Gankutsuou Wallpaper: Expectation

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1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

One of my first impressions of Gankutsuou was: "Look, it's a Klimt painting...but moving XP " ::to see more of Gustav Klimt >> The Darque Dragon Inn:: So I thought it would be interesting to do a Gankutsuou wall with patterns from Klimt paintings.

I actually chose the painting for Haydee's robe first: Expectation, one of my favs. Then I chose the image of Haydee that I think best expresses expectation >> gankutsuo:xmas issue , vectored it, and inserted the patterns. The other Klimt paintings I used were Fulfillment ::the companion piece to Expectation:: and Medicine (Hygieia).

The bg is based on a watercolor(?) of Albert and Franz that I saw in the artbook: ocean scene, vintage looking, antique florals. Vectored the balustrade from a stock photo of Rome.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

WIDESCREEN and 1280x960 resolutions on my site. Insomnia Works

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: drell
Wall: emptiness reborn.
Reason: The composition: simple and expressive.

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  1. teepoo Oct 20, 2005

    oo its cool ^__^ i love the background and the scan fit well together even if the background is more 3d ish and the scan is flat its a nice piece of work and the use of negative space is so effective =]

  2. crapmonster Oct 20, 2005

    definitely one of the best walls ive seen in a while on MT. im pretty sure i already said what i thought of it over on tamas board so...ill just go ahead and fav it!

  3. drell Oct 20, 2005

    Textures are good and so is the background, thought the barricade looks a bit weird.
    Thanks for the plug~ :)

  4. Revan Retired Moderator Oct 20, 2005

    The work you have done for the dress is absolutely beautiful, somehow it reminds me of the art at the openings from Elfen Lied, you did a great job on the vector, at first when I saw the original scan I could find the girl OX
    The texturing work you have done it's very nicely done, I just love everything about this work of yours XD

  5. tian82 Oct 20, 2005

    Nice and lovely wallpaper at here !! I love it !! Like the background and the girl !! Look perfectly match !! Good work and thank for sharing !!

  6. ayaki Oct 21, 2005

    same as ur description to the plugged wall...
    simple and expressive..
    the sky and the texture looks great ^_^
    awesome wall.

  7. DREAM Oct 21, 2005

    well this is the bluSake i have come to love and admire. ^^

    great wall but have one complaint. you should have kept Haydee's robe or komino [ot whatever French robes in the future are referred to as] as 1 pattern. In Klimt's "Expectation" did you notice how the woman's robe is one style and the bg another? that's is for good reason- both patterns together are overwhelming and clash.

  8. Electrastar Oct 21, 2005

    Very pretty. I just love the vast space she's staring off into, reminds me of the Count's mansion.. It's just pretty, I really liked Haydee.

  9. kakitsubata Oct 22, 2005

    this is very impressive! i personally really like klimt's work but i never thought i'd see it here on mt. unlike dream, i think there's no problem with clashing patterns... i love how you've used the pattern in the text too. *thumbs up*

  10. flyindreams Oct 27, 2005

    Beautiful, 'sake. I love this open simple style of yours, and I got a big kick out of you using the design from Klimt's expectation painting... XD And the subtle floral overlay is lovely <33

  11. Lana3007 Oct 27, 2005

    Really well done! I like the color combination, and the character is really beautiful! It's simple but it works very well.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. nolove Nov 06, 2005

    wow, pretty, why I havent found it soon ><, I like it so much, the color and the scan iz really good to ^^

  13. Dani Nov 06, 2005

    You are a freaking genius! Gankutsuou is a show that lends itself nicely to making good walls, but adding in Klimt? Perfect, just...perfect.

  14. liacoraginger Nov 07, 2005

    wow very nice, the patterning is lovely ^_^

  15. irian Nov 07, 2005

    You did an excellent job capturing Haydee's mood, staring into space, waiting, wanting the man she loves to finally move on. The painting for her robe fits incredibly with the art style of Gankutsuou.

  16. -Azumi-chan- Nov 09, 2005

    Wow! what a COOL wallpaper! I love it! the painting on her looks amazing! well job! one of my favorites now! ;)

  17. kelaxin Nov 16, 2005

    The patterns you picked from the robe really match the style of Gankutsuou- great job picking the design.

  18. joemighty16 Dec 01, 2005

    That is indeed a very nice and fitting design you picked. It matches the Gankutsuou "feel" exacly. If you haven't mentioned Gustav Klimt I would have thought it original to the anime.

    As for the rest the wall is beautiful! Thanks so much for it!

  19. ParadiseSis Dec 29, 2005

    It is sooo pretty!
    The facture of dress and jewellery looks awesome ^.^
    And hopefully eyes looking at the sky
    Excellent work :D

  20. umidori Jan 31, 2006

    Oh, so that's what Gankutsuou reminded me of - Klimt paintings! ^^; Great wallpaper idea. I like how you tied the patterns and Haydee together with the "expectation" theme. The patterns look wonderful and fit in very well. I also like the contrast between the 3-D background and Haydee's flatness. ^^

  21. noein Mar 04, 2006

    The wallpaper is very nice.
    I like the feeling of the wallpaper.
    Thank you~

  22. lordpaco Mar 30, 2006


    fantastic job,

    the art and colors are wonderful

  23. HaWaIIofHoaI Jul 04, 2006

    you did an awesome job. even though i haven't watched the anime, i've been intrigued by most of the wallpapers in one way or another for this series. however, most of them scare me! XD HOWEVER, your wallpaper caught my eye and i finally found one where i was like YAY. hahaha

  24. candy-chan Retired Moderator Apr 26, 2007

    temporarily featured in art-nouveau :)

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