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wow, its been awile since i made a wallpaper, i've been having computer troubles in the past 3 weeks and i have lost almost everything... but i found this scan on one of my scan CDs and i dont remember where its from....

anyways, the wallpaper took me 3 day to do, made by photoshop 7, psp 8 and photo draw 2000v2...

do you guys always getting a sad feeling in fall, like somebody has died and in peace...? anyways, i also wote this poem with it so the text can match (just to warn you, i SUCK at poetry -_-) well injoy ^_~ *gets back to setting up more of the computer*

The day when i saw your wings...

You've been gone some time now, its been years..
but time has moved too slowly, i cannot hide my tears..

till that day when i was foce to hide my tears
and i wondered if they were my fears..

as i walked into the fall day..
and i asked mysalf, "why will it rain?"

then i saw you,
you your self

and now im not afraid
not even from myself

you are an angel now, with pure white wings
now i know, you are with the king with kings..

your feathers are verry soft, verry warm
and now you are in a place where are safe and warm..

is it just me, are the leaves or feathers?
but i know in my heart that those leaves might be feathers...

Diana B.


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  1. xluminax Oct 20, 2005

    -jaw drops-
    I love it!
    -adds to faves-
    Great work Gadgetgirl-Chan!


  2. thecatmistress Oct 20, 2005

    this is very very wel done. i like the yellow leaf and feather effect. +fav :) keep up your awesome work.

    edit: oh no!!! i can`t fav it!!! i ran out -_-... when the week is over this will be the first to fav.

  3. Emma Oct 20, 2005

    Beautiful poem!! But very very very sad. And it explains your wall. I saw the feathers among the leaves in the wall and then read your poem. It now makes sense. *grabs a tissue* What an emotional wall!! Leaves falling representing the death of nature mixed with feathers falling representing the loss of a loved one. A very symbolic and moving wall!!

    As for your syle and work with the wall itself--very amazing! Unique scan. Love the bit of the girl looking out the window. And love the poem words floating like ghosts over the scene. Well done! ^_^

  4. Scarlet Oct 20, 2005

    Indeed, I have to agree with everyone else that it's a very beautiful and emotional wall.

    You know, I think that every wall should have a story behind it. It has to a part of the artist's soul, not only a jumble of colors and shapes. Because, a wall like yours brings thoughts and emotions... and that's a talent. ^^

    Fall always makes me feel slightly melancholic, but it is also my favorite time of the year. And even though I love summer and winter and spring (though not as much), fall is my special season. Maybe the fact that I was born in fall has something to do with it too... *grin*

    Anyhow, I'm babbling. What I mean to say is: great wall and nice poem, Gadgetgirl, you have to keep this up! *thumbs up*


  5. AngelKate Oct 20, 2005

    Wow, is so lovely! I love the overall softness of the whole thing. It looks sad and yet peaceful at the same time. Great work, definitely one of your best. :)
    *bookmarks* Grrr I'm out of faves again XD

  6. danielelric Oct 20, 2005

    ooh so beautiful, the wallie is cute and beautiful *-* and very well made, very good work, and i liked the poem it reminds me a lot of sad but and the same time good things, congratulations for your work ^o^

  7. bbls Oct 20, 2005

    omigosh...your wall has so much emotion and beauty in it, and i luv the poem you made with the wall! your poem is sad and beautiful, and also helps us to understand the atmosphere of your wall so much better. she almost has a look of intrepidation on her face she sees the sign of autumn. and the windows almost look a bit like bars on a jail cell, so she kinda reminds me of someone that feels a bit imprisoned in her own room. i also luv the soft look of your wall, and it gives me a dreamy feel. and i absolutely luv the concept and symbolism of the leaves and feathers!

  8. Shkira Oct 20, 2005

    Pretty poem, it really illustrated the concept behind the wall, which, conceptually and artistically, is very beautiful! Excellent job!

  9. Sumomo- Oct 20, 2005

    Very pretty wallpaper Gadgetgirl !! :D
    The mixing of the leaves with the feathers give a real nice
    feeling to the wall.
    And the fact that she is looking out the window like that is just perfect.
    Nice poem too!

    Can't fav right now as my favs are up :(

  10. Ilumina Oct 20, 2005

    very beautifull work, i like it very much :3
    i like a lot the leaves and wings ^o^
    and the girl is sooo cute >x<
    *fav ^o^*
    i kope your futures wallpapers friend-chan, byeee n_n

  11. Sandra Oct 20, 2005

    This one looks really sweet !
    But it's bad that you didn't put the link to the scan , but nevermind :P
    Really cute one ^_^
    Keep it up !

  12. phamthuha Oct 20, 2005

    So impressive >_<!!! Just a pity is not in 1280.1024, so i can use it on my destop OX Great job you did here!

  13. boojitsu Oct 20, 2005

    i love it.... thanks for sharing !!! keep up the good work :)


  14. DarthAya Oct 20, 2005

    its very beautifull!

  15. melymay Oct 21, 2005

    Whoa...This is and awsome wall!! :) The effects with the feathers and leaves looks beautiful!! Keep it up! :) +Fave

    P.S. Nice poem too :P

  16. Lenne Oct 21, 2005

    I trully love it.The texture effects are great.I love the leaves and the feathers.
    In all a great wall. ;)

  17. fukushuusha Oct 21, 2005

    the wall has a very soft and gentle feeling...
    the feathers are a nice touch; though the wire like brush bothers me just a little.
    but anyways...a very nice wall. :)

  18. Rikimaru-jp Oct 21, 2005

    Hey cool wallie Gadgetgirl :) it really looks so cool!!!
    the concept is original and lovely :)
    keep up the good work!!!

  19. maho-ho Oct 21, 2005

    Pretty work, with airs something sad. You very used either the resources of photoshop, very or done XD . Like as the pens are seen I, are very pretty.
    This is a very nice job! ;)
    Greetings! OX

  20. nemsis2070 Oct 22, 2005

    (\ /)
    ( . .)
    niceee :))

  21. tian82 Oct 22, 2005

    This wallpaper look so beautiful and lovely !! I love it !! Look so sweet !! Like the feathers and leaves around. Nice work !!

  22. sacred-angel Oct 23, 2005

    I luv the feathers and the text you add looks really nice too.I don't like the girl's face (she ruined her make up or what?) and don't know why but I get the feeling something is missing in your wall....But I have to agree that the poem is really beautiful and full of emotions :nya:
    Nice job
    Keep up with your graet walls :D

  23. BaKaShInIgAmI Oct 23, 2005

    cool wall!
    i really liek the leaves and feathers and the whole softness of the wall.
    good job!

  24. owa Oct 27, 2005


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