Murakami Suigun Wallpaper: ¤Waiting for Eternity¤

Murakami Suigun, Tonkin House, D -> A: White, Yuriel Alenclyon Wallpaper
Murakami Suigun Mangaka Tonkin House Studio D -> A: White Visual Novel Yuriel Alenclyon Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

time for another wall^^ okey I am not very proud of this wall.... it looks bad O_o somehow im never proud of my walls.... not know wky though.... ~_~ when I see other peoples walls I say "damn, my walls suck...." I used a stock image on the buildings. there are still alot of stuff I needed to improve on... still messy as ever. >_> I hate the bottom part of the wall. @_@ found scan here http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/16917/
well, this wall is detected to my sempai's which are the people who have imspired me to make wallpapers (way back, when I first startes making walls) semanga, cloudnine, Alpha, shinta, and GundamZZ. love you guyz, love your wallpapers!
spent 4days on this wall, alot of breaks in between....^__________________^
Layers - 32
thank you so much for viewing!! please comment!!!

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: [url=http:/kajimamidori.minitokyo.net/]kajimamidori[/url]
Wall: Childish Mind
Reason: super happy looking wall^^ and puer cute!! I just love it!

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  1. animekai3 Oct 19, 2005

    oh i love it it is so cute i just love all your pictures.^_^ :) :) :)

  2. acid-awakening Oct 19, 2005

    The clouds underneath is very beautiful especially with the ray of light shining on it ;)
    what are those black lines? is it some kind of thing she's sitting on?
    And the moon is great but it is hiding in the corner.... it would look quite nice if it was somewhere near the middle with the light shining on it more. (It's fine how it is too though i juz think it would look better in the center)
    Anywayz... thanx for sharing

  3. Sandra Oct 19, 2005

    I love everything in this one. It's really amazing how you did the view and the effects. You're really talented and your waorks are really bright and have a lot of magic .
    Great one .
    And plus for choosen character ^_^

  4. TakamuraReiji Oct 19, 2005

    Quote: "damn, my walls suck..."
    What!? No way yous walls suck. I love your wall. Even in the gallery. See? XP
    *ahem*Back to your wall.
    The bg looks cool.
    Nice clouds too. Although I just thought that the clouds looks like lightning to me. ^_^'
    Love the sky. Somehow looks magical.
    But I kinda think it's abit weird...combining the stock image to the you-make-the-sky...
    But anyway, I like the fogs. :)
    The girl is cute. She's sitting on an electric pole. Yeah, about this...why is she sitting on it? Doesn't she knows sitting on an electric pole can shock her? *teased the scan* XP
    *ahem*Back to the girl...
    I love the wings you made. But I noticed two feathers came out. It's probably like that, when you wanna fly, the feathers will come off... :\
    Great effects on her.
    And come to think of it, why is the pole look so high when the buildings look so low? XP Well, stupid question I ask. =P
    Great work. :)
    (Argh!! Oh, no! I can't add!!! Ah, well, I'll add some other time... *dissapointed*)

  5. AngelXXX Oct 19, 2005

    I l ike it. Very good wallie.

  6. Kojiroh Oct 19, 2005

    ahh.. yu know i love all your wallpapers.. saying something would just be repeating what i said on one of your other wallpapers.. XD

  7. Kenichi Oct 19, 2005

    it looks alright, its not so bad.
    hey at least u have skills..
    iono if u wanna make it very very good unless u want ur wally's being ripped.
    i like ur purple colors X.x on this wall.
    dun be ashame on ur walls.. the wally looks nice.

  8. ZeroFear Oct 19, 2005

    What a great wall to see right before I go to bed.

    I love the vibrant colors and this wall is just great all around.

    Only problem I see on the wall is that certain spots are a little jagged like the powerlines.

    Very nice!

