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Man..these past few weeks I have been quite busy..but for the past few days, I have been run down a bit, tired and sore. I need sleep >< But, the show must go on.

This, is apart of a project that I am taking part on for BleachPortal.net
They are putting together something special for the visitors of the site, and Evan is involved ^^ I referenced the last page of Bleach manga chapter 79, and tried to get it as exact to the image as I could, even throwing a bit of my own texture and style into it, but still trying to stay true to Rukia's design, I had too for certain reaasons ^^. But I really like how she came out.

I entitled it "Could it Be" because of the words Renji speaks to Rukia, and the thoughts of "Could it be Ichigo" that he mentioned. Etc etc. Those of you who read the chapter and remember it, know what I am refering to.

Nothing much more to say on this one. It is what it is. Enjoy ^^

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  1. dalidadod Oct 21, 2005

    waw thats really an amazin art...i cant describe it ..simply its awesome .... ;)

  2. Dufoe88 Oct 21, 2005

    i dunno what to say other then WoW!!!!

  3. SilentMasamune Oct 21, 2005

    Excellent drawing of Rukia. Too bad that I don't have too much to say from there. Keep up the great work.

  4. Kiako Oct 21, 2005

    great drawing, the chara looks a lot like herself, i like the way her hair is shaded.
    keep it up

  5. Juclesia Oct 21, 2005

    awesome...just great work....I can't say anything else as that I like it very much

  6. Revan Retired Moderator Oct 21, 2005

    Definetivelly you have succeeded at staying true to Rukia's design, I could have thought it was drawn by the original author :hmpf: I mean, both of the most important things of her design her eyes and hair are exactly porttraited.
    Great job as usual Evan, keep it up!!!

  7. Murrman84 Oct 21, 2005

    Absolutely gorgeous! The blacks are so pitch where they need to be that it's almost perfect! My only minor critique would be that her back hair should remain as black as the rest of it....for some reason it doesn't seem to fit with the rest, almost as if it were fading away...besides that, this is a beautiful piece!

  8. acid-awakening Oct 21, 2005

    heyllo evanrued... it's been a while
    This is awesome
    The face is really good
    I like the eyes most
    and the shiny hair thing looks great
    Thanx for sharing

  9. evasion Oct 21, 2005

    Awesome Rukia sketch! It looks just like the real deal :-) You did a wonderful work, thanks for sharing!

  10. Chopstickz Oct 22, 2005

    nice drawing, the hair is the best part, lighting makes it look great though the shading is a bit messy in parts

    omg rukia has bags under her eyes! :O
    the facial expression is pretty good

    overall , pretty good job

  11. ToriTori Oct 22, 2005

    wow.. thats really good.. it even looks legit.. good job!!

  12. studio Oct 22, 2005

    Oh Ev sweetee I LOVee it! It`s such a lovely piece of art. The lines and shading are beautiful. I can`t tell, but you inked it hm? X3 <33 Looks fab.

  13. pamelaho Oct 22, 2005

    Heh, sorry I haven't been very active lately XD Anyway, this is a lovely piece of art!! I love the drawing so much :D :D Haha, mind if I add it to my favs? Keep up your great work!! I'm loving the eyes~

  14. LucyXlostangelwings Oct 22, 2005

    This is a rather cute picture of Rukia. It looks like you did the hair using felt. I must say, it turned out really well. I especially love the crosshatching at the end of her hair. This expression really suits Rukia..she looks so cute! Nice one Evanrued!

  15. toujin1 Oct 22, 2005

    oooh i should not be here..i should be doing my 50% assessment..but i missed seeing your stuff! glad i took the time to look at this! i love her face, she is really cute! plus i think you got the expression perfectly...the hair is awesome!
    nyaa, if you do ever post my drawing drop me a message k? im not around as much as i like to be and i sure dont wanna miss it!
    take care dal, and good luck with all the stuff you have to do. miss you!

  16. unicorn2006 Retired Moderator Oct 22, 2005

    This is really good ^^ There's no mistake about the character being Rukia and the way her expression is depicted is sublime :) It seems like you used some sort of marker or felt tip pen or something.. but you used it very well and effectively.. I don't know what to say anymore, I really don't see any faults to point out so I think I'll leave it at that. ^^ nice job!

  17. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Oct 22, 2005

    Wow ive been gone for a while and you do great artwork, though i wish you would draw your own version of Rukia without copying the actual image but overall nice draw Evan! ^__^

  18. SaschaC Oct 22, 2005

    Woa!!!! now thats a beautiful work!!!
    I just love it! ^_^
    really, U've done an amazing job!

  19. pegassuss Oct 23, 2005

    Beautiful portrait of Rukia. You managed really well to capture her expression and essence.
    I especially like her eyes, really nicely done, as well as her hair, you did a very good work inking it all.
    I think you did a good work. Keep it up.

  20. Nona Oct 23, 2005

    Rukia!!! :D :d
    i like the stile how you made her her, this black-wight changing! :) Really good drawing! :)

  21. aibuster Oct 23, 2005

    well what do you know. practice makes perfect and you put in a whole great effort on that. loved the way you shade in everything. especially on the toning effects. this truly a well deserved fave

  22. DarkVirus Oct 23, 2005

    Wow, that is a nice drawing on Rukia, Evanrued...
    Keep up the good work :)

  23. torinb Oct 24, 2005

    Wow, that was an awesome job capturing her. Nice job on the textures, the hair and eyes convey so much emotion!! If you have any more of Rukia, I'd definately love to see it!

  24. foxzero Oct 24, 2005

    wow that is really good
    great job on it so i will give this a 10 out of 10 so keep up the good work ^_^

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