Kino no Tabi Wallpaper: Kino// INCOMPLETE v4.0

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Title: Kino//INCOMPLETE v4.0
Currently listening to: YUUKA and Fiction Junction - Carriage of Dawn [Gundam Seed]

Nope... this wall is already complete. Only the title of the wall is Incomplete. >.<

This time, most of the background was from scratch, and I mean most of them, especially the steel bars, the wall... (Except that shadows of trees and leaves) This time I played with filter and came up with the idea of a grungey wall with graffitties on it. I wanted to do a handrawn graffitti like what most people do, but have no idea how to start . So I kinda used some texts which looked like graffitti and was kinda depressed... so I found the perfect mood to wall this thing. And then in those 4 long weeks were to clean up and changed stuffs... plus a bit of hesitation whether this wall would be deleted by bot chi, who knows... and now I present you Kino//INCOMPLETE v4.0.

[Wallpaper status]
Basic version done in: 1 day
Revised and editted version in: 4 weeks and 3 days
Original psd. file: 7.9mb
Reason to wall: I feel so darn sad and feel like killing people. And that was 4 weeks ago. But it's still lingering around my head.

Kino//INCOMPLETE v4.0 - Best viewed in lower brightness
Recommended: 37

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  1. Ryuuen Oct 19, 2005

    Aww. I hope you feel better now, Ephie-sama =3

    i like this wall =D
    Hmn... I don't know the character though... Better buy Kino no Tabi soon =3

  2. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Oct 19, 2005


    methinks it would have been better if you did do the graffiti by hand... at the moment it looks a bit too strange... too "bright"... and my monitor's pretty dark. I think you should have lost the other line stroking of the text and you could have used some filters... graffiti artists don't really like to keep their writing so neat and in a line. :)

    The texture of the steel bars look funny too... and how there is a wall behind that as well... kinda confuses me... I think it would have looked better without the wall and some other scenery at the back with maybe run down buildings (like Kino is on the top of a building) or just the wall with no bars. Just me. Ah yes the bars look a bit too bumpy... it reminds me of reptile skin *__*

    Leaves are also a bit random as well since it's such an urban landscape...
    If the tree looked more 3D or solid that might have made more sense *___*

    And I know what you mean by you want to kill people >_> <_<
    I actually made a voodoo doll once >_> <_<

    Oopsch I did not just say that :x

    Overall it's nicey... but the colours could have improved somehow @_@
    *just don't know what's wrong with me*

    Kudos on the extraction... *___* It's good...

  3. Akaiken Oct 19, 2005

    I don't want to say much since you want to kill some people. :x

    Good! XP

  4. Acuni Oct 19, 2005

    nice one i like the idea and the colours bg looks prety well
    i am con't have the time (lazy) to write you a good long comment :)

  5. Yureika Oct 19, 2005

    haahh !!!!! nice !!!! i like the bg..!!! i like ur idea making the steel and writing at the back almost looks like graffitti......but u should use handwriting i think it will be nicer... :D

  6. Kiako Oct 19, 2005

    well the texture of the bg isn't all that fitting to the chara, the fence there looks like it would be drawn on the wall

  7. EvoIIICE9A Oct 19, 2005

    aww poor EG *pats head* hope you feel a little better now at least

    Now to the gritty stuff. I love the wall it has that sence of sadness to it the only problem I see is with the graphetti. hahaha Im one to speak after Music Is My Thing but I feel it should be blended more into the wall, it stands out too much. You can have it in there with the same effect if its more like it belongs on the wall. Maybe handwritting it instead of using your font would definatley be better. Unless you suck at writing with the mouse like me then dont listen XD The blue Incomplete one works well with that.

    Next is the bars, I have never seen a fence against a wall but maybe Im not looking hard enough to ever notice one but some shadowing around the top of the bars will pull it away more from the wall and give the wall more of the in the background effect. Also some shadows around Kino's fingers too.

    Other than that great use of the scan very well done and extra bonus for the love I have for the shadows that are reflecting on the wall :D eg the tree

  8. zanmato Oct 19, 2005

    Arf... I don't know anything about this anime, but there are a lot of beautiful wallpapers about it *__* And your is in those.
    I hope someday I would have the possibility to watch it...

    Like kuroimisa, I think it would be better if the graffiti was made by yourself and your hands. But, I won't do the difficult XD And this time I like what you did with the 3D textures

  9. ryannzha Oct 20, 2005

    what!!! killin' ppl. ...??? oww.. u bad Eph.. ck..ck..ck.. but pwease .. if u wanna killin' ppl. ..just like i've felt nowadayz.. but..well shit can happen .. i like yer wall as alwayz.. nice concept... let's killin' ppl's mind!! nah.. just [not] kiddin' .. ^_^'

  10. Midori-chan Oct 21, 2005

    wow!! Kino wallie^^
    i like the scan^^
    the bg is nice too, but i think the graffiti's color needs to be a little darker. and put some spray spots on the wall, it might look nice i guess^^" [ i like spots^^ lol ]
    other than that, it's great^^
    keep up the good work!! ;)

  11. wind12 Oct 22, 2005

    Nice image Ephemeral-Garden, I like it very much. keep up the good work :D

  12. Anjhurin Oct 22, 2005

    obaa-san has a killer instinct? *runs away*. anyway you can still try and catch me lol. but if you want me to help out, or maybe it's just one of these teens problem that everyone goes through and can't be really helped?

    anyway back to the wall, pretty good stuff here, i think it looks nice. i like the black text especially, with the crossed c. nice work on the steel bars, they look really rusty, which goes well with the kinda grungy feel of the wall. the colors are very nice too, really autumn like, but it doesn't feel too heavy / dark / depressing, especially the bright part at the top.

    good job XP

  13. sylvacoer Oct 22, 2005

    (o_o) Wow, hope that homicidal feeling has faded! (ehehehe...) Looks good, especially the grafitti idea, but you ought to airbrush it a little so it looks like it came from a spray paint can.

  14. iiwa Oct 23, 2005

    >.< wah eh.. sofia-chan felt like killing people... kowaii *runs away and hides under her blanket*

    haha.. i lovey the grundge effect sofia-chan!
    well, this is cool.. very cool.. great extraction and yesh, a fav definitely! ^_^

  15. Regenbogen Dec 03, 2005

    Hello again Ephie...
    I just saw this one in your gallery... well... people are complaining a little... but I still like it... some things maybe could be better... but still I like this wallpaper very much and will add it to my fav list, even though I am a little late... *lol*
    About the graffiti... it is true that it does not really look like graffiti... the best one is the blue one. I also made a wall with graffiti... and first I also used fonts that looked a bit like it... then I tried blending them in... but hmm it still did not look like graffiti. So I ended up vectoring a font... with some changes... making it look more like graffiti... so using an existing font was a help. And I think it then looked a bit more like graffiti... :)
    What Misa said about the metal is also true... but I simply love the atmosphere of this wallpaper. It makes me want to watch the Anime... I have never heard of it though... will ask a friend of mine about it... XD
    So yep... I simply like it! And i want it in my favs list and that's what I am going to do now... :)

  16. shadowVII Oct 18, 2006

    cool. i love this

  17. afflatus Oct 04, 2010

    nice one! and I like the phrase behind her.

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