  9. zaira Oct 19, 2005

    me wanna the scan!! where did you get the scan? well for the bg! is sooo nice!! i love the purplish colors and other effx you use!nice clouds i should say! XD

  10. webmind Oct 19, 2005

    aah really nice, I like how the light moves around her. nice..
    what might improve it a bit is if you could increase the outline around her.. to let het stand out just a little more.. :)
    still nice work though :)

  11. leosama84 Oct 19, 2005

    Okay, its very nice!
    a few suggestions ;) :
    about the bottom part...you could've kept it blank...and jagged the black color a bit to make it seem like trees ;)...
    the clouds are very bright for a night vision, if u know what i mean...
    The bright wings, makes sense, she's an Angel, wings should be brighter, but still, i think its enough brightness for them like that ;)
    the moon looks very peaceful, but if u added more moon to it, it would've made it look much prettier ;)...
    The stars and the shooting stars look beautiful, but we can't see them b/c of the bright clouds ^_^...right?
    the idea of the Angel being on the powerlines is really cute ;) 10/10 for that...
    overall wall, 8/10, if u fix what i told u, i'm sure everyone would agree to it as well....it would be 10/10 no doubt ;)

    well, i hope my constructive criticism doesn't offend u, i'm just tryin to help :nya:
    Great Job Keep it up!
    Bai Bai! Happy Ramadan!

  12. winged Oct 19, 2005

    U just make pretty wallies Ayasal! ^^ Another pretty wallie again! Scan is chosen correctly, fits the bg very well. Upper part of bg looks great, bottom looks ok as well, not like what u said as messy. Great job ^^

  13. bbls Oct 19, 2005

    this is such a cute concept to have an angel sitting ontop of that powrer line and overlooking the city! i think the purple sky was a perfect choice, and i luv the lightning effects you added on the bottom. but i thought maybe the clouds were a bit too much? lovely work, ayasal! :D

  14. Lenne Oct 19, 2005

    *Gap*..O.O....it looks so awsome!I love the sky,it is trully beautiful,and so purpule...i love it!! XD

  15. phamthuha Oct 19, 2005

    Oh god >_<!! you make such an amazing wall like this one and you said you didn't satisfy ? >_< I do love it!!! Thanks so much for sharing it, Ayasal, you are so aweasome. Just how pity i use all my fav of the week OX

  16. kajimamidori Oct 19, 2005

    *hits Aya-chan* How can you hate your beautiful walls!!! (O>__<)===O)x_x)
    Well I think the wall is nicely done but the background colors is a bit too plain, not that I could any better but I simply luv this wallie.. and if you say your walls suck again imma stab you in the back lolz *runs* +favie!

  17. Chiiksan Oct 19, 2005

    WOW!The purple in the background is sooo pretty!It kinda looks perfect with the character.You really did an awesome job Ayasal +1 favorite from me!

  18. Angel-on-Dragon Oct 19, 2005

    Again another really beautiful wallpaper from you Ayasal ^^
    The bg looks so beautiful and this scan fits great. I love the clouds and the moon ^^
    Thanks for sharing

  19. DarthAya Oct 19, 2005

    Wow so perfect! great work... this wall is better than the original one... the bg is awesome!
    well keep it up!
    this is a fav for sure!

  20. TrinityLi Oct 19, 2005

    I think it's very nice. The sky is very nice; you did a great job on it. The only thing I don't like are the wings. They're a bright white, it sort of stands out. I suggest adding some color or definition to them to tune them down. Other than that, it's great!

  21. royaldarkness Oct 19, 2005

    yay, more purple walls :) i simply love this wall! it's so pretty *can't stop staring at the purple sky* :D

  22. AngelKate Oct 19, 2005

    Its pretty Ayasal! Why do you say they suck? :(

    Lol anyway, I love the clouds! The way it looks like light is shining on them is really cool. ^_^ The sky and cityscape look good too. ^_^ But that's a really tall telephone pole. O_O XD

    Nice work!

  23. jaderabbit Oct 19, 2005

    pretty cool wallpaper, ill hand a = favorite for it ^_^. se ya arouind, i hope that u start enjoying your wallpapes as much as everyone else does.

  24. Kiako Oct 19, 2005

    great wallpaper, i like the effects in the background and the colors are good too, it all fits well to the chara
    keep it up

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