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hiya!!! well i'm baaack! again!... maybe... i think....in the past months i'm not here!! well why? m........toooo busy??
well not really its just that my internet has broken down, i have no time to check you guys here!! waaaah T_T
but!! in those days i made plenty of wallies (i got bored...then i try to hit my photoshop)...
in that case plenty of wallies to come!!! just wait!! hehehe well as you can see my internet is ok again! so here i am!!! :D
plenty of things to fix! waaah!

ok! enough of that intro!! now for my crappy wall...lets see nothing to say hehe ^_^'

hope you guys like my crappy wall!!
jya mata ne!! XD

well someone want to know how i made this wallpaper so here!
well for the scan i found it in 4chan, the half of the wall on the left is the scan but not the black background
the paRT of the scan is the girl, moon and the tower the whole bg of the scan is a navy blue paint soo it is already painted with that color
and the right half of the wall was made by me, i made the shooting star, small stars, white thing below and the circle thingys, the black background and the glowy petals
i've used a brush in making the shooting star and the small stars, for the white thing below i used a white color brush to paint it then i add some circle brush on top of the white thing
then i made the circles transparent using a layer style- blending options in blend mode and i lower the opacity to look transparent. then for the glowy petals
i used a petal brush again to make those, i've used a color white so it will look bright, and for blue glow in it i've used also a layer style-blending options-outer glow
then i change the blend mode into normal then i also change the color of the glow to blue, for the brightness of the glow, i've used the elements-technique to soft then the spread is to 12
then to size is 5. So for those layers i blur them so it can fit the quality of the scan. the text and the devil tail are also one of my works. sooooooo there you have it!
hope my explaination is ok to understand... but it is also ok if you dont get...you know what i mean.i'm not forcing people to like my works or to this wall....... well that's all! *bow*

P.S. i reupload it bec. MT said that my wall was not fully uploaded hehe well sorry for inconvenience... ^_^'

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  1. BossMac Oct 20, 2005

    LOng description.....

    ANyways, hey there zai, long time no see... and no sub, too.

    Let's see... just like your usual work... hmm... Nice settings you got.. nightime in france (it's in france right?)

    Can't say much, because I'm speechless. OH well... cool!

  2. Akaiken Oct 20, 2005

    Gee... reuploaded...

    Oh well, I think you know my comment. It's nice but I think that cloud thing below is not really necessary or just have some mist effects...

  3. Sanzosgirl19 Oct 20, 2005

    Wow this is really well done. I love the sky and the girl really fits well. The moon and building on the side is a really nice touch. The flower peatles add a soft feel and the typeing on the name is really sexy in a way. Big fan of your walls Keep up the wonderful work. Thanks for shareing it and working so hard. A+ and a fav. (*^_^*)

  4. melonbrust Oct 20, 2005

    interesting point of view with the upside down scan.... ^^ nice background too.. love it

  5. Wslasher Oct 20, 2005

    this is a very cute and beautiful scan, thinking of adding it 2my faves!

  6. knightstar3 Oct 20, 2005

    the sky looks beautiful and the white circle thingies at the bottom look interesting! ^-^
    cool scan you used, i like how sh'e upside down. :P
    the tower building looks very nice too with the moon behind it.
    awesome! ;)

  7. Kenichi Oct 20, 2005

    welcome back zai-ra-chan. :)
    hm~ nice wallpaper. i know ur try to make her freefall, but iono about it.
    nice bg though dark and glowly.
    its very nice actually.

  8. chibinezumii Oct 20, 2005

    wow... awesomeness! very pretty scan and a very pretty wall!!! sugoi!

  9. bbls Oct 20, 2005

    i luv the upside down perspective of the girl, and the way you blended the original scan into your background is flawless! i luv your glowing petals...they were definitely nice touches to your wallie. and i also luved the stars that you added to the sky, especially the shooting star. but the white circular designs on the bottom are a little confusing to me...are they clouds? overall, your wallie is very cute and looks wonderful!

  10. Willem Oct 20, 2005

    As I wrote a comment on the first upload you know what I think. Hehe... more fine with the part which was missing :D

  11. proj Oct 20, 2005

    beautiful work & i like the technique, style & composition.. :)
    it's very inspirational..


  12. AC2N Oct 20, 2005

    Ho i can see the french Effeil tower !!! this is a good thing !! (i'm french ! so... ;) )
    this one is cute... I love the colors... and the all looks nice.
    good job...
    hope to see more soon...

  13. Angel-on-Dragon Oct 20, 2005

    Really cool wallpaper. This scan looks great and her pose..... ^^ The bg fits perfectly.
    Do you have it in other resolutions too? It's a pity that it's so small....
    Anyway, thanks for sharing

  14. princechrono Oct 20, 2005

    i love it she is... sexy an cute :) oh!by the way the moon is awesome, i love moons oh!!and the leaf r kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD great job

  15. phamthuha Oct 20, 2005

    Ah, sweetie, so you resubmit it ^_^ Looks good now, amazing job like you, Zaira-san >_<!

  16. winxfairykay Oct 20, 2005

    I love the scan and the wall is great!
    Keep it up!

  17. Sakura0chan Oct 20, 2005

    Simple but pretty. ;)
    I think you should add more detail on the moon. It looks plain to me.
    Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Kiako Oct 20, 2005

    well it looks pretty good except fot the botom, i don't like teh white circles there, you should add some shiny effects.

  19. Sandra Oct 20, 2005

    http://advancedanime.com/pictures/5834354.jpg << Not from 4chan but i think that you used this scan on your work Zaira.

    You don't put a lot of work here i think , it's only my thought about this one , but look att the scan and then on your work.

    Not bad but to simple.
    Try to make something really yours ! You can do it !

  20. naomi-akiyama Oct 20, 2005

    Zaira-san!!! What an amazing wallpaper!! I like a lot the fact that the girl is upside down ^^, + fav

  21. MoonlightEternity Oct 21, 2005

    ah u haven't walled in so long! ^^yayyyy
    really nice one, heehee she's upsidedown! great job, i love it. the tower is a really nice touch, and the blossoms are super cool :) the demon tails are so awesome too! great job, thanks for sharing!

  22. magemaster Oct 21, 2005

    this wallpaper is so, so, ..COOL!
    It captures the action-to-madness thing! Ya know.. ;)

  23. TrinityLi Oct 21, 2005

    Nice wall! I love the scan and the blurry effect. Great job! :)

  24. heavens-Dragon Oct 21, 2005

    Zaira-chan! *big hugs* I'm so happy to see you back! Been wondering where you were!
    This wallpaper is so pretty! I like the scan! She's so cute and really cool! The background is really beautifully done, it's simple but really nice! I love the font, it's so cool! The circles are a really neat idea, awesome work! Keep it up!

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