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Mutsumi Sasaki, Memories Off, Minamo Ibuki Wallpaper
Mutsumi Sasaki Mangaka Memories Off Series,Visual Novel Minamo Ibuki Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hello there everyone ~ so long I havent made a wallpaper ... *.* staring too long at this wall ... it turns out looking funny XD

I nvr watched memories off so the words r just what I came up with .. nothing to do with the story .. *_*

anyways ~ I vectored this scan [here] ... actually I vectored it a long time ago .. but got few inspirations n no time .. *3*
the bg is 60+ layers total .. simply made quite randomly . x_X it lacks of details .. I know .. >_< the tree looks like cotton candy 8D lol

time I spent was quite long .. the font looks bad . sorry but couldnt fix that .. :P bear with it XD

heh overall I think its quite messy .. ;_; I'll fix it when I'm not being so uber lazy ~

oki ~ comments r greatly appreciated :)

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  1. royaldarkness Oct 21, 2005

    rythem-chan! haven't seen you for ages :) very nice wall you just made! i simply love the colors, lovely wall :)

  2. Milkiyo Oct 21, 2005

    looks quite common but nice wall and the girl is very cute
    nice blend of colours too.. ;)

  3. ventures Oct 21, 2005

    XD waa~ I never saw u make this wall.
    the tree and bg looks really nice~
    all the mistyness looks really good ~
    blue trees look good :D
    lol~ favs

  4. Criox Oct 21, 2005

    Hi Rythem! How are ye? Its a nice vector. I like the colors of it. The BG looks great. It suits the title you give it. XD Overall the concept is good. Keep it up. n_n

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 21, 2005

    Ooo, very nicely done. The background is a bit simple, but the vector is awesome! Keep up the excellent work!

  6. Idril Oct 21, 2005

    ahh!! Rythem-san!! I think your newst wallie is so cute and colorful!! It isnt a messy and vector is wonderful too!!
    lovely work, sweetie!

  7. Kiako Oct 21, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is very pretty and she looks good with the kind of bg you made.
    keep it up

  8. fawna-chan Oct 21, 2005

    wow...it's so so pretty. i like how you did trees of clouds! and the background looks very nice indeed! *clap clap* good job on the scan too! :)

  9. Rella Oct 21, 2005

    That looks really nice! I really like the background scene, it matches the scan very much. Good job!^^

  10. slivermoon Oct 21, 2005

    the vectoring is abit on the light side, kinda hard to see the details
    the bg looks pretty though it looks kinda watery to me o_0
    the colours blend really well together, really nice work ^-^

  11. Sallyf322 Oct 21, 2005

    Finally...another submission from talented rythem! ^-^ Long time no...post! XD As always, your submissions are beautiful---I've never watched this series before, but the vectored character's really pretty ^-^ I think you did a swell job! This might even convince me to watch Memories Off (which I dled...ages ago -_-) Haha...^-^" This will make a nice winter wallie...like...for Christmas! Thank you! ^-^ *faves*

  12. acid-awakening Oct 21, 2005

    Heey rythem
    Whoa!!..... it's been ages since you last submitted anything
    This ones beautiful
    I really like the background XD
    Thanx for sharing ;)

  13. evasion Oct 21, 2005

    Fantastic vector! Rythem is always awesome :) I love the background and you did an excellent job of combining the scan and bg. Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. heavens-Dragon Oct 21, 2005

    Ekkk! This is sucha really cute vector! I really love the vector! You did such a wonderful job! Wowies, and really cute background! It matches really well with the scan! The background is so beautiful and the colours are fantastic! Awesome work! Keep it up!

  15. zaira Oct 21, 2005

    wow!!! this one is sooooo pwettie!! the simple bg is soooo cool!! i love the vectored scan!! nice job on vectoring!! the soft colors really fits the whole bg!!! nice job! XD

  16. kai81220 Oct 22, 2005

    i kinda like how everything shares a similar tone of blue here. nicely matched.

    its a really nice vector but the some parts with the black outlines are a bit harsh when compared to her clothing. and why are her hands glowing? oO'''''

    he smudgy dream effect bg looks nice, but i can see your brush strokes on the trunk of the tree ^^
    overall nice stuff ^__^

  17. Kongousouha Oct 22, 2005

    omg. very cute rythem! I love it. I added it to my favorites. Keep up the great work!

  18. knightstar3 Oct 22, 2005

    wow..that's a very nice vector!! ^-^
    a pretty sky scene bg to go with it! :) the font looks ok, and the trees do look like cotton candy. :P but they're nice anyways. love to see more wallies from you! ;) keep it up.

  19. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Oct 22, 2005

    kyaaaaaaaa.. saki ish in love with the dreammmm dreammm dreammiiiee effeecctuu..

    *-* goood jobbuu <3 i'll see thisu in saki's dream <3

  20. dead Oct 22, 2005

    Hey Rythem long time don't hear it about you!, nicely done, I love the sky in the BG, merge well with the vector and she is so cute, thanks for sharing this great wall :D

  21. Zefie Oct 23, 2005

    so beautiful vector ^_^ your vectoring just gets better and better ! aaw, your background looks so fluffy XD cute ans simple bg fits really well with vector. colouring is well done and soft colours match together nicely :) great work as always and thank you for sharing !

  22. Yina Oct 23, 2005

    waii.. it's rythem's new wallie.. XD XD waii you drew the bg?? X__X oh my dear.. the bg is amazing.. but i think the vector doesn't really fit to it.. i don't mean the theme.. i think the vector is too sharp and the bg is so fluffy.. nyaa.. but nevertheless great work.. ;__;

  23. walkure245 Oct 23, 2005

    The lighting is perfect for the night time scene. The bg is really nicely done and I like how the tree look. The vectoring is realy well done and it really shows how cold it is. You should some smoke coming from her mouth. It will show how cold it really is. Other than that, this is really nicely done. Really great stuff!

  24. Yumi-Chan Oct 24, 2005

    i love how you drew the tree so artistically. and no the font doesn't look bad at all lol. i dont think the vectored scan fits this soft bg, and the colours too >.< no worries, you've done a good job on the vector AND the blue-ish bg though :D cotton candy tree, mmm yummy xD

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