice idea with the pink cause it gives the wall a focus.
    its almost grungey in a way with the text at the back and the circles in the front.

    lol and its range murata!!!!
    nice work ^^

  21. jocelyn08 Oct 27, 2005

    pinkish wallie xD
    i like da bubbles..but not really like the test at the background..
    like you said..it looks messy..><

  22. jpnxgts Oct 27, 2005

    c look at that u made another cool one.... me likes alot... ganbate i think taht how u spell it heheh on the next one... ill try o mk ONE but me have too much hw to do hahah bye

  23. MadWiz Oct 31, 2005

    o.o I am really slow in commenting *feels guilty.. but so busy (playing games XD)* I will make a great comment for this one though - by putting my heart into thinking of what to comment!

    pink whee~ so I see why its dedicated to me "for fun!" hehe
    its such a cool color~ compliments this wallie extremely well!
    the background is totally filled with text grunges =p *tries to read some of them* are they in english? I can't read anything :X except for two words I think are "Revolution" and "Primary" :P

    oh and rythems did a nice job vectoring :D but cause the PINK hair has no outlines.. for a moment I thought they weren't hair but like pasted-on paper

    those bubbly effect on the bottom left is quite adorable too~ nice in preventing the wallie from dulling due to too much text XD (the text gave me headache!)

    oh and among the 4 tinges of pink used.. at least I think 4 are used =p I only like 1 of them, the lightest one~

    ahhh don't know what else to comment on now~ so I will end here :P

  24. darkhimat Nov 05, 2005

    Wow the girl really looks cute, and the pink colour shows her .. girly side XD

    + Fav.

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