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Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Bee Train, .hack//SIGN, Mimiru, Tsukasa Wallpaper
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Mangaka Bee Train Studio .hack//SIGN Series Mimiru Character Tsukasa Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

well this was the wall that i submitted to war. basically my tribute to the first anime i actually followed from start to finish ^^

a humoungous vector that had weird colouring and stuff. the anime itself is based in a virtual world so i wanted it to seem a bit surrealistic so i took some images of Dun Loireag and blended them into the bg. i know its a pixelate but.......i tried -__-''

anyway vector took up a huge chunk of time so i was a bit rushed at the end.
i might add a link to a textless version of the wall because this one has a bit too much text to sit on anyones desktop XD



ps. its a spinoff on a Newtype magazine >___>
Ps. i just discovered typos in the credits X____X but the update thing doesnt work....but it shouldnt be a problem becaus the task bar covers it anyway

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  1. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Oct 21, 2005

    lol the background is kinda pixelated and the outline on the girl's leg is kinda bumpy XD

    But gotta give you the kudos and congrats for tying the highest score in round 2 of the w.a.r!!

    *blows a party thingo... I forgot what they were called... I just lost the name...*

    edit: sorry, I meant outline of the rock... is that a rock? anyways... >_<

  2. Milkiyo Oct 21, 2005

    yah..the text's quite disturbing the wall and the wall's quite blur... :sweat:
    but that's a nice touch of mist used and the girl's expression's funny... XP XP

  3. Sandra Oct 21, 2005

    Nice one Kai !

    First thing i must say : I have no favs ; __ ;

    Second ting - The wall

    It looks really interesting BUT
    Yeah i have one BUT :P
    When you put a vector i think that the wall would be more great with a vector background too. On your wallie the bg looks kinda blurred.
    But it's still a good one .

    Bye Bye ^_^

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 21, 2005

    The text is a bit random, but the vector is awesome. Keep up the good work!

  5. Kiako Oct 21, 2005

    you did a good job on the wallpaper, the charas look good and i like the bg a lot, it fits well to everything
    keep up the good work.

  6. Sunira Oct 21, 2005

    Congrats on winning. :D Its an awesome wallpaper. :D You're very good at vectoring.

  7. shirokaze Oct 21, 2005

    Nice wallpaper.
    What I like is the feeling of adventure in it.
    and your work on all of element is the best.
    I also don't find the text too messy.
    Keep up good work!

  8. Veronika Oct 21, 2005

    Hey, I really enjoyed watching .hack//SIGN and I was quite disappointed about .hack//DUSK and .hack//LIMINALITY ... my friend told me the ending is more in game than in OVA >=( But never mind, really great job =)

  9. RainOfStars Oct 21, 2005

    good job on the vectoring. It is very clean as usual. Weird clouds though. Anyway, the text is a bit too much for a desktop.
    Good job^^

  10. Nona Oct 21, 2005

    Yes, this is the World. Kai's World, and Kai's vectore! :D Niceeeeee! (as always)

  11. hongrboi Oct 21, 2005

    Yup! Reminds me of newtype ^^ The only thing I want to suggest is to add more tech to it. It seems like you did add tech(the [code 10010010] thing) but not enough.

  12. slivermoon Oct 21, 2005

    the thumb nail makes it look soo bad... OX
    but its not, the vectoring is nice, doesn't seem to go w/ the rest of the world's design
    but it looks just like the anime, so who cares >_<
    this reminds me of some kind of magazine article, just that theres no crease down the middle

  13. acid-awakening Oct 21, 2005

    Nice work
    Looks great
    I like the background
    Mostly sky but the mountains is also nice
    Thanx for sharing

  14. ayaki Oct 21, 2005

    cool wall! ~ great idea of the newtype magazine twist
    the vector looks amazing.
    and yea..the bg does look a bit too blurry..
    but it still looks great!~ really make me wanna watch this anime ^_^

  15. evasion Oct 21, 2005

    Haha - I love the liveliness of the pic! Woooo, kai you did an awesome job. The vector and text is pretty neat. Thanks for sharing!

  16. rythem Oct 22, 2005

    waa~~ lovely vector ~~ >w< the wall looks very nice .. the clouds n bg is pretty *the rocks if vectored would look more nice :) * ~but I like em XD
    quite nice overall .. great work here kai ~~ ^.^

  17. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Oct 22, 2005

    Awesome twist really well detailed and done very skillfully, though you could work more on your caplocks but noentheless the whole wall is vectored well and nice job as always! :P

  18. fukushuusha Oct 22, 2005

    woahh...very unique work here...the idea is great kai
    the vector is seriously well done. damn I have to buy a tablet :(
    gorgeous work boss...no wonder it has the highest score on the 2nd round
    *sigh* the fav ll have to wait just a little...

  19. DarkEVO Oct 22, 2005

    Interesting vector work.
    The background looks great with the mountains & clouds but a bit empty is more I'll say.
    Interesting. Interesting.

  20. Lenne Oct 22, 2005

    I never played this game...i only know a bit about it but you did a great work on this wall.I really like it. :)

  21. NegativeBahamut Oct 22, 2005

    Nice job! I really like the vectors, they re really well done (maybe we should call you VectorMan... o_0 ). Anyway, nice job, I like the BG, but the clouds dont look right, maybe because of the fog further away. Overall, I think its great.

  22. Yina Oct 23, 2005

    here we go.. congrats!!! XD XD haha we won.. we won.. XD hrmhrm.. great work on the vector ne.. =3 and the text looks great on the wallie.. *__*

  23. minakomel Nov 05, 2005

    really nice ^^
    a very clean diagramation ^^
    makes you think you are really in an altimit plataform ^^ meow

  24. pockky Nov 16, 2005

    nice shot !>_<v

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