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Hell! I've to write a description and I can't wait to push the Upload button XD Ok.. here's a description x_x :

First, it's dedicated to Jasmine. When I did this one, it was thinking about you.

Secondly, I would like to say a GREAAAT thanks to Keltosh. Keltosh gave me some advices such where I could find some ways to learn how I could manage Photoshop etc. Moreover, I think that he is a part of the heart of MT because of what he do on MT like trying to keep MT safe. Some people will think that he is wicked but I'll say them that he is NOT.

OK, now ...

About this wall :D :

Hell.. I NEVER spent so much time on a wall x_x But I got soooo many problems or found soooo many things I didn't how to do that I took me really long to do it.

I first imagined what I would like on the wall : trees, many trees for a deep forest. A ground with sand or grass, various leafs colors, a perspective more and more dark to reflect a deep forest in the horizon. I thought that some water could be interesting then and why not with a reflect effect!

Then I draw some trees by myself (btw everything is by myself less the character ^^) with the elliptical marquee. Then I used the brush tool for the leafs. I made sooooooo much tests for the leafs, green, red, maroon, yellow, testing if a result was better than the previous etc. x_x

When I finally ended it, I draw a pool and placed the character for an idea.

I started to do the grass, as for the leafs I tried many ways to do it and colors too. I tried to make it the more realistic it could be so there's many colors for a same peace of grass :P I also made a perspective effect because I knew that I would try a light perspective effect at the end. As such, there's some different grass in front of and behind EVERY tree ^^

I thought the hardest was made but I was wrong...

Then I started to do the tree texture *cryyyyyyyyyy* It has been soooo hard x_x NONE of the photoshop effect was a realistic texture. NONE of the combination effects was realistic... At the end end customized many filters and colors (for each tree there's up to 9 filters customized). And all of the trees are different with different textures... I tried my best. I think it looks like (a little at least) realistic...

Then the water and reflect was missing. I customized my layer (sharpen, texture, 3 filters, hue/saturation and others things v_v). and got the water aspect.

I spent too much time on the reflect because I had difficulties to do what I imagined at first. Finally got it.

I added dead leafs on the ground because I never saw any forest without dead leafs on the ground XD

I looked for a title, and I dunno how it's called : a moral? a thought maybe. Tried several fonts :P (more than 100 XD ) and took the one you can see. I added the leafs, the credits (in the trees like it had been written in). And here we are!

OK there's some things I did and didn't mentionned I'm sure but I can't wait anymore to submit my work x_x

Made with Adobe Photoshop 9, 50 layers+, more than 3 days.

Any comments will be welcome.

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  1. tian82 Oct 20, 2005

    This wallpaper look awesome and cool !! Like the tree and grass , look so nice and like the colour too !! Good and great work !! Thank for sharing !!

  2. jasmine Retired Moderator Oct 21, 2005

    Hello Willem :]
    Thank you for dedicating this wall to me, though I do not know what I did to deserve it ^^ Still I am really happy for the dedication :D

    Ok, since I promised constructive criticism, I will be harsh  But do not it the wrong way ;)

    Let’s start with the minuses:
    * extraction => there are still some flaws in the extraction. I know it is boring and unrewarding process, but imho over 50% of the wall’s neatness comes from at lest “decent” extraction.
    * pond thing => it looks weird O_o it is neither a lake nor a river (smth one could expect in a forest), it is more likely to be a bigger puddle, but then again the rocks in it do not kind of suit it. No! wait, this is the character’s and the animal’s reflection O_o Then, there is one big mistake. The ripples/waves are too big and the water works here like a magnifying glass also not that good :/
    Yup, I am being heartless in my criticism ^^; sorry.
    * the grass => it still lacks something, or maybe it is just me not being too fond of that particular brush. It is good that you tried to very it, play with it, change the brushes options/colours/size and so on. Ok, there is smth to improve definitely but I am not sure how to. Mind you I am not a proficient photoshop user or a waller.
    * the leaves => I like this brush better then the grass one, still I think that you could try and search for some more leaves brushes over the net (i.e. deviantart), cause in the forest you meet various trees and here only one kind.
    * the trees’ trunks => dunno. They are just weird. I cannot tell you how to work on them since I never made a tree in photoshop 
    * the font => it also might need some more work on, but as I am not an expert in the field :P (I have problems with choosing proper font as well) I cannot really help you on that one. It is just that it does not really fit the whole wallpaper. It stands out. At the very least try changing the font’s colour, it ought to help (I dunno why you decided on white, since you have no white used in the wall itself, and white doesn’t really imply forest).

    Ok, now some pluses:
    * leaves => me likes the autumn’s colours :] I love yellow and orange. It is also good that you tried to preserve the varying shades of leaves due to their position (at the front or very deep into the forest), still I think there might have been more shades of green colour.
    * the titled “heart of the forest” => the small and cute tree in the very centre of your wallie, really suits the whole concept and its slightly different leaves’ colour make it even more distinctive and visible
    * the fact that you were trying to do everything from scratch, searched for tutorials and decided to devote some time in improving your skills rather then rushing with the work

    I will end it at that ^^ hope I did not discourage you. I mean, I really see an improvement from your latest wall, but as you perfectly well realize the two of us have still a looooong way for improvements XD let’s just keep on trying and producing more interesting walls from now on, ok?

  3. nemsis2070 Oct 22, 2005

    (\ /)
    ( . .)

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