Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Love the knows no boundaries

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Athrun Zala, Cagalli Yula Athha Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Love that knows no boundaries
Hah! I know what you must be thinking - "What!? Another one??" Hehe... see? I knew it! Well, you gotta tolerate with me cause I'm a really really big AsuCaga fan! I've still haven't overcome my worries about their relationship although there's a big support from you guys! Thanks! *huggles* I can't promise you that this will be my last AsuCaga wallie cause...cause...erm....cause their my fave couple!

Actually, I intended to submit it without any words. Then I asked my sis and mum's opinion and both of them said that the wallie looks good with the words heading - Love that knows no boundaries. If you still wanna have a look at my original one, here's the link!

This wallie is dedicated to my "rival" - Ayane-Heine! Hehe...no I'm just kidding, she's a good and funny friend! Don't get mad Ayane!

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Browse Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. darkangel013 Oct 21, 2005

    Me too,Athrun and Cagalli are my favorite couple!!!I really love what you did to the background!!!+FAVS right away!

  2. LilLaoRyo704 Oct 21, 2005

    yea, athrun and cagalli all the way, this is awesome, looks great, love the scan images look awesome, and the background is perfect, great job, ja-ne

  3. Yureika Oct 21, 2005

    hey nice scan !!!! also i lke the bg ...yay got roses..kinda romantic i tink.. :)
    overrall simple and nice...good job..
    sorry but what is the name of the font that u use ????? :) :)

  4. phamthuha Oct 21, 2005

    I see you are making so much wall of this couple ^_^ Nice work as always, sweetie, i really can't wait to see more >_<!

  5. hongrboi Oct 21, 2005

    Gaahh another wall. You wall waaay too fast >< I definatly love the roses on this wall. Is it a brush or is it stock? Either way, it's great ^^ Your backgrounds are always so colourful! You have such a great imagination. It will usually take me a month to come up with something like that >< Argg I'm having a hard time finding something to say to help you improve. Just let me thing for a second >< *things for 10 mins* OK I've found something xD I don't like the font. yeah thats all xD

  6. royaldarkness Oct 21, 2005

    more athrun and cagalli walls ^^ very lovely background! it's so pretty, very nice ;)

  7. WingsofFreedom Oct 21, 2005

    wow great wally!!!!!!hmmm...i dont really think purple and blue is their colour.but other then that its really pretty!! :)

  8. CagalliYulaAttha91 Oct 21, 2005

    Ma! Sugoi!!! XD It's so beautiful!!!!! Keep up your good work!! XD +favs

  9. Liz Oct 21, 2005

    WOW again i must say i never get tired of wallies like your there amazing i love the scan by the way! The background fits perfectly with them they look so good together like that! Amazing work love your wallie!

  10. Blueheart Oct 21, 2005

    the characters are cool, but I think you should try a better Background! that one it's to poor

  11. teepoo Oct 21, 2005

    weeee hehe ur wallies get better and better xD the brushing effect u used is pretty ^^ amd i took in my advice of less font =] yay *jumps up and does some retard cheer*

  12. White-Wing Oct 21, 2005

    great wall! I love Athrun's eyes when he see Cagalli! XD so.. warm...!! Asucaga forever!!

  13. Cagalli-Athurn Oct 21, 2005

    it is so romantic.........asucaga rulez^^...........keep up your good work my friend......i loved it very much......thx for sending it to me.....^^

  14. Wavealien Oct 21, 2005

    Athrun and Cagalli are the best couple, great job It looks awesome, you really make them look so great together!!

  15. Idril Oct 21, 2005

    very good!! scan is so cute and pretty and your background is so colorful and effects looks weldone!!
    keep it up, my friend!

  16. sandumirabela Oct 21, 2005

    Haha...sweety very funny your comment^_^!Haha..I guess we have to tolerate you^_^!
    Hugies sweety!Yeah..you really are a big fab of them there is no doubt like there is no doubt that my favorite wallies,pictures are either with couples either with boys(especially with Sesshy or Kurama...I loveeeeeeeee them ^_^' ).
    Ah very sweet background...roses my favorites^_^!Well there is alos no doubt that the rose(especially the red rose) is the colour associated with real love..ohhh :) !But who desn't know that...when you love soemone give htem roses boys..hehe :) .Don't ya agree with me sweety?
    Nice wallie and lovely copule too...I wish I found my love too^_^!Well there is plenty of time >_< but I hope him to appear sooner >.< ^_^' !
    Ah and the title of the wall...I believe everybody crave for such a love^_^!Hugies^_^!

  17. agneslee Oct 21, 2005

    very colorful picture :D :D
    The color and the bg are all well match the characters.
    Good job :D :D
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Rikimaru-jp Oct 21, 2005

    Nice background it's really cool !!!
    the scan is well extracted and suits with the background colors a lot!!!
    keep it up!!!!

  19. strawberrt Oct 21, 2005

    >_< I love Athrun x Cagalli together! Awesome wallie, I like that scan on Athrun =) Keep up the great work!!!

  20. hikarinotenshi Oct 21, 2005

    athrun x cagalli forever! no offense meyrin but you'll never replace cagalli XD

  21. xianghua Oct 21, 2005

    woow very nice wall! the bg looks amzing with those roses! and loove the scan! they look soo cuute!
    great work!

  22. Emma Oct 22, 2005

    Ohhh, I really like the flowers! I like the colors of the background of the purple and blue. Very pretty combination =) And the scans are so smooth and vivid in colors. Wonderful wall!! ^_^

  23. Larxie Oct 22, 2005

    Awww. How sweet. :) I love Asucaga so much!

    Nice wallie. I like the Background, especially the flowers. I think it's cute.

  24. Cress Oct 22, 2005

    love the background!! roses are always a great concept, especially for romance =) love the background colours too! lovely job, hon~ <3

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