Blood+ Wallpaper: Blood : Last breed of slayers

Production I.G, Blood+, Hagi, Saya Otonashi Wallpaper
Production I.G Studio Blood+ Series Hagi Character Saya Otonashi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I once woke up one day
During the cold nights of old
Upon the seas of wrath my heart grows dim
Why doubt my intentions?
Why slander my deadly words?
i become my own little destructive force
Free, dead but omnipresent
the piano plays its final tune
the ballad of unsoothing nothingness
into the abyss i become my shadow...

*Listening to Jailhouse Rock - Jerry Lewis & Fats Domino
Kennedy killed the Hat - Buck 65*

Wow has it been this long since ive actually submitted a wall huh? i guess i should say i am starting to get bored at this game for some reason since my REAL life is much fruitfull than this since im getting more and more into the theroies and movements of the art world. But lately ive been slowly become seemingly cold and depressed for some reason , maybe my loneliness characteristic is kicking in which i cannot explain but i know it will be dealt with by me i guess... So to the wall i guess i used the image from MT of the well anticipated Blood Tv since th eactual movie was 40 minutes only but yeah i wanted to focus on the fact that she is one of the last breed of slayers and to look upon her future which is bloody, i think ive captured her last breath of freedom until she gets beack to slaying.

I re-cged parts of her and outlined the crappy parts wo she and the other character can be seen. This is an actual "RIGHTY WALL" so forgive me of the weird emptyness of it, I actually intended to puut the actual title one the bottom since if i put it on the empty space on there it would take away the actual deapth and horizon of the wall. Added asome Hue effect, noise filters and some grunge brushes to give that old distorted effect and... ummm nothing much to say but maybe im loosing my touch !!! >___<

Anyway hope you like it and more resolutions coming up in Imanimetions so hold yer horses! ^__^

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  1. Kiako Oct 22, 2005

    the scene and the background are pretty much ok. but the red colored text doesn't fit in. in other words, it's disturbing.

  2. Akaiken Oct 22, 2005

    Damn, I thought I'm gonna see real blood here. *sigh*

    Anyways, I like what you did on the whole wall man. The scenery's kinda realistic and the scans looked also good here.

  3. Milkiyo Oct 22, 2005

    whoa...long description *rubs eyes*
    anyway, that's a pretty nice wall but the red words sort of clashes with the wall and it doesn't look very 3d like without shadows where the girl's sitting.... :)
    hey, pretty smart of you to put up the words to hide the emptyness XP
    thanks for sharing this nice wall!

  4. chrno Oct 22, 2005

    I wanted to use the scan fpr my newest wallpaper too ;___;'
    You are good, the wallpaper is so great and I could never make the wallpaper as good as you could...... favie

  5. Dufoe88 Oct 22, 2005

    yoh oracle XD long time to see ya :P
    oh.. pretty wall.. i like the sky and the font you used ^^
    as usual great work..

  6. RainWater Oct 22, 2005

    This is nice! It looks like a screenshot, or something! I have no ide where she and he is from, but they're still good.

  7. pana Oct 22, 2005

    nice wallie overall
    bg is great and font as well but maybe u should of gone for a darker shade of red

    apart from that top job
    c ya around

  8. fukushuusha Oct 22, 2005

    loosing ur touch??...definitely not
    great job on cleaning and re-cging...those writings on the feet part looks annoying.
    the color theme of the wall is gorgeous as always...the transition of colors are great man.
    just the birds seem a bit weird in there...maybe because they are so lonely in the sky =P
    ahh...it's good to see u back walling again. And who knows; maybe u are cold and depressed these days because inside of u , u missed walling =)
    anyways...hail to the king! XD (ahh...fav ll have to wait)

  9. chibikko Oct 22, 2005

    haha a blood+ wall, finally something worth for my desktop lol. well the concept is quite simple but i still like the clean look and the uncliched sky. the perspective of the electricity poles is a bit off but other than that, good job!

  10. DarkEVO Oct 22, 2005

    Hey OA, glad to see a new wall from you.
    Losing your touch and depression.... yeah I guess I can say the same as me since I'm having one too.
    But this is a splendid wall from you. The background and concepts is all good.

    Sorry I can't fav it since I ran out of favs. But it will be on my desktop straight.

  11. Lenne Oct 22, 2005

    Oh man...it looks awsome.
    I love it,you did excellent job!!Well done! ;)

  12. jaderabbit Oct 22, 2005

    i love this style it's nice and clean and leaves a nice feel to a persons desktop. As always you keep up the good work ^_^. +FAvorite

  13. niina02 Oct 22, 2005

    great job...!
    u are not loosing your touch, u still good, u are great making walls!

    Quote by pananice wallie overall
    bg is great and font as well but maybe u should of gone for a darker shade of red

    apart from that top job
    c ya around

    yep, maybe u should modify the text... take it off or modify it, but it looks strange...

    anyway, u are good making walls, remember, u are a great artist ^^!, and i hope some day i can make walls soo good like u

    + fav


  14. Tiferet Oct 22, 2005

    you? losing you touch? yea right xD
    the emptyness doesn't really bother me much, it's a nice wall ^^

  15. Electrastar Oct 22, 2005

    Sorry to hear about your mood....hope you'll be feeling better soon. But heck, I understand how you feel...anyway.
    I really like this wallpaper. I love the foggy blurryness of the backround wich contrasts with her smilling expression and the image is clean and clear. Great job as usual.

  16. Cajime Oct 22, 2005

    this is a wonderful wallpaper. It is simple and perfect. +favorite :)

  17. kai81220 Oct 22, 2005

    your not losing your touch at all XD still good ol OA walling style =P

    i like the graininess you did. brings all the elements of the wall together.
    the faint shillohette of the (lighthouse?) adds that extra touch.

    the sky is a great shade of blue >___< *thumbs up*
    maybe the font in the bloody text is a bit unecessary cause its red and it stands out too much from the dark blueness of the rest of the wall.
    otherwise awesome stuff.

  18. ayaki Oct 22, 2005

    nah..i don't think u're loosing ur touch @ all +_+
    everything looks great here. especially the sky ^_^
    and Blood+ is an awesome anime...... xp!!~

  19. Midori-chan Oct 23, 2005

    XD this is such a cool wallie!!! it does look a little empty, but who cares? it's so nice!! XD
    i like the bg and the perspective a lot^^
    the scans used are nice too^^
    great job OA-san!! ;)

  20. Yina Oct 23, 2005

    ahh the birds are small.. luckily they are.. >> cuz for some reason i've started to hate birds.. bahh.. >.> nyaa.. never mind.. .__. the wallie looks perfect to me.. and it doesn't look empty i think.. so overall great work, ne =3

  21. Liz Oct 23, 2005

    Great work love the character scan and i love the background the the way you fit everything together. Really great work :)

  22. euna Retired Moderator Oct 23, 2005

    this looks so good.
    I just luv how everything goes together so well.
    just look at the overall grainy-ness and the texture and blah blah blah - everything.
    it looks too good. btw the clouds look absolutely great. how do you do it? O_O
    anywayz, wonderful wallie as always *fav*

  23. Asahi Oct 24, 2005

    wanted to add it to my pers favs.. but i cannt because of the limed - will add it later, kay ? ^^ love all on it. after a long time its a wall from you which i love :D keep it up angel !

  24. TrinityLi Oct 24, 2005

    Another great one from you. You make such great walls so I don't think you're losing your touch at all. I really like this one because it's simple and clean. Great job! :)

